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Where Were You In 1979? (Part Two)
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OryCon 19

November 7-9, 1997
Doubletree Hotel Portland - Columbia River

How to Contact Us

(503) 788-7888

OryCon 19
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703


Notes from the Chair

Robert Verde

Wow! What a difference a few weeks makes! When last I wrote the Notes from the Chair, for the Progress Report #1, we had a substantial number of pre-registered attendees, but only slightly above the preceding year's figures for the same time. Now, however, membership numbers are at an all-time high for pre-con registration by this date. As John Lorentz, our Head of Registration, pointed out, we already have more members than several early OryCons had in total!

Well, I think that this huge increase in pre-registration numbers is indicative of the many events, program items, guests, and panels we have lined up for your pleasure. (And the fact that we are only selling 1,600 memberships this year may have had something to do with it, right?) But, I think this is also good place to note something important about OryCon 19.

When you send in your money and information to Registration, you become a member of OryCon 19, just like the convention committee and staff. This is very important because the convention could not exist without people just like yourself, people who dive right into the experience of really being a full member by volunteering!

Although I appreciate everyone who attends our convention and has a good time (and we work really hard to make sure you have a good time!), I really do feel that for a true taste of OryCon, you owe it to yourself to volunteer. Doesn't have to be very much, just come by the Volunteer Table, or talk to anyone wearing a committee ribbon, and offer to help out for a half an hour or so. You won't regret it, I promise. Like we always say, OryCon runs on blood, sweat, and volunteers!

See you at OryCon 19!


John Lorentz


Through October 15     $30 
At the door            $45
Children five and under no charge, children six to 12 are half-price. All children must be accompanied by an adult attending member at the convention. Please note that the rate change dates are different this year!

The mailing label on this Progress Report contains:

If any information is incorrect, or has changed, please let us know. The best way is by mail (either electronic or regular), but if you must call, please spell out the changes.

If the name on the label starts with "T/" or "G/", this means that this membership came with a dealer's table or was purchased as a guest of someone else, and no other name has yet been given to us. We suggest you let us know the name of the person using this badge before the con so that we can have a correct badge ready (instead of waiting at Registration).

Memberships and dealers' tables are transferable. If we are notified before the con, we'll have the new badge ready. Otherwise, we require a signed note from the original purchaser of the membership before we can accept the transfer.

Let us know before the convention, and you'll save time waiting in lines at the convention.

Remember, OryCon has an absolute membership limit of 1,600 people. Based on last year, we will probably sell out late Friday night.

In order to register for OryCon 19, you must do so under your real name. If you wish to use a badge name, your "real world" name will also appear on the badge, in very small type.

For registration queries call (503) 283-0802, or e-mail jlorentz@spiritone.com. For all other questions, please use the main phone number and e-mail address or check our web page.

Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Auction

Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley


That's what you'll find at this year's Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Auction. You will have the opportunity to purchase all kinds of wonderful things while helping to send a struggling new writer to Clarion Writers' Workshop. We'll also be giving away FREE PRIZES to the bidders. Yes, it's true, if your bid pushes us over one of our goals, you'll win a prize -- even if you don't win the bid. You could purchase the right to be a character in an upcoming book by Steve Perry. (You'll probably be killed off in some horrible manner, but hey, your name will be immortalized.)

Of course, we generally have a great selection of books, proofs, t-shirts, art work, jewelry, and other good goods. There's always a few items that fall only into the category of the Truly Bizarre. Come preview the auction items at the table in the Dealers' Room. Of course, we always need new and exciting things to auction. (We're still waiting for someone to top the armadillo basket!) If you have something that another fan might want, we would be most grateful for the donation. We are non-profit and tax deductible. If possible, we would like to get donations beforehand so we can properly catalog and promote them. Donations should be sent c/o Wrigley-Cross Books, 1809 NE 39th Ave., Portland, OR 97212. We will continue to accept donations at the Susan C. Petrey table in the Dealers' Room. If you have questions, call Debbie or Paul at (503) 281-9449. The auction starts Saturday at 4:30pm in the Klamath Room.


