Editor Guests of Honor Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Patrick is a senior editor and the manager of the science fiction department at Tor Books. He coordinates the entire list, including the efforts of several other editors, and also edits a fair number of books himself. Teresa is a consulting editor for Tor and an editorial jack-of-all-trades; she has also worked as an editor in the comic book industry and in other genres.

Outside the office, Patrick is the editor of STARLIGHT, an original SF anthology series being published by Tor; the first volume appeared last September and the next one will appear in 1998. Teresa is, of course, the author of the Hugo-nominated essay collection Making Book (1994).

The Nielsen Haydens have been active fans since the mid-1970s, and did many of the standard fan things: published fanzines, joined too many apas, worked on a Worldcon committee, ran for (and won) TAFF, burned out somewhat, and went pro. Their best-remembered fanzine is probably Izzard (nine issues, 1982-87). Patrick says: "In a very real sense our professional activity is merely (to paraphrase Clausewitz) the continuation of fanac by other means."

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