The OryConian #4

The OryCon 18 Daily Newsletter Volume 18, Issue 4, Sunday, November 10, 1996

And The Winning Number Is...

The final attendance figure for OryCon 18 is 1652!

SF Emergency Medical Fund

Due to a wealth of donations and running out of time at Saturday's Auction, the SF Emergency Fund ( Jo Clayton Fund), still has quite a few items that were not auctioned off on Saturday. We have about 50 books, paperback and hardback, signed and unsigned, and some pieces of jewelry and posters. If you are interested, in helping our good cause we will be doing direct sales in the Green Room. Most of the books will be sold for $10 a piece, so do come and save our aching backs so we don't have to haul all these books home again.

The Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund also left over items for sale at the Wrigley-Cross Booth.

The auction earned over $2000 for the two funds! Thank you all!

Blood, Sweat and Volunteers

It's not too late to volunteer! Plenty of help is still needed to pack up the convention. Please help out.

Internet Cafe

The Internet Cafe will be open from 12 noon to 3 pm on Sunday.

Variety Show

As the Variety Show "producer", I want to thank everyone who made last night's show such a success. To all of you volunteers who worked so hard behind the scenes, to those who supported the idea of a Variety Show over the past two years, to the participants and the MC (William Sadorus) who gave the audience their all, you have my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. A special thanks to the amazingly talented and versatile Tech Crew -- the show would have been dark and silent without out! Finally, I want to especially thank those incredibly dedicated people who have been a part of this endeavor for two years running (I guess we're all just gluttons for punishment!) Janet Borkowski, Vicki Harrison, Barbara Hoffert and Tracy Bailey -- this never could have happened without your dedication, imagination and organization.

Ann Hoffert

Treasure Hunt

The winner of the Treasure Hunt is Tech(nicolor) who found "Ghost".

The Endeavour Award

The Endeavour Award for the best Science Fiction or Fantasy novel written by a Pacific Northwest author will be announced and presented annually at OryCon starting in 1998, for a novel published in 1997. The award is named for H.M.S. Endeavour, the ship in which Capt. George Vancouver explored the coast of the Pacific Northwest.

We will present a small statue and a cash grant of a least $500 to the winner. We hope to eventually make the grant $1,000. The Endeavour Award represents a collaborative effort by writers and fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy to encourage the growth of literature in the field and recognize works of excellence. It is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., (OSFCI), which also sponsors OryCon and other conventions, the Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund, and the Oregon SF Emergency Fund.

Unbelievable, But True!

OJ/Hawk actually went to bed from doing security without being told!!!

Smofcon 14

Would you like to learn more about how to run SF conventions and meet other con-runners? Come to Smofcon 14, December 6-8, 1996. For more information write to Smofcon, PO Box 85418, Seattle, WA 98145 or call 206-241-0892.

Potlatch 1997

If you've enjoyed meeting writers talking about good sf, finding cool books in the dealers' room or dancing in the Riverview Ballroom, you'll love Potlatch. It's a small travelling convention that focuses on reading and writing science fiction and fantasy. (Yes, some of us think a good dance is as important to an sf con as a writer's workshop or a book dealers' room.) The next one will be February 28-March 2, 1997 in Seattle. For more information, see our flyer on the famous flyer table, write to Potlatch, PO Box 31848, Seattle, WA 98103 or call 206-634-3828, or visit

Jerry Kaufman

For information about other Northwest conventions check out

LoneStarCon 2

The next Worldcon will be in San Antonio, TX, August 28-September 1, 1997. Memberships are $120 through 12/31/96. Get your membership at the table in the lobby this afternoon, or write to LoneStarCon 2, PO Box 27277, Austin, TX 78755-2277, or call 512-472-9944.


Dead Dog???? Not until everything is packed! Please help!

Special raffle prizes for teardown crew -- pizza too!

Art Show Awards

Show's Choice

Patricia Davis                  First Place
I.U.H.S. Ribbon                 First Place
Roberta Rice                    First Place
Mary Treichel                   Honorable Mention
Jennifer Platts                 Honorable Mention

People's Choice

Dan Berggren                    First Place
Lubow                           First Place
JacquaLynn D. Duram Nillsson    First Place
Erika Hubbard                   Honorable Mention
Richard Enloe                   Honorable Mention
Betsy Mott                      Honorable Mention
Arlin Robins                    Honorable Mention

Director's Choice

Jeff Ward                       First Place
Duryln Larson                   First Place
Elana Eve Martir                First Place
Ralph J. Ryan                   Honorable Mention
Jennie A. Roller                Honorable Mention

Buyer's Choice

Ellisa Mitchell                 First Place
Beth Willinger                  First Place

Most Inventive

Carl & Lida Sloan               Honorable Mention

Best A-a-h!

Mary Hanson Roberts             Honorable Mention

Lost and Found

Have you misplaced something this weekend? The lost and found box is located in the Convention Office.

OryCon 18 T-Shirts

There are still OryCon 18 T-Shirts for sale, $15, most sizes and colors are available.

OryCon 19

OryCon 19 will be November 7-9, 1997, back here at the Red Lion Columbia River.

Guest of Honor: Steven Barnes
Special Musical Guest: Golden Bough

Memberships are $15 until December 31, 1996. There will be a 1600 person membership limit again next year. You can buy your OryCon 19 membership starting Sunday at 12 noon at Registration.

Get involved!

If you would like to come to the OryCon 18 wrap-up meeting or get involved with helping OryCon 19 next year, call 503-231-8952 for more information.

The Daily Newsletter

The daily newsletter has been edited by Sharon Sbarsky. This is the last issue for OryCon 18. I would like to thank Ruth Sachter for the use of her computer, the Convention Office Staff for the space to work and their general help. Distribution points for the OryConian will be at the usual places around the hotel. The deadline for Volume 19, Issue 1 will be 12 noon, November 7, 1997.

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