OryCon 17 Regress Report / OryCon 18 Progress Report .5

OryCon 17 Regress Report / OryCon 18 Progress Report .5

March, 1996

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OryCon 17 Regress Report

Red Lion Columbia River
Portland, Oregon
November 10-12, 1995

OryCon 18 Progress Report .5

Red Lion Columbia River
Portland, Oregon
November 8-10, 1996

OryCon, the Portland regional science fiction convention, is brought to you by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a non-profit corporation.


Despite OryCon 17 being one of the rainiest OryCons ever (a November rainfall record was set on that Saturday), it was a fairly normal and enjoyable OryCon.

But little did we know then that the November rain would be just a precursor to a fall and winter of major wind storms, a deep freeze, severe ice storm, and the FLOOD. Nothing like having seven feet of water in the lower level of the Columbia River Red Lion to make many of us very glad that OryCon 18 was still nine months away.

We hope the weather for the rest of 1996 and especially for OryCon 18 will much less eventful since convention planning and attending is a lot easier when one isn't worried about trees blowing over, road-blocking mud and rock slides, and flooding rivers.

OryCon 17 Co-Chairs David and Melanie Schaber want to again thank everyone who contributed to making OryCon 17 a success:

Following are some messages and updates on OryCon 17 and the preliminary OryCon 18 information. Stay tuned for more to come!

- Ruth Sachter, OryCon 18 Chair

near, far, and in-between

Oregon                 772           Other States

    Aloha               21           California              59
    Beaverton           41           Florida                  1
    Corvallis           14           Hawaii                   1
    Eugene              56           Idaho                    8
    Forest Grove        10           Massachusetts            1
    Gladstone           11           Michigan                 2
    Hillsboro           18           Minnesota                6
    Milwaukie           16           Nevada                   1
    Oregon City         10           Pennsylvania             1
    Portland           391           Texas                    2
    Salem               21           Utah                     2
    Springfield         10           Wisconsin                1
    Tigard              20
    Tualatin            17
    Other Oregon       116

Washington             503           AUSTRALIA                2

    Bellevue            23           GERMANY                  1
    Everett             17
    Olympia             13           CANADA
    Redmond             10               British Columbia    11
    Renton              19
    Seattle            140           Unknown                 11
    Tacoma              20
    Vancouver           92
    Other Washington   169           GRAND TOTAL           1385


EXPENSES                             INCOME
Art Show                $1,332.00       Memberships            $26,213.00
Chair                   $1,095.00       Dealers                 $2,980.00
Child Care                $324.00       Art Show                $1,652.00
Dealers                   $819.00       Other Income              $440.00
Events                  $3,054.00       
Fan Tables &                            Total Income           $31,285.00
    Fanzine Room           $79.00       
Gaming                     $44.00       SURPLUS                 $1,996.00
Green Room                $614.00       
Guests of Honor         $2,896.00       
Hospitality             $4,751.00       
Hotel                   $3,922.00       
Office                     $47.00       
Program Book            $3,178.00       
Programming             $1,123.00       
Publications            $1,994.00       
    (excluding Program Book)    
Publicity                 $753.00       
Registration            $1,111.00       
Security                  $500.00       
Transportation &    
    Logistics             $423.00       
Writer's Workshops        $302.00       
Other                     $928.00       
Total Expenses:        $29,289.00        

While this is not the final accounting as there were outstanding checks and reimbursables, there should be no major changes.

When OryCon has a surplus, a set portion is returned to OSFCI to use for the reserve fund, to purchase major equipment, and for corporate operating expenses. The rest is distributed to other community non-profits as designated by each year's committee.


OryCon 17 is now behind us, and I'd like to thank all of those who VOLUNTEERED. Without your help, OryCon 17 wouldn't have happened.

We ran on volunteers. Volunteers staffed Hospitality, helped with Registration, assisted in the Art Room, got down at the Dances, and made things work in a myriad of ways. Bluntly, we couldn't have done it without you. You have the heartfelt thanks of the ConCom, you have my thanks, and I hope that you had fun while helping make OryCon 17 a successful convention.

And...I hope that you will consider helping at OryCon 18. Because we always need help!

