OryCon 17 Progress Report 1

August, 1995

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OryCon 17

Portland, Oregon
November 10-12, 1995

From the Chairs

Dave and I are really excited about this year's convention. We have some nice people who have agreed to be our Guests of Honor! We are hope that you come to Orycon 17 and meet them.

We have so many exciting things happening this year. With the Variety Show, Children's Programming -- just 2 rooms, but hey, it's a start! -- and our guests of honor, it should be great!

Both Dave and I hope to see you there!!

David and Melanie Schaber

Our Guests

What's a convention without Guests of Honor? Orycon has traditionally been on the leading edge of Guests of Honor selection -- always with the best and the brightest. This year's guest line-up includes Kris Rusch, editor of F&SF, Dean Wesley Smith of Pulphouse, Joel Rosenberg, novelist, Heather Hudson and Dameon Willich, both extraordinary artists and illustrators. Check out the next few pages for some short biographies of some of the finest Guests of Honor you'll ever meet!

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith

When they're not taking their "Kris and Dean" show on the road to the numerous conventions they attend, Kris and Dean live on a mountain-top in the foothills of the Coast Range, outside of Eugene, surrounded by trees, cats and the thousands of words of fiction that each writes and edits.

Dean is the editor of Pulphouse: a Fiction Magazine. (He and Kris were awarded the World Fantasy Award in 1989 for its predecessor, Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine, a sparkling twelve-volume anthology.) He has written several novels (Laying the Music to Rest was a Stoker Award finalist), and more than 60 short stories. He is a four-time Hugo nominee for his work as an editor. He has edited and/or published (through Pulphouse Publications) the Author's Choice Monthly series, The Collected Short Fiction of Robert Sheckley and the definite Ferdinand Feghoot collection, as well as numerous other books. Dean is a fan of the Oregon Ducks football team, and loves to play golf.

Kris has edited The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (for which she was awarded the Hugo Award for Best Editor in 1994) since 1991. Before that, she was the editor of Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine. She has written numerous novels including The White Mists of Power, Heart Readers, Facade, Traitors and Sins of the Blood. Her novella Gallery of His Dreams was a Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy Award nominee. Somehow, she's also found time to write dozens of shorter pieces, and was awarded the Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 1990. Kris likes good movies (being a fan of the "real" Musketeers films--the ones with Michael York) and plays the music loud when Dean is off playing golf.

Together, Kris and Dean have written several books under the name of "Sandy Schofield" (on having too many names on a book cover.) These include a couple Star Trek: Deep Space Nine books, a bestselling Star Trek: Voyager book and an Aliens book.

Kris and Dean are the focus for an incredible group of writers in Oregon. Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Jerry Oltion, David Bischoff, J. Steve York and Ray Vukcevich are just a few of the 'Pulphouse crew' of writers in Eugene. Their Tuesday writer's workshops, drawing people from as far away as Portland, are paving the way for even more, as well as the newer writers, that have included both in the pages of Pulphouse and F&SF.

On top of this, Dean and Kris are nice people. I'm sure you'll enjoy their company at OryCon. -- John Lorentz, GOH Liaison for Kris and Dean.

Joel Rosenberg

Born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1954, Joel Rosenberg grew-up in eastern North Dakota and northern Connecticut. He attended the University of Connecticut, where he met his future wife, Felicia Herman. Joel's past occupations include driving a truck, caring for the institutionalized retarded, bookkeeping, gambling, clerking at a motel front desk, and passing himself off as a head chef for two weeks.

Joel's first sale, an op-ed piece favoring nuclear power, was published in The New York Times. His stories have appeared in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Perpetual Light, Amazing Science Fiction Stories and TSR's The Dragon. Joel's hobbies include backgammon, poker, bridge, and several other sorts of gaming, as well as cooking, His broiled butterfly leg of lamb has to be tasted to be believed. He now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with one wife, two computers, and three cats. -- From David Schaber adapted from a bio in the back of one of Joel's books.

Heather Hudson

Heather Hudson lives in Seattle with her cat and many books. She had been painting in acrylics for about a year when she received her first professional commission, three card illustrations for the Legends expansion of Wizards of the Coast's Magic: The Gathering. Since then she has contributed to various WotC projects, including Jyhad, Fallen Empires, and the upcoming Ice Age and Homelands expansion sets. Her other illustrations include MagForce 7's Star of the Guardian, New Millennium's Battlelords and Daedalus Games' Shadowfist, as well as an upcoming book from Pagan Press.

