OryCon 19 Lost and Found

Here is a list of the items remaining in the OryCon 19 Lost and Found box. If you can claim any of these items, please send e-mail with identifying information to John Lorentz at jlorentz@spiritone.com.
Blue plastic lighter 
A ring (send description to claim)
Over-the-ear ring
Black leather dog collar
A digital watch (send description to claim)
Short hooded cape
Dark green cigarette case, silver closing, Old Gold cigarettes
Firedance Tai Chi video
Black braided short-handled cat-o-eight-tails 
Forest green wool felt beret 
Black velvet cloth, textured velvet with silver beading 
Swiss Army knife
Green-purple sunglasses
Book: Shades of Divinity
Pack of BV cigarettes
Aqua-green heart-shaped plastic ring
Gold and silver lame sandals 
Silver lighter, engraved "Wench"
Keychain, black woven nylon strap, red metal flashlight 
Coffee mug with Paradox logo 
Cassette tape labelled BORG YAMADA

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