The OryConian #3

The OryCon 18 Daily Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 3, Saturday, November 9, 1996

OryCon 19

OryCon 19 will be November 7-9, 1997, back here at the Red Lion Columbia River.
Guest of Honor: Steven Barnes
Special Musical Guest: Golden Bough
Memberships are $15 until December 31, 1996. There will be a 1600 person membership limit again next year. You can buy your OryCon 19 membership starting Sunday at 12 noon at Registration.

Special for OryCon 18, people will be able to reserve a specific badge number (first come, first serve) for $25. Soooo, if you've coveted that 42, 666, or some other number, now's your chance. (Numbers must be positive integers, <= 1600.)

Saturday Evening Concerts

Klamuth Room
Starting after the Variety Show ends!

Telynor - 1 hour
followed by 1/2 hour sets:

Joan Gaustad & Roy Torley
Jeffrey Hitchin
Cat Faber & Eglantine
Cecilia Eng

Last Breaking News

Mary Rosenblum is feeling better and will be able to appear on Programming Sunday.

She will appear with Gardner Dozois on "Sex, Goats and Pick-ups". Gardner was bereft at the absence of Mary and the goats. And the back-up plan, "Kris Rusch and the Chocolate Pudding Wrestling" also fell through. So we are delighted to have Mary back to help continue the tradition of quality programming at OryCon.

Blood, Sweat and Volunteers

The Volunteer Raffle will be held at noon on Sunday at the Volunteer Desk. We have tons of neat stuff. Anyone who has volunteered is eligible. One ticket per hour worked.

It's not too late to volunteer!

Other programming changes:

Lisa Bothell will be added to the "Ethics of Publishing" panel (Sun, 1 pm, Klamuth)

The Pippin Sardo Slide Show: Fashions from 1915-1925 (Sun, 3 pm, Nehalem) has been cancelled.

A Few Good Brewers Wanted

Sunday at 3 pm we want to invite home brewers to "Beer: from the Dawn of Civilization to the Stars". Come and join Peter Moorwood and Aaron Bodor for a discussion of this vital subject.

OryCon Martial Arts

Over the years, a number of you have asked me about the availability, in the Portland area, of quality martial arts instruction. Well, it exists, the teacher's name is Steven Plinck, and he's going to be demonstrating and teaching a mini-workshop in his art the Indonesian art of Pentjak Silat Serak, Sunday morning in my Tai Chi class. If you are currently studying, or are shopping around, and have only been exposed to Japanese, Korean, or Chinese arts, this is very very different. Even if you aren't interested in studying, but have an interest in seeing what an extremely high-value martial art or artist looks like, I would suggest that you check it out, 9:30 Sunday morning in the Riverview Room. I repeat unless you are very lucky, or have searched far and wide, you have never seen anything that approaches the near-magical efficiency of this man' art. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Come and check it out!

Steven Barnes


8ish pm, Room 612
Pat Luther
9:15 pm, Room 610
Colorado Springs in 1999
Westercon 52 bid
8:30 pm, Room 608
9 pm, Room 607
San Francisco in 2002
9 pm, Room 550
Philadelphia in 2001
9 pm, Room 521
Boston in 2001
9 pm, Room 418
Spokane in 1999
Westercon 52 bid

The Daily Newsletter

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