She is fond of hiking, Japanese prints, the music of Bach and Camper Von Beethovan, Fowers and bones. Her goals include becoming a better artist and preventing the cat from eating her paint rags. -- From David and Melanie Schaber, Co-chairs

Dameon Willich

Dameon Willich is a Seattle area artist who has been producing award-winning science fiction and fantasy related works for a number of years. His cover-art has appeared on DAW, Pioneer and Warner Books, and he has worked on a number of comic books including James Bond, Avatar, and The Return of the Warlord. Founder of The Fantasy Alternative, he also co-founded Northern Lights Artists Group.

Dameon is one of the artists tapped by Wizards of the Coast to illustrate for their popular game, Magic Cards. Willich's cards include Reverse Damage, Glacial Wall, Erg Raiders, El Hajij, Mana Short and Lifeforce.

Art Show

You'll find this year's Art Show in its familiar spot -- the Willamette/Deschutes rooms on the lower level. It will feature the artwork of our Artist Guests of Honor, Heather Hudson and Dameon Willich. We look forward, with your help, to making the OryCon 17 Art Show one of the best.

The OryCon 17 Art Show welcomes artwork with science fiction, fantasy, comic or fannish themes. Display fees remain at $7.00 for a 4' x 4' panel or 2 1/2' x 4' table space. Print Shop space is available for a $2.00 per artist for up to 20 pieces. OryCon collects a 15% commission on all sales.

Mail-in art work is welcome. The handling fee remains $15.00 with half being rebated if all your work is sold. In order to appropriately handle all of the artwork, there will be a maximum percentage of mail-in work accepted. Please make your space reservations as early as you can.

The OryCon Art Show has been sold out a month before the con for the last three years. October 1st is too late! Get those reservation forms back to us as soon as possible. Those artists and agents who are on our list should have already received a copy of this year's art show reservation mailing and do not need to request one. And, please do not send money without forms or forms without money. We cannot process one without the other.

Your help, comments and suggestions are very important to us and to the success of the Art Show. Many hands are needed during the convention for set-up/tear-down, artist check-in/check-out, data entry, security, sales and more.

To send us your input, receive an Art Show mailing, get more information, or volunteer to help with the art show, write to the OryCon P.O. Box or e-mail to the addresses listed. And, speaking of addresses, please, please, please, if you move (and want to stay on our mailing list) send OryCon your change of address.

The Fan Room

The Fan Room is a place for fans to hang around with other fans and talk about fannish things. It's a laid-back continuous room party, a place to find like-minded people for conversation and silliness. Think of it as a low-key convention within the convention. It's Hospitality without the drinks and munchies, Gaming without the dice and cards, Filking without the guitars and songbooks, the Art Show without the art. It's faanish. What is "faanish"? Come in and find out.

The Fan Room is the center of fanzine activity at OryCon. That said, be aware that in practice the Fan Room has about as much to do with fanzines as science fiction fandom has to do with science fiction. If you know nothing about fanzines, don't worry -- you're welcome anyway! Come in and browse, ask questions, chat. You might make some new friends.

The Fan Room will also be the location for several silly and laid-back programming items during the convention. More details as they emerge.

The Fan Room is a place for:

The Fan Room is NOT a place for: The Fan Room will be located in the Santiam room (next to the Office) and will be open 4-6 PM and 8-11 PM on Friday, 11 AM-6 PM and 9-11 PM on Saturday, and 11 AM-4 PM on Sunday.

PLEASE HELP! Volunteers are always welcome. If you'd like to be a Fan Room Host and spend a couple of hours helping make the Fan Room a great place for fun fans to hang out, or if you'd like to bring or send any fanzines for sale or display in the Fan Room, please contact me, David Levine, via the P.O. Box, or send Internet mail to: dlevine@spiritone.com


Orycon is a child-friendly convention. We like kids and many of us are parents ourselves, so we have a positive attitude towards families enjoying the convention together. We do, however, encourage responsible parenting.

Children under six must be under the direct supervision of the parent or a designated adult at all times. All children must be registered with the convention and must wear a wristband which identifies the child and the responsible adult.