Karl Krehbiel

Hi there! This year will be a better year for gaming, with balanced areas for collectable card gamers, and their role playing/board gaming counterparts. We will be having an unprecedented five tournaments including; Jihad, Magic(TM), Shadowfist(TM), Highlander(TM) and The Legend of the 5 Rings. This year to alleviate some complaints, I have segregated the two rooms, one for card gaming and trading, the other for role-playing. For role-playing people only there will be the open playing area, and the board room near the gaming rooms will be used for closed gaming. If you want to sign up for closed gaming, hurry up because it is going fast. My e-mail address is Cryhavoc@orionsys.com. Leave a message and I'll get back to you. If you have any problems at the con, please contact me, my badge name will be Wombats `R' Us and I'm very hard to miss.


Pat Steed

We have a good line-up this year. Some of our dealers have been here every year and others will be with us for the first time. The hours will be the same as the last two years and the layout is almost the same.

Friday         noon to 7pm 
Saturday       10am to 6pm 
Sunday         11am to 4pm

Fan Lounge

Janice Murray and Alan Rosenthal

Be sure to make your way to the end of the Interstate Wing and visit the Fan Lounge hosted by this year's DUFF winners Janice Murray and Alan Rosenthal. They may be a little tired, having recently returned from Australia and environs, but will have lots to talk about and share. There will be a fanzine display and probably some for sale, assorted programming and a quiet convivial place to visit with old friends and make new ones.

Filk & Music Programming

John C. Bunnell

OryCon will host a full schedule of musical programming, including mini-concerts and song circles. Last year's shift to two evening circles appears to have been popular and (mostly) successful, and we will have two circles this year. Daytime filk and music panels will continue to be a part of the Con, and we are fortunate to have Golden Bough as our Musical Guests of Honor.

Comments, suggestions and requests for filk program items should be sent to your friendly filk coordinator (me). This includes performers interested in concert slots. The farther ahead I know you're coming, the better I can figure out schedules. Filk talent in the Northwest is reaching critical mass; I fully expect to have more potential and worthy concerteers than I have slots (this is a nice problem to have as problems go, however). I can be contacted at:

John C. Bunnell
6663 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. #326
Portland, OR 97225-1403
(503) 292-8559
E-mail: JCBunnell@sff.net


Don Glover

I am pleased to announce the return of the masquerade to Orycon. Who am I? Your masquerade director of course! Don Glover, the younger, husband of the award winning costumer Vicki Glover. Since, in fine fannish tradition, I am jotting this down at the last possible minute, I will keep it short and sweet.

First, the Schedule:
Since we got a late start on this we will be pressed for time (a situation that will hopefully change next year). I will be available starting Friday for questions, consultations and general commiseration. Starting at 5:00pm we will be starting walk throughs and working through any tech issues that you may have. At 7:00 pm we will clear everybody out, then at 7:30 pm we will start. I expect the show to run to 9:00 pm. We will be time sharing the stage with the Golden Bough Concert at this time. With luck, a prayer and sufficient supplications to the costuming gods we can get judging done in 45 minutes so as to coincide with the break that GB is expected to take. We will then present awards and you will be FREE.

Next, The Stage:
We will be in the River View Room. The ceiling is 12 foot high, and the stage will be 2 foot high, so no 11 foot tall costumes please. The stage itself has a performance area of 32 x 20. The stairs will be set center/back and center/front.

Finally, a few rules:
No live mikes.
You will have 1 minute for up to 4 people and 15 seconds per additional person after that with a maximum of 2 minutes.
No live mikes.
Remember this is a family oriented event, costume appropriately.
No live mikes.
The obligatory no peanut butter rule.
No live mikes.
The Masquerade directors decision is final.
And finally No live... Ahh, I think you know.

If you have any questions feel free to call me (206) 286-8824 till 10:00pm.

Child Care

Aaron Bodor and Tash Robb

Child Care will have professional nannies available to give parents a free moment or two during the convention. Rates are $4.00 per hour per child, and tickets can be purchased in the Convention Office. Services will be charged in full-hour increments. Please check the Pocket Program for the schedule of Child Care hours.

Fan Tables

William Sadorus

Yes, we still have fan tables available, but they are going fast. If your group or club is considering getting a table at OryCon 19, please call William Sadorus at (253) 661-2252. If you have special needs, tell us and we will attempt to accomodate you. Do not wait until your arrival at OryCon to ask for a fan table, since they may be all gone!

Internet Cafe

Charles and Janet DeVore

The Internet Cafe returns again to OryCon. PC's and Mac's, as well as assistance in using them, will be available for you to read your e-mail, browse the Web, or...? Check the the usual publications at the convention for hours. People with e-mail expertise are encouraged to volunteer for Cafe duty!