- John Mead, Volunteer Coordinator


OryCon 17 went off very smoothly for both the Red Lion Hotel Columbia River and the OryCon convention. The hotel has instituted a Party Policy for all conventions, and 1995 was the first year we dealt with that, but all of the room parties held during OryCon 17 had full refunds of their deposits. The OryCon staff are discussing possible changes in the party policy with the hotel, but it appears as if some form of this will be in effect for all future conventions.

The Red Lion Columbia River was hit severely by the 1996 Portland Flood, but the hotel is using the damage caused by the flood waters as an opportunity to renovate the lower level as well as the riverside deck. These renovations should provide more useable space for OryCons, as well as provide us with newer and nicer facilities. We will have updates on the changes to the hotel in Progress Report #1 (look for it at the beginning of June).

- Robert Verde, Hotel Liaison


Dear Dealers,

Thank you for making OryCon 17 a great experience for me. We are working on the new layout and should have information and registration packets in the mail.

"Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" may still hold true for the mail, but they, and illness have put us several months behind where we wanted to be. Your patience is appreciated.

Progress Report #1 will, of course, have the list of scheduled Dealers so everyone can start saving up for OryCon 18!

- Pat Steed, Dealer's Room Coordinator


We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped make the show such a success. Thanks to all the people who worked behind the scenes, especially Dean Koenig (Tech genius and god), Sue Yule and David Johnson (Light deities), Barbara Hoffert (den mom extraordinaire), Steve Hoffert (emcee fantastico), Scott Smith (stage ninja), all the volunteers who gave up their Saturday evening to run errands, do odd jobs, stage ninja and generally give us invaluable assistance. And of course, thanks to everyone who stood behind us during the year of planning and for letting us try something new. Kudos to all the participants. You were all fabulous! Thanks for making the show so exciting-who knew OryCon had such a wealth of diversely talented people? And, of course, a big round of applause to the audience-thanks for being so supportive of our new format and our talented participants. We were all especially grateful to those of you who thanked us personally.

Now for some more good news (we hope). The same crew who organized the OryCon 17 Variety Show will be doing it again for OryCon 18! If you were in the audience and thought, "Hey, I can do that!", here's your chance. If you were on stage and had a good time, consider joining us again with a new aspect of your talent. We promise a most excellent time will be had by all!

- Ann Hoffert, Tracy Bailey, Janet Borkowski & Vicki Harrison


The Dutch auction held Sunday in the dealers' room proved to be a very successful way of clearing out old inventory that never made it to the regular auction. Together with the voice auction, over $1,300 was raised for the Susan Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund. All in all, it was a good year for the fund.

However, this year's success means that we now have very little material to carry over for the OryCon 18 auction. If you have anything you think might be of interest to a science fiction audience, please consider a donation. The fund is sponsored by OSFCI, which is a nonprofit, taxexempt organization. We will accept almost anything (no posters, please). This year's most interesting item was a basket made from a real armadillo that fetched the highest price of the auction.

Don't wait until the last minute, send those donations now. Early receipt of items gives us plenty of time to properly catalog them. You may drop things off or mail them to The Susan C. Petrey Fund, c/o WrigleyCross Books, 1809 NE 39th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97212 [please note the new store address]. If you have any questions, feel free to phone us at 503-2819449.

- Debbie Cross & Paul M. Wrigley


Congratulations to all Hall Costume participants for displaying some of the most creative costumes we've seen in a while. Our special congratulations to our grand prize winners:

Best of Hall Costumes:        Thanatos
Best Media:                   Marvin Martian
Best Nova:                    Queen Lucey of Narnia
Judges Choice:                Commander Claus and Marianna Lightfire
Special Spirit of the Con:    Peppersnitch
Those of you who did not pick up your awards from the office, please call Vicki Harrison at 503-235-9325 to arrange to get them. Thanks to all who participated.