Realizing that you do need some time to yourselves, Orycon provides professional child care at a reasonable rate during most convention hours. Unsupervised children will be taken to childcare and the parents billed for the time spent. If children are found un- or undersupervised more than once, the adult responsible for the child will have his or her membership withdrawn and be asked to leave the event.

We know that some, but not all, children from ages six to twelve are capable of limited independence. We offer children's programming for youngsters in this category. However, children in this age group will be taken to childcare if they are not showing the maturity to be left unsupervised. Again, if the child needs to be taken to childcare more than once, the adult responsible for the child will have his or her membership withdrawn and be asked to leave the event.

Late Night Variety Showcase with Steven O'Brian

(a feature from one of our smaller conventions that you won't want to miss!!!)

Orycon may be on a smaller scale this year (hey, we just did a Westercon!), but our favorite convention would not be complete without some sort of Saturday night entertainment. We've got a fun format where everyone can showcase their talents. If you were at CascadeCon (August, 94), you'll know exactly what we're talking about!

Do you have a costume or presentation that would like to see the spotlight again? Resurrect them and let a whole new audience appreciate your talents! Filkers, share that special song with us. Have you never entered a Masquerade before but have been thinking about what it would be like? We promise to assist you in anyway we can -- you'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have! Want to practice for another convention? (This is a hint to you experienced costumers out there.) We'll be happy to oblige.

And, of course, no show would be complete without commercials. If you have a table in the Dealer's Room, art in the Art Show, or something to publicize, think up a blatant plug and let everyone know about it. The format is pretty open, so use your imagination and show the Science Fiction world what you can make, do sing, say, dance or whatever. We have a no-stress, judge-free, open-minded setting waiting for you.

If you would like to talk about participating, give Ann Hoffert a call at (503) 649-2744. -- Ann Hoffert, Variety Show Director

Opening Ceremonies

As in 1990, the Not-Ready-For-Sidereal-Time Players are tired after a Westercon. In 1990, we did the Prom at the End of the Universe. This year, we've planned another themed event. Since we have all progressed socially in the last five years, the theme will be appropriately advanced. -- Patty Wells

Writer's Workshop

As in previous years, we're planning on offering writer's workshop sessions. Please drop us a line if you'd like more information. The rules for participation will be included in the next progress report.


Howdy. I'm the editor for the Orycon Daily-zine and I need help. I am looking for items to publish in the Daily-zine during Orycon. As you might know, the Daily-zine is published every day during Orycon and is available at the information/ literature table. In the past, the Daily-zine dealt only with Orycon happenings. I am looking to change that. I would like to publish short stories, poetry, line-art, reviews on books, movies, etc., upcoming events, and any other items of interest. If you'd care to submit some of your original work, it would help improve the Daily-zine. There are just a few things you need to know about submitting your work:
  1. ONLY original work. No copyrighted materials.
  2. The editor (me) has the right to refuse any entry.
  3. To send you submission via internet, e-mail: orycon17@teleport.com.
  4. To send your submission via mail: Orycon 17, P.O. Box 5703, Portland, OR, 97228-5703.
  5. While at Orycon: Drop off your submission at the Orycon office. (Across the hall from the dealer's room)
  6. Your submission can take the form of: ASCII text, GIF typed on paper, MSWord, EPS, ...
Please note: On items 3-5, address your submission to the attention of Daily-Zine.

Remember to pick up your copy of the Daily-zine at the information/literature table. -- Kip Krauss, Daily-zine editor

From the Registrar

Please take a moment right now to check the label on your progress report. This has your real name, address and badge name if you have requested one. We send out progress and regress reports to convention members and from time to time, special mailings to the people who have attended one of our conventions. Unfortunately, if we don't have your correct name and address, the mailing doesn't get to you. If you move during the year, or want to make any other change, please drop us a postcard. We don't want to lose track of you.

If you need to transfer your membership, please let us know in advance so that we can have the correct badge ready at the convention. A signed note from the original member is all we need. Requirements for transfer at the door will be stiffer.

Memberships in OryCon 15 are available at the following rates:

Through October 15, 1995:          $25
After October 15 and at the door:  $35  
Please -- All mail-in registrations must be received by October 27, 1995. Otherwise, we may not have the time to process your membership.