Ruth Sachter

Well, some folks have been after us to change hotels -- so, in a way, we did; the Red Lion Columbia River (and most others) is now a Doubletree. As of June 9, it's the Doubletree Hotel Portland-Columbia River. So far the change of ownership (the corporate merger was approved during OryCon 18) is having little affect on OryCon 19 (we already had a signed contract). We'll provide updates in the next progress report and on our webpage. Two rooms have new names -- the Red Lion Ballroom is now the Doubletree Ballroom (not too big a surprise) and the Clackamas Room is now the Wilson Room. So far no change in the coffee shop menu but we'll keep you posted.

As always we urge you to make your hotel reservations early -- as the block has filled up each year (including the 50 rooms we now have reserved at the Doubletree Hotel Portland-Jantzen Beach). The best method is to call the local number (503) 283-2111 or mail in the reservation form but the toll-free (800) 733-5466 will also work. Our rate is $83 for one to four people (each additional person adds $15). The convention rate is guaranteed for all rooms available even after the block has ended (Oct. 16). There's no guarantee that there will be any rooms left at either hotel at that point -- so make those reservations soon. If, and only if, you specifically request a river view room, you will be charged $10 extra.

PARTIES: If you plan to hold a party, you must reserve in the Party Wing which is the Interstate Wing. The hotel will again be requiring a $100 damage/cleaning deposit for open parties. Since this started, all deposits have been completely refunded and the hotel has been very happy with us. Please note that this policy is being applied to all groups not just OryCon. Your open parties will need to be registered in the office so we can coordinate with the hotel and help you get any extra trash bags and/or cleaning supplies from the hotel.

SUITES: It's easy -- there aren't any that are not in use as function space. We keep asking the hotel to add on rooms but it hasn't happened yet.

Please feel free to contact me with your questions, special requirements or if any problems arise. You can use our P.O. Box, the general e-mail address, or reach me directly at ruths@spiritone.com or (503) 283-0802.


Mail to:
Doubletree Hotel Portland-Columbia River
1401 North Hayden Island Drive
Portland, Oregon 97217

or call

NAME __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________

CITY/STATE ____________________________________________________

ZIP/POSTAL CODE ____________   COUNTRY ________________________

ARRIVAL DATE _______________   DEPARTURE DATE _________________

ARRIVAL TIME _______________  (Arrivals after 6 pm must be guaranteed.)

[Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club]

CARD # _____________________________________  EXP. DATE _______

SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________

OryCon 19 room rate is $83 (plus 9% tax) for up to four people 
($15 per additional person after those four).


BEDS: [ ] ONE [ ] TWO [ ] ROLLAWAY ($15) [ ] NON-SMOKING [ ] SMOKING [ ] QUIET WING [ ] PARTY WING (INTERSTATE ONLY) Check in time is 3 pm. Rooms must be guaranteed to be held past 6 pm on arrival date. All unreserved rooms will be released on October 16, 1997. After that, rooms are subject to availability but remain at the $83 rate.

This space has been left intentionally blank (by blank chairs)


Dr. Ann Hoffert and Dr. Tracy Baily

What do a beach ball, a Klingon, popcorn and a remote control have in common? On the surface, nothing...until now. After spending long hours (and frying our financially bereft, yet brilliant brains) at Hoffert/Bailey Laboratories, we have developed innovative interactive audio-visual programming. In laymen's terms, video you can do stuff with. Alas, we lack test subjects for research. Below is a list of a few of our video interactive events we hope might appeal to the common convention attendee:

When Worlds Collide Interactive Volleyball - We supply the beach ball, the audience keeps it from colliding with the floor.

The Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan Costume/Cocktail Party - Come watch our favorite Star Trek movie and show off your Federation/Klingon finery (no Dominion sympathizers welcome). Food! Prizes for creative or authentic costuming!

Body Count Theatre - Pick a number, any number! If the body count matches, you win a fabulous prize (ok, a better-than-average prize).

Do-it-yourself Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - complete with Invention Exchange! Unveil your latest invention/creation in front of a captive audience for fun and rewards! Then stick around for a truly cheesy movie. YOU provide the one-liners.

Channel Surfing Game - Grab your favorite couch potato buddy and play our Sci-Fi version of this television scavenger hunt.

