OryCon 19 - Pictures from Friday

by David Levine

Bear Yalow

A shot out the window of the con suite of the picturesque I-5 Bridge

Con Vice Chair Dean Koenig

Some goths on the porch of the con suite

Happy congoers soaking up electrons in the Internet Cafe

Janice Murray and Patrick Lasswell

Linda Pilcher on duty in the Green Room

Marci Malinowycz, Karen Schaffer, and Dave Clark in the Fan Room

Patrick Lasswell, looking spiffy

Joyce Reynolds-Ward and Peggy Kennedy

Ru Emerson and Bruce Taylor hanging out in the Green Room

Hall costumer Scott Sanford, AKA Wyvern

The Center of the Universe is right next to OryCon registration

Video Mistress Ann Hoffert, costumed as The Sun

Scenes from "When Worlds Collide Volleyball"

Zoe and Elizabeth Wells