The OryConian #2

The OryCon 18 Daily Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 2, Saturday, November 9, 1996

OryCon Sold Out!

As of 11 am, there are 1,611 members of OryCon. No more memberships will be sold this weekend. This is the largest OryCon ever.


OK, so the Pocket Program was wrong...

So we told you to try the "quick Program reference sheets", but now it turns out that those may be wrong too! Arrrrgh!

But fear not! The Sign Ghoddess has smiled upon you! Check the room signs for the Daily Programming, they are correct and updated as of midnight* the night before. Changes made after midnight are lost to the Lords of Chaos...

* however, no excuses are made for stupid speeling errors since the signs are typed in after midnight.

Still want to use the Pocket Program?

Here's a repeat of the instructions to correct the pages:

The page after the one labeled "Saturday Morning/Afternoon" is actually Sunday's program (the program items starting with "Buddhist Theory of Ten Worlds," etc. are actually for Sunday). The real Saturday page is the last page of the schedule, cleverly hidden after the page labeled "Sunday Morning/Afternoon" (the first Saturday item is "Terrorism around the World").

The listings on the right side of each page really are the people on the program items for that page -- they were moved along with the rest of the page copy.

Last Minute Changes

Patric Swenson is on; Dean Wesley Smith is off "Story Ideas I Hope Never To See Again" (Sat, 12 noon, Klamuth)

Jerry Kaufman will not be on "Books, Comics & Graphics Novels", Sharon Sbarsky will be on the panel instead (Sat, 1 pm, Clackamas)

Jerry Kaufman will replace Jane Hawkins on Polyamory (Sat, 2 pm, Riverview 1)

Dick Pilz is added to "Beer" (Sun, 3 pm, Klamuth)

Order of St. Chiros Church Service (Sun, 10 am, Nehalem) Come join us for this open Eucharist (Rite II Episcopal) All are welcome!

Other programming changes:

Just for the record...

Dean Wesley Smith will not be on "Writing in Someone Else's World" (Sat, 10 am, Klamath)

Larry Niven will not be on "Terrorism Around the World" (Sat, 10 am, Santiam)

Louise Foster is off "Embellishing Your Costume" (Sat, 11 am, Eisenhower)

OryCon 18 T-Shirts

OryCon 18 T-Shirts are available for sale in the Convention Office. Artwork by Patricia Davis; $15; sizes M through XXXL; colors red, white, blue and green. Though not all colors in all sizes.

Also still available are Westercon 48 T-Shirts and Mugs.

Treasure Hunt

Yes, there is a Treasure Hunt! Prizes include an OryCon 19 membership, an OryCon 18 T-Shirt with "Master of the Hunt, OryCon 18" embroidered on the back, and an additional prize to be determined as soon as I can find it.

The treasure hunt token can be anything or anywhere, but if you follow the clues, you can't lose.

Be polite and remember your manners, if the token is a smaller part of a larger part, do not dismantle it or try to take the token until that something is no longer part of the larger part.

And remember... Do not damage hotel property!


Potato Party 6-8:30 pm, Room 511. Experience the healing power of acoustic thrash. View the scary potato videos from which stills in the Art Show are taken.

9 pm, Room 607
San Francisco in 2002
9 pm, Room 521
Boston in 2001
9:15 pm, Room 610
Colorado Springs in 1999
Westercon 52 Bid

PorSFiS Wants You!

PorSFiS, the Portland Science Fiction Society, invites you to its monthly Second-Saturday meeting (which falls on a Sundae this month), 11 am on Sunday in the Nehalem room.

The topic of discussion will be: How To Waste Your Time at Science Fiction Society Meetings, Instead of Writing Which Is What You're Supposed To Be Doing.

A raffle to benefit PorSFiS will feature these prizes:

3rd prize: A two-litre bottle of Okanagan Peach Cider (not sold in any US store) Must be 21 or older to win.

2nd prize: The Post-Caf pack. Coffee People's gourmet Velvet Sunatran decaf coffee and Tea, Earl Grey, Decaf, Hot (also from C.P.)

1st prize: The Caffeine pack. Coffee People gourmet coffee and Darjeeling tea.

Grand prize: A fifteen-piece bound library edition of truffles from Moonstruck Chocolates. Tres gourmet!

Tickets will be sold at the meeting or in advance by Sam Butler (in the middle of the Dealers' Room).

The next PorSFiS event will be the debut of the Star Trek: First Contact, scheduled for November 22nd or thereabouts.

PorSFiS has a formal meeting on the second Saturday of the month, normally 2 pm on the second floor of Smith Hall, downtown on SW Broadway at PSU. Guest speakers edify members on items of interest to fandom, followed by socializing and dinner at a variety of restaurants. There's also a fourth Saturday social meeting, as well as special events.

For more information at any time, call 503-797-2679.

Submitted by John Bartley, tel. 503-795-8539

OSFCI Medical Emergency Fund

Lady Jayne will donate 10% of all Saturday Book Sales to the OSFCI Medical Emergency Fund for Jo Clayton. Go buy Books!

Variety Show

Hey! It's still not too late to register for the Variety Show! You can sign up as late as 5 pm today. If you're interested in volunteering, report to the Riverview Room at 5 pm. To all participants and volunteers: Don't forget to eat dinner before the show!

Please note that the Variety Show begins at 8:00 pm Saturday Evening, not 7:00 pm!

For Your Interests...

Michael Hopcroft invites you to "Weird Guy" (the heart-rending saga of a man, a woman, and an exploding pig) at

Did you get a Boston in 2001 presupporting membership at L.A.con III, but didn't get your cloisonne pin? Stop by the Boston in 2001 party tonight in room 521 to pick one up.

Overheard this weekend:

"I've got to go give Gardner a fish."

"They all keep their communicators in their armpits."

"Rule #1: Never hurt anything you might want to play with later."

"You obviously know different pagans than I do."

Submitted by Kate Yule

The Daily Newsletter

The daily newsletter has been edited by Sharon Sbarsky. There will be another issue later today and one on Sunday. Please put any submissions to the Daily Newsletter in the box located in the Convention Office. The editor would like to thank Janice Gelb for proofreading and otherwise useful kibitzing. Future issues will have more room for announcements and other items of interest. Artwork is also gratefully accepted and desperately desired. Deadline for the Saturday afternoon/evening issue will be 6 pm, Saturday. Distribution points for the OryConian will be at Information, the Convention Office, and other locations around the hotel.

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