Other independently run scientific groups, working in conjunction with Hoffert/Bailey Labs, will be conducting and observing more genre specific gatherings. For example, The Paranoia Research Institute, will be running a Come as your favorite X-File symposium during which researchers will observe how creatively paranoid OryCon 19 members can be (while watching a favorite X-Files episode).

If any of the above events interest you, please consult your pocket program and the daily 'zine for the event time and report to the video viewing room.

Smart little test subjects will be rewarded.


Sean Prescott

Let's face it, volunteering isn't the most favorite thing to do. I mean, think of all those other people that should be volunteering instead of you........WELL, Guess what???? They all think the same thing. Just think of the committee. You see, even with the knowledge that they will not get monetarily reimbursed they still donate their time and experience to the Con. Everyone from the Chairperson/President to the lowly shlep who runs the Volunteer Table... (hey wait a minute... oh well, you get the point).

Okay, I know, what could I possibly say that would get you up off your hiney and come on down to the Volunteer Table and lend a hand when you have so many other things planned to do during the Con?????? Well, you're right, I don't think there is anything I can say that would inspire that kind of reaction. So how about this instead... come help the con, before it starts and after it's over... that's right, usually the help we need most is in "setup" and "tear down". Oh sure, we need help during the con also, especially if you know anything about sound systems or lighting. Maybe you know how to cashier or just want to lend a hand setting up food. There's all sorts of things that need doing during the con, but if you just can't break away from that great panel, or reading, or are finding yourself lost in the throes of ecstasy looking at all the merchandise or art work, or are just trying to take a break before your next costume change; well then, think of helping out with "setup" or "tear down" (at the beginning and end of the Con).

Setup occurs Thursday night and usually lasts until 10pm. Tear down is Sunday, right after the Con, and can last until 9-10pm.

Where Were You In 1979? (Part Two)

Below is the list of people that our records show as having been to all 18 previous OryCons. Please let us know if you aren't on the list and feel you should be. Records aren't always perfect, and we already know there were some problems with the 1995 database.

John Andrews, Sonny Crockett, Debbie Cross, James Fiscus, Hahn, Susan Hanks, Jamie Hunger, Ken Johnson, Keith Lofstrom, David Lohkamp, John Lorentz, Bill Madera, Donna McMahon, Barbara Oldham, Jim Oliver, Jim Pilcher, Kathy Stewart, Martha Todd-Prather, Fred Torck, Dick Trtek, Bryce Walden, Thom Walls, Marc Wells, Patty Wells, Pamela Wilsonsage, Joyce Zimmerschied

We haven't heard yet from these veterans: Chuck Leon, Gary D. Page, Michael Pearce, Anthony Pryor and Sue Renhard.

Writers' Workshop

John C. Bunnell

Once again OryCon will offer a traditional Clarion-style writers' workshop where participants are matched with professional guests in small groups, so that careful attention can be given to critiquing each manuscript. As with last year's workshop, we also intend to provide participants with valuable resource packets containing marketing and manuscript preparation tips.

This year's workshop is limited to short stories not exceeding 7,500 words (30 manuscript pages). Submissions should follow professional manuscript format -- double-spacing, non-proportional type, one-inch margins.

You must be a registered member of OryCon 19 to participate in the workshop, and manuscripts must be submitted prior to the convention so that we can match and distribute the stories. Our deadline for receiving submissions for this year's OryCon is Oct. 1. (Note that this is extended from the previously announced Sept. 15 deadline.)

Participants may submit only one (1) manuscript. To submit, send one (1) copy of the manuscript, a fee of $7.50 to cover copying and mailing costs (make checks payable to OryCon 19) and the form below to:

John C. Bunnell
OryCon 19 Writers' Workshop
6663 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. #326
Portland, OR 97225-1403
(503) 292-8559
E-mail: JCBunnell@sff.net


Name ____________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________

City/State/ZIP __________________________________________________

Phone # _________________________________________________________

Badge # (if known) ______________________________________________

The answers to the following questions will help us place your
submission in an appropriate critiquing panel.

About how many convention writers' workshops have you attended?

        0       1-2     3-5     6+

About how many short stories have you had professionally published?

        0       1-2     3-5     6+  

Are you a member of an ongoing critique group?

        Y       N

Art Show

Lacey Axmaker

The Art Show is sold out, but let me know if you wish to be on the waiting list. This year, the art show will be awarding plaques for Best of Show and a Grand Prize award.

