What's New (last updated January 7, 1999)

The Convention is Over...

... but the web page lingers on. For a link to this year's convention, see http://www.orycon.org/.

We still have OryCon 20 T-shirts available for purchase. The front features artwork from OryCon 20's Artist Guest of Honor, Alan M. Clark, and the back features a "tour listing" of all 20 OryCons. For more information and to place your order, please see http://www.spiritone.com/~jlorentz/shirts/.

Basic Information

Join us as we celebrate two decades of OryCon! OryCon offers programming, workshops, small group discussions, an art show, a dealers' room (which is already sold out, but we are starting a waiting list), filking, dances, gaming, the Susan Petrey Scholarship auction, and much more! (If you'd like to get a taste of what our conventions are like, check out the OryCon 19 home page with information and pictures from last year's con. Also the list of lost and found items left over after the con...)

Hotel News

NEW: The Doubletree Columbia River hotel is full (although it can't hurt to call the hotel, because rooms do become available from time to time). As of October 15th, the following nearby hotels have rooms available:
  • Oxford Suites hotel
    Location: Across the street from the Doubletree Jantzen Beach, about three blocks from OryCon.
    Price: $86/night plus 9% tax for two people, includes breakfast and "hosted evening reception".
    Phone: 503-283-3030 or 1-800-548-7848.
  • Best Western Inn at the Meadows
    Location: At the Delta Park exit off of Interstate 5 (exit 306), about 1 mile from OryCon.
    Price: $85/night plus 9% tax, includes breakfast and free airport shuttle.
    Phone: 503-286-9600 or 1-800-528-1234.
  • Delta Inn (answers the phone as "Days Inn Portland North")
    Location: At the Delta Park exit off of Interstate 5 (exit 306), about 1 mile from OryCon.
    Price: $65/night plus 9% tax for two people, includes free continental breakfast and airport shuttle.
    Phone: 503-289-1800 or 1-800-833-1800 (Days Inn national number is 1-800-329-7466).

Guests of Honor

  • Writer Guest of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold
  • Artist Guest of Honor: Alan Clark
  • Editor Guest of Honor: Ellen Asher (Editor of the SF Book Club)
  • Returning Guests of Honor: David Langford and Howard Waldrop
  • Special Guest: Robert Lionel Fanthorpe
  • Special Susan C. Petrey Guest: Kathe Koja
  • Friends of Filk Guest: Michael Longcor

    (For more information on these people, please see Progress Report #2.)

    BAD NEWS: Robert Lionel Fanthorpe will not be able to attend!


  • Memberships in OryCon 20 cost $45 at the door.
  • NEW: Mailed membership payments are no longer being accepted, and we are not set up to take credit cards over the telephone.
  • At-the-door memberships will likely sell out Thursday or Friday. Approximately 150 at-the-door memberships will be available.
  • Children who will be 6-12 at the time of the convention are half price. Children 5 and under at the time of the convention are free. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a membership.
  • Anyone who has attended all of the previous OryCons will receive a free membership to OryCon 20. (You've earned it!)
  • NEW: Memberships are no longer available at Wrigley-Cross Books or Future Dreams.
  • Memberships can be transferred to another person for free; a signed note from the original holder of the membership is required as proof of transfer.
  • Because of space limitations at the hotel, memberships will be limited to a total of 1600. Once we've sold that many, we'll start turning people away at the door. So get your memberships early! Click here for a graph (12K GIF file) showing how many memberships we've sold so far.
  • NEW: Because we expect to sell out during the convention, no one-day memberships will be sold.
  • If you're wondering if you have your membership yet, you can search our current membership list.

On-Line Publications

Who's Coming?

How to Contact Us

  • Internet: jlorentz@spiritone.com
  • Postal: OryCon 20, PO Box 5703, Portland, Oregon 97228
  • Telephone: (503) 283-0802

Join the orycon-l Mailing List

We now have an e-mail mailing list, orycon-l, which is open to all OryCon members for discussion of issues related to OryCon. Click here for more information.

Art Show News

At this year's Art Show, there will be no direct sales on Friday, or after we close for the auction on Sunday. Please contact Lacey Axmaker at laceyax@bigfoot.com or through the P.O. Box for more details.

Opening Ceremonies -- Help Wanted

Do you have talent? Would you like to be a member of a well-organized troupe? Would you like to be envied and admired by your peers? Then we don't want you! (Sorry.) We're the Not Quite Ready for Sidereal Time Players -- our only requirement is enthusiasm! Join us, please (pretty please? With sugar on top?). If you have a silver lame' jumpsuit, we especially want you!

Contact us at shade_obeyon@hotmail.com or via the OryCon 20 address. Information on the upcoming "Cattle Call" (no mooing, please) will be in Progress Report #2 and on the web site. Thank you --

Debra Stansbury, Opening Ceremonies

You Can Help!

Anyone who is interested in helping to run OryCon 20 is welcome to attend our committee meetings. We still need many folks to work on the convention, at whatever level you'd like -- especially now that OryCon is almost as large as Westercon. Additionally, this year we're borrowing from Westercon and adding a "staff level" in between the usual "committee" and "volunteer" levels. This is ideal for someone who knows they want to work on the convention but aren't comfortable or experienced enough to be the person in charge of a department.

Future meeting dates are as follows:

11/08/98 -- Meeting at hotel. Last meeting before convention.
12/11/98 -- Wrap-up Meeting (assuming Smofcon is Dec 4-6).
For more information, or if you're interested in volunteering, please contact John Lorentz at jlorentz@spiritone.com or (503)283-0802.

OryCon 20 is a production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.

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