The OryConian #1

The OryCon 18 Daily Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 1, Friday November 8, 1996

Welcome to OryCon 18!

This is looking like it will be the largest OryCon ever, with 1,170 members Preregistered and as of 3 pm 143 new members for a total of 1,313. We hope that everyone will have a wonderful time!


Due to a creative binding error on the part of the printer, the pocket program is not quite as accurate as we would like. Specifically, the page after the one labeled "Saturday Morning/Afternoon" is actually Sunday's program (the program items starting with "Buddhist Theory of Ten Worlds," etc. are actually for Sunday). The real Saturday page is the last page of the schedule, cleverly hidden after the page labeled "Sunday Morning/Afternoon" (the first Saturday item is "Terrorism around the World").

The listings on the right side of each page really are the people on the program items for that page -- they were moved along with the rest of the page copy.

We also apologize for any tyops in the program listings; the prufreeders (Patty's five year old twins) don't spel as gud as the rest of us doo.

In order to help with any confusion, we have printed up a quick program reference sheet. It's a single piece of paper with the complete program listed. It should be available later this afternoon at the obvious places (office, registration, and others).

And remember -- quality is job 1.1

Workshops and Discussion Groups

The discussion groups and workshops in the Riverview ballroom are open to all, and don't require advance signup.

Last Minute Changes

The OryCon program will be less interesting this year due to the absence of following program participants:

Margaret Forsythe is recuperating from bypass surgery. Our prayers and good wishes go out to her and my thanks go to Steve Hutchison for filling in for her.

Mary Rosenblum and Mona Clee have both had severe attacks of real life and will not be here. Mary promised to send Gardner a goat to help him continue with their reading, but the goat was also unavailable.

Greg Abraham has had a family emergency and is hoping, but not sure, to be at OryCon by Saturday.

Also not attending:

Brook & Julia West, Claire Eddy, and Kris Rusch will not be at the convention.

On a brighter note, Molly Gloss, who has always added a touch of class to OryCon, has reached new heights. We want to congratulate her for winning the prestigious, Whiting Writers' Award sponsored by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation. This $30,000 award has been given annually since 1985 to emerging writers and Molly is the first Oregonian to receive it.

Other programming changes:

Steve Barnes and Larry Niven will appear on "I Thought You were going to write Chapter One..." at 6 pm Friday. A special thank you goes to them for taking this on at the last minute.

Kathy Ice will not be at the Midnight (Friday) horror panel.

Dean Wesley Smith will replace Kristine Kathryn Rusch on "An Author's Author" (Saturday 4 pm, Santiam)

Janna Silverstein will not be on the Sat 1:00 pm Clackamas "Books, Comics and Graphic Novels".

Hugh Daniels will be on the program, and will be doing a tutorial on "FreeSWAN: Building your own IP encrypted internet" in the Riverview at 2 pm Saturday.

The Camarilla will be meeting in Clackamas/Nehalem at midnight Saturday.

The Saturday Midnight Horror Reading will be held in Nestucca.

Michael Reaves will be attending and on the following panels:

and will be joining Steve Perry's Reading Klamath 7 pm Sat

Bryne Chandler Reaves will also be added to the "Are Superheroes SF?" panel.


Friday 9 pm, Room 607 -- Hawaii in 2000 Westercon Bid

Writers' Workshop Events: Even more Late-Breaking News!

Participants in the formal Writers' Workshop sessions can pick up information packets in the Green Room at any time prior to their sessions, which will occur in the Eisenhower Suite Annex (i.e. "Next door" to the Green Room).

As noted in the Pocket Program, a "Critique Group Demo" is scheduled for 8 pm Friday evening in the Nestucca Room. Those attending will be able to observe an active group of local professional writers as they conduct a live demonstration of their critiquing techniques. Please note: although labeled a workshop activity, this is open to all interested persons, and is designed as a watch-and-learn activity rather than an audience-participation event.

In addition to the Robert Sheckley workshop scheduled for Sunday morning (which we suspect may fill so fast that if you're reading this and haven't signed up, it may be too late), Northwest author Don McQuinn has scheduled for a Saturday morning workshop (10 am in the Nestucca Room) on how to get your project published.

Lost and Found

Lost articles from OryCon 18 and OryCon 17 can be found in the office (which can be found this year in the Tualatin Room in the Interstate Wing. If you think you lost something last year, please come by to reclaim your possessions.


Childcare will be in the Hayden Island Wing, rooms 454-456. Childcare hours are as follows:
1 pm to 5 pm
6 pm to 11 pm
9 am to 5 pm
6 pm to 11 pm
9 am to 3 pm
Register in the Convention Office for $3.00 an hour per child or 10 hours for $25.00.

Variety Show

Costumers! Children! The Uniquely Gifted! Don't forget to register to participate in the OryCon Variety Show. The registration desk will be attended by Variety Show experts on Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm and 8 pm to 9 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm. Stop by if you have any questions or if you want to chat!

Please note that the Variety Show begins at 8:00 pm Saturday Evening, not 7:00 pm!

Fanzine Lounge

The Fanzine Lounge is located in the Mt. Hood Suite at the end of the Interstate Wing -- past Hospitality at the end of the Hall on the left. The Fanzine Lounge Hours (as printed in the Program book not the Pocket Program) are:
4 pm to 6 pm
8 pm to 10 pm
12 noon to 6 pm
8 pm to 10 pm
12 noon to 3 pm

All You Can Eat Buffets

The Red Lion Columbia River Coffee Shop will have the follow Buffets available:

"All you can Eat breakfast Buffet"
November 9th 6:30 am to 12 noon

Scrambled Eggs with Tillamook Cheddar Cheese and Scallions
Cumin Roasted Idaho Red Potatoes
Buttermilk Biscuits with Country Gravy
Smoked Bacon and Country Sausage Links
Assorted Pastries
Coffee, Tea, Decaf

"All you can Eat Dinner Buffet"
November 8th through November 9th 4:30 pm to 12 midnight

Tossed Garden Salad
Unlimited Pasta with zesty Marina, Creamy Alfredo, and
Garlic Pesto Champagne Cream Sauce
Homemade Garlic Bread
Vegetable of the Season

Friday: Italian Breast of chicken with Basil Marinara
Saturday: Country-style Fried Chicken

Chef's Pastry Table
Coffee, Tea, Decaf

The Daily Newsletter

The daily newsletter has been edited by Sharon Sbarsky. There will possibly be two issues on Saturday and one on Sunday. Please put any submissions to the Daily Newsletter in the box located in the Convention Office. Future issues will have more room for announcements and other items of interest. Artwork is also gratefully desired. Deadline for the Saturday issue will be 10 am, Saturday morning. Distribution points for the OryConian will be at Information, the Convention Office, and other locations around the hotel.

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