This year, I have an assistant, Melvin Krehbiel, and we would really appreciate any help that you have to offer (be sure to sign up at the Volunteer Table too). The Art Show web site is part of my personal site at: http://www.geocities.com/area51/dimension/5486/.

List of Artists:

Rob Alexander                Elizabeth Hail               Cheryl M Nordgulen
Bryn Barnard                 Sherry Hanson-Lewis          Margaret Organ-Kean
Dan Bergrenn                 Mary Hanson-Roberts          Anatoly Paseka
Betty Bigelow                Ashley J Harper              Ray Pelley
Janet Borkowski              Holly Haus                   Louise Perenne
Adrian Bourne                Lisa Hellie                  L.W. Perkins
Elizabeth Bourne             Richard Hescox               Redhawk
Jackie Boutin                Illinois Valley High School  Joyce Reynolds-Ward
Kev Brockschmidt             Eleanor Johnson              Roberta Rice
Heather Bruton               K A Johnson                  Margaret Richardson
April Bullard                Angela Jones                 Jennie A Roller
Gail Butler                  Meghan Lancaster             Ralph J Ryan
Joann Chennault              Durlyn Larson                Rob Schouten
Alan M Clark                 Windy Lewis                  Lee Seed
James Stanley Daugherty      Monika Livingstone           Lisa Snellings
Lela Dowling                 Matt Louthan                 Debra Stansbury
Milo Duke                    Lubov                        Susan Stejskal
Jacqualynn Duram Nilsson     Frank Lurz                   Jeff Sturgeon
Kerry Edmondson              Charles Martel               Gloria Swiech
Jeanie Falter                Julie McGalliard             Ruth Timmons
John R Foster                Shauna McKain-Storey         Robert Trahan
Katie Goebel                 Linda Michaels               Tammy Tripp
John R Gray                  Kamilla Z Milller            Susan Van Camp
David & Lara Green           Elissa Mitchell              Tammie Vaughn
Robert Griffiths             Kirk Morford                 Claudette M. Wagner
Alan Gutierrez               Betsy Mott                   Philip P. Wagner

Fanthorpe Open Mike

Debbie Cross and Paul Wrigley

Once again there will be a "Fanthorpe" event. Debbie says it's time to share the glory and will emcee an open mike. Bring your favorite excerpts, maybe find a couple new ones (limited to actual Fanthorpe material) and share them. If you don't have your own, but still want to participate, quotes will be provided. Each reader will be limited to 5 minutes. Even if you don't want to read, come and enjoy the show Friday evening at 9pm in the Klamath Room.


Weapons Policy

The carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

In case this was not clear, no guns, blasters, swords, knives, spitwads, flame throwers, nuclear or non-nuclear devices, squirt guns, slingshots, peashooters, rubber bands, or unpleasant-looking devices are allowed. Keep them in your room. Period.


Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the day care. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to the day care and the parents billed. Children 5 and under will still be admitted free to the convention.

Children 6 to 12 are admitted at half the adult price, and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. However if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision or in the day care.

The Portland Science Fiction Society

What do Steven Barnes, Adrienne Martine-Barnes, Sonia Orin Lyris, Mary Rosenblum, Steve Perry, Karen Rodland, Mark Bourne, Ed Edmo, Cecilia Eng, Robert Sheckley and Ursula K. LeGuin have in common? They've all been featured speakers at the Portland Science Fiction Society. What's been missing is you. WHAT IS THE PORTLAND SCIENCE FICTION SOCIETY? A group of science fiction fans who meet at least once a month for a "mini-convention" of like-minded readers and fans of science fiction. A group that likes science fiction films, music and a lot of really strange things, unlike your mundane friends and relatives. A group with which you can let yourself go, a group that usually has someone who is knowledgeable about something or everything. A group where you can share your opinions of that really awful science fiction movie you saw last week. A group that probably shares your unnatural desires towards chocolate and ice cream. A group that is open minded, always looking for new members, and a good time. For information contact: (503) 797-2679 or visit our web page at: http://porsfis.cjb.net.


Your Progress Report designer was Carl Bergwall. Cover and header art is Copyright © 1997 by Nancy Wirsig McClure. Edited by D. Scott Koenig and R. Emmet Verde. A.P. Stylebook consultant Siefert A. Parenti. All other material Copyright © 1997 Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI)

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