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What's New (last updated January 8, 1998)

The Con is Over...

... but the web page lingers on. This page will continue to evolve over the next few weeks as post-con information pours in. We have some pictures from the convention, and the daily zines are coming soon.

For information on this year's convention, see http://www.orycon.org/.

At the Con

Basic Information

OryCon offers programming, workshops, small group discussions, an art show, a dealers' room, filking, dances, gaming, the Susan Petrey Scholarship auction, and much more! (If you'd like to get a taste of what our conventions are like, check out the OryCon 18 home page with information and pictures from last year's con. Also the list of lost and found items left over after the con...)

Guests of Honor


On-Line Publications

Who's Coming?

How to Contact Us

Program Book Advertisements

Want to get noticed? Buy an ad in the OryCon 19 program book! Ads are available in a variety of sizes at for-profit and non-profit rates. The deadline for program book ads is September 21, 1997. For more information, contact Page Fuller at page@prodigy.net.

Child Care Changes

Child care rates are going up: from $3.00 an hour to $4.00. Also, if any child is not picked up by 15 minutes past the end of the paid-for time, the extra child care time will be charged at time-and-a-half ($6.00 per hour).

Bank Problem

There was a problem with the processing of some of the credit card charges taken in during OryCon 18. For more information, see this link.

You Can Help!

The final OryCon 19 Wrap-Up Meeting will be held on December 12 at a location to be announced. Watch this space. Write to deaner@pacifier.com for more information.

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