OryCon 20 Pocket Program

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This pocket program was a collaborative production by John Lorentz and Ruth Sachter who wrestled Helen Umberger's program schedule, Chuck Leon's video schedule, Karl Krehbiel's gaming schedule, and David Levine's maps and Restaurant & Services Guide into this format. Cover design by Nancy Wirsig McClure. Next year you can make OryCon 21 Chair Helen Umberger's life easier by volunteering to take charge of this publication!

Copyright © 1998 by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc.

Some Useful Information

OryCon fills all available space here