Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith

When they're not taking their "Kris and Dean Show" on the road to the numerous conventions they attend, Kris and Dean live on a mountaintop in the foothills of the Coast Range, outside of Eugene, surrounded by trees, cats, and the thousands of words of fiction that each writes and edits.

Dean is the editor of Pulphouse: a Fiction Magazine. (He and Kris were awarded the World Fantasy Award in 1989 for its predecessor, Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, a sparkling twelve-volume anthology.) He has written several novels (Laying the Music to Rest was a Stoker Award finalist), and more than 60 short stories. He is a four-time Hugo nominee for his work as an editor. He has edited and/or published (through Pulphouse Publications) the Author's Choice Monthly series, The Collected Short Fiction of Robert Sheckley, and the definitive Ferdinand Feghoot collection, as well as numerous other books. Dean is a fan of the Oregon Ducks football team, and loves to play golf.

Kris has edited The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (for which she was awarded the Hugo Award for Best Editor in 1994) since 1991. Before that, she was the editor of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine. She has written numerous novels (including The White Mists of Power, Heart Readers, Facade, Traitors, and Sins of the Blood), and her novella Gallery of His Dreams was a Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award nominee. Somehow, she's also found time to write dozens of shorter pieces, and was awarded the Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1990. Kris likes good movies (being a fan of the "real" Musketeers films--the ones with Michael York) and plays the music loud when Dean is off playing golf.

Together, Kris and Dean have written several books under the name of "Sandy Schofield" (on the theory that "Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith" would violate natural laws against having too many names on a book cover). These have included a couple Star Trek: Deep Space Nine books, a best-selling Star Trek: Voyager book and an Aliens book.

They have also been the focus for an incredible group of writers in Oregon. Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jerry Oltion, David Bischoff, J. Steve York and Ray Vukcevich are just a few of the "Pulphouse crew" of writers in Eugene. And their Tuesday writer's workshops are paving the way for even more (drawing people from as far away as Portland), as well as the newer writers that both have included in the pages of Pulphouse and F&SF.

On top of this, Dean and Kris are nice people. I'm sure you'll enjoy their company at OryCon.

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