- Janet Borkowski & Vicki Harrison, OryCon 17 Hall Costume Fairies


Here is the list of "found" objects from OryCon 17. If you recognize an item, please call the OryCon phone number or e-mail to provide identifying details to verify ownership and make pick-up arrangements. Usable unclaimed items are donated to worthy causes.

pair of Power Rangers sneakers		single black glove (not OJ's)
several drawing pens			camera
money clip (empty)			small silk print scarf
ladies watch (still running)		Coffee People mug
college tote bag with technical 	pouch with dice
    manuals				ankh on a chain
set of keys				Stranger in a Strange Land
pair of sun glasses
drink bottle in carrier
several cassette tapes

OryCon 18: November 8-10, 1996


Mail:     P.O. Box 5703, Portland, OR  97228-5703
Phone:    503-283-0802
E-mail:   ruths@spiritone.com & ORYCON.18@genie.com
Webpage:  http://www.orycon.org/orycon18


Pre-registration rates:
Through May 31, 1996:        $20
June 1 - October 31, 1996:   $25

At-the-door rate:            $40
Children 5 and under: no charge; children 6 to 12: half-price. All children must be accompanied by an adult attending member at con.

SPECIAL NOTE: In order to register for OryCon 18, we're requiring that you do so under your real name. Your real name will also appear on your badge but it will be in 6 pt. type (this is 6 point), with your badge name in the usual large, bold type. We're sorry for this additional requirement, but we've had too many incidents in recent years where, in emergency situations, we needed to know who someone was-and they've been in no shape to tell us. (Of course, if you usually just put your "real world" name on your badge, this doesn't affect you at all.)

- John Lorentz, Registrar


DIANE DUANE grew up on Long Island but found her way to Ireland where she gardens, cooks, and writes wonderful books. Whether you've read her fantasy works, Star Trek novels, or YA books (Door into Fire, The Wounded Sky, So You Want to Be a Wizard? are just a few), played the computer games, or seen the animateds, you've just barely scratched the surface.

PETER MORWOOD escaped from his British civil service job in Customs and Excise to write fantasy and science fiction full-time, and we are grateful. Look for The Horse Lord, Prince Ivan, and Greylady just for starters-there's lots more. Military history and single malts are two of his passions.

GARDNER DOZOIS is best known as the seven-time Hugo award winner for Best Professional Editor while editing Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine for the past ten years and many of the field's premier anthologies. Here's your chance to find out more about his writing and wit without a trip to Philadelphia!

PATRICIA DAVIS has been sending her art work to OryCon for years and you've been eagerly buying her astronomical and fantasy works. This year she is our Artist Guest and can't stay at home in the Bay Area with her painting, writing, gardening, and study of Cantonese.


Our hotel room rate for OryCon 18 will be a flat rate of $78.00 per night for single through quad rooms (plus tax of about 9%).

All persons/groups wishing to hold a party should request a room in the Party Wing, which is the Interstate Wing. The Red Lion is requiring a refundable deposit (not a fee) for all open parties. More detailed information about how to hold a successful party at OryCon 18 and the hotel reservation forms will be forthcoming in Progress Report #1 which will be mailed early June. Please direct your hotel questions to me either through any of the OryCon 18 addresses and phone number or directly at robert@x-file.com.

- Robert Verde, Hotel Liaison


All of your OryCon committee and staff are volunteers-we all work on the con in our spare time during the year. It is easy to become part of the OryCon planning committee, one just needs to get in touch with us and offer to help in a specific area or ask where help is needed. Very few areas are one-person jobs-most can be better done by a team. Some of the areas where we need more help are: volunteers, convention publications, publicity and press relations, hospitality, at-con office, information and freebie tables, hall costumes, and the art show. Whether you want to head an area or department, apprentice to someone to learn how for next year, work in a specific place, or be on call at the con, I would like to hear from you. As a matter of fact, I need an assistant now before the con along with help at OryCon to get it all together. Helping coordinate volunteers is a great way to meet people and learn what OryCon is all about.

- John Mead, Volunteer Coordinator



OryCon 18 continues to be a weapon-free convention. This means the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Variety Show contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Variety Show must be approved by the Variety Show Directors prior to the event. Failure to do so are grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

In addition to the prohibitions in the Oregon Revised Statues, the Convention Committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped before they are taken out of the room.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.


Yes, there will be a smoking lounge near Hospitality. We ask that you smoke there only, and not smoke in other parts of the convention function space and hallways. Thank you for helping clear the air for our convention membership.

This publication was partially written, edited and produced by Ruth Sachter in WordPerfect 6 & 6.1 and printed on an HP LJ 5MP in CG Omega, Letter Gothic, Arial, and DraftPlate-Black. Responsibility for any errors is ultimately hers.

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