What's New

Here's what's new on the OryCon 17 Home Page:
February 12, 1996
Updated Wrigley-Cross Books' address.

November 16, 1995
Added the opening ceremonies script and a link to the OryCon 18 Home Page.

November 2, 1995
Added the program schedule.

October 13, 1995
Added Progress Report #2 and more hotel info.

September 28, 1995
Added information on Special Guest of Friends of Filk Tom Smith.

September 26, 1995
Added Progress Report #1 and biographies of Joel Rosenberg, Dameon Willich, and Heather Hudson.

July 20, 1995
Added biographies of Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

July 17, 1995

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