What's New

Here's what's new on the OryCon 18 Home Page:
February 10, 1997
Replaced the old "OryCon18@aol.com" e-mail address, which is going away at the end of this month, with ruths@spiritone.com.

January 27, 1997
Added the list of lost and found items left over at the end of the con.

January 8, 1997
Updated information about a bank problem affecting some credit card charges during OryCon 18. The problem should be all fixed now.

December 24, 1996
Added information about a bank problem affecting some credit card charges during OryCon 18.

December 6, 1996
Added the The OryConian, the OryCon 18 Daily Zine.

November 13, 1996
Added a page of photos from the con, the OryCon 18 Top Ten List, and the OryCon 18 Daily Hoaxzine.

November 10, 1996
Added info about the con being sold out; added a link to the new OryCon 19 page; added the first of what I hope will be several pictures from the con.

November 6, 1996
Added some late-breaking news to the program schedule.

November 4, 1996
Removed information about pre-registration from the home page, since the pre-registration deadline is past. Updated the committee list and list of artists. Added information about the Oregon SF Emergency Fund Auction to the home page.

November 3, 1996
Added a notice that the convention will be limited to 1600 people to the home page.

November 1, 1996
Added the list of artists.

October 29, 1996
Changed the meeting time and room for the last committee meeting on the home page.

October 28, 1996
Updated the program schedule.

October 25, 1996
Made a couple of minor corrections to the program schedule.

October 24, 1996
Added the program schedule.

October 23, 1996
Updated the membership list and the hotel page.

October 15, 1996
Minor corrections to Progress Report 2 and the hotel page.

October 10, 1996
Added the room block expiration date (October 18!) to the hotel page.

October 9, 1996
Added the membership list and hotel reservation form, and updated the hotel page.

October 4, 1996
Added Progress Report 2 and updated the program participants and dealers lists.

September 16, 1996
Updated the committee list.

September 14, 1996
Added a page about special Friends of Filk guest Telynor, and lists of program participants, dealers, and committee members (with e-mail addresses).

September 12, 1996
Added a small Patricia Davis art gallery. Also added the locations of the remaining OryCon committee meetings.

September 6, 1996
Added a link to the Wrigley-Cross Books home page.

July 15, 1996
Corrected some errors in Progress Report 1.

July 14, 1996
Added Progress Report 1.

April 11, 1996
Added the OryCon 17 Regress Report (AKA OryCon 18 Progress Report 0.5).

April 4, 1996
Added some information (more will be provided later) on the Guests of Honor: Diane Duane, Peter Morwood, Gardner Dozois, and Patricia Davis. Updated the hotel information. Updated the membership form with new rates, and information on the use of real names. Updated the weapons and smoking policies. Added the new OryCon18@aol.com and ORYCON.18@genie.com e-mail addresses.

March 29, 1996
Updated Wrigley-Cross Books' location and committee meeting dates.

November 13, 1995
Corrected a few dates from 1995 to 1996.

October 31, 1995

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