Children ages 6 - 12 are half price. Children 5 and under are free. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult with a membership. - David Lohkamp

Hotel Stuff You Need to Know

There is now a completed elevator in the Columbia River. We appreciate everyone's patience while the construction went on, and are pleased that the hotel has been working to provide better accessibility.

Due to the hotel's increased commitments with the airlines and the nature of the rooms that the airlines contract for, we will have parties only in the hospitality suite wing. We will ask that people wanting to hold advertised open parties let the hotel know this when booking, so that party throwers can be given first preference in that wing. We will also ask that you register the parties with the Orycon so that we can try and see that people are put into the correct wing, and that there is a minimum of confusion. We have discussed using the term party adjacent for the overflow wing, so that people who want to be close to parties but not throw them can be accomodated.

Finally, the hotel has moved to asking that hosts of open parties pay a $35 cleaning fee and post a $100 refundable damage deposit on a credit card. This is a policy that they are now using with all their larger groups. In the case of fan parties, they feel that damage has never been a problem, but heavy cleaning has been.

We know that it's hard for all of us, hotel and fans, to adjust to changes and to get the details correct without some misunderstandings. Robert Verde and I will be working with the hotel to keep things straightened out as much as possible.

Let us know if you have specific questions and we will do our best to answer them as the year progresses.

Smoking Policy

In order to make the convention more enjoyable and pleasant for everyone, smoking will be limited only to designated areas within convention space.

Weapons Policy

In line with the standard practice at most major conventions including recent Worldcons as well as most Portland conventions for the last several years, the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However because of the present liability laws the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.


It's a little early to give you anything but a thumbnail sketch of what we have in mind for this year's convention. The plan includes a greater emphasis on programming around the backgrounds and areas of interest of our Guests of Honor. We will be returning to Orycon's roots by stressing the many aspects of literary science fiction and fantasy. The Riverview Room will again be set aside on Saturday for small group discussions and workshops, since this seems to have been the best use for such a large area in the past few years.

With Westercon 48 in our backyard this summer we are sure that many great ideas will be carried over to the November convention. If you have any ideas of your own that you'd like to pass along please feel free to white them down and mail them to them to OryCon 17, P. O. Box 5703, Portland, OR 97208, Attention: Programming, or pick up the phone and leave a message at (503) 777-0537. -- Alan Smith and Dale Smith (Assistant)

Are You Looking for Fandom in All the Wrong Places?

In Portland, check out PorSFiS, the Portland Science Fiction Society. Nearly twenty years old, PorSFiS still meets twice a month. On the second Saturday, join PorSFiS for the formal meeting in room 229 (the Alumni Room) of Smith Center at Portland State University. Free Parking is available in the garage across the street from Smith Center. The fourth Saturday is a social gathering. Everyone is welcome.

The July 8 meeting will feature a lively discussion of the differences in treatment of elves/fairies in Fantasy and Science Fiction literature versus folk/fairy tales of old to modern incarnations.

On Saturday, July 29, (yes, this is the fifth Saturday, but it was the day that was available) join PorSFiSites at the PorSFiS picnic at the Rose Garden Shelter, Washington Park. Bring your grills so we don't have to eat raw hamburgers (steak tartare--yum yum!) We have the site from 8 am, but will probably set-up around noon, with hamburgers to be ready about 2 pm. You'll need to provide your own eating utensils, beverages, and a dish to share.

For More Information Call the Lightline: (503) 797-2679
or write to PorSFiS at P. O. Box 4602, Portland, OR 97208


This progress report is Copyright 1995 OSFCI, a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation. Your editor is Linda Pilcher and all typos are her personal property. Cover and some illustrations are by Linda. Other illos are just plain clip-art. All articles are pretty much written by the person credited. Weapons Policy, Smoking Policy, and Writer's Workshop blurb is stolen almost word-for-word from the Westercon 48 PR 2, page 18, edited by David Levine (Copyright 1994 OSFCI) -- we only steal from the best -- which locally is mostly, but not exclusively, David. Please send B&W artwork. We like live art and would love to have some to use. Typeface is Times New Roman, a pleasant, readable, proportionally-spaced serif type of which your editor is uncommonly fond because she can change the leading and the type is still readable. The layout was done in PageMaker 5.0 and printed on a Canon Bubblejet. Have a nice day.

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