OryCon 17 Hotel

OryCon's hotel continues to be the Columbia River Red Lion, located on Hayden Island in the Columbia River. The Red Lion now has its own Home Page on the Web.

To make your hotel reservation, call the Red Lion Columbia River directly at (503) 283-2111. Call them right now. Please don't call the Red Lion 800 Line. You will only confuse yourself and the people on the other end of the 800 Line.

Rooms are $73 a night with 9% tax. Make sure that you tell the hotel whether you want to be in the party wing, adjacent to the party wing or in a quiet wing.

Do remember that the hotel is charging a $35 nonrefundable fee plus a $100 refundable damage deposit if you are having a party at the con. This fee should not be charged if you request a room in the party wing but are not throwing a party.

Other things to remember about the hotel:

If you have any questions or problems with your room reservation, please contact Robert Verde at robert@structured.net or (503) 231-8952.

Party Supplies

Instead of a party supply service, OryCon provides a large Safeway with extended hours within walking distance from the hotel. It has lots of interesting stuff, including a sushi bar.

How to Get to the Hotel

From the Airport: The Red Lion runs a shuttle from the Portland Airport that runs at 10 after and 20 minutes till the hour from about 6:30 AM until 11 PM. (One shuttle serves both the Red Lion Columbia River and Red Lion Jantzen Beach.) Taxis are spendy, but easily available. If you are renting a car, take 205 South, take the Columbia Blvd. (1st) exit, stay right when the road splits, follow Columbia Blvd. West to I-5 North, and follow the By Car directions.

By Car: The Red Lion Columbia River is located nest to the Columbia River. Heading either North or South on I-5, take the Jantzen Beach/Hayden Island exit. The Columbia River is the Red Lion with the red roof, WEST of the freeway and across the road from the shopping center. Click here for a map (13K) that shows how to get to the hotel by car.

By Rail or Bus: The two terminals are adjacent. You can take a cab up to the hotel or catch Tri-met bus #5 at 6th and Everett. Taxis are always available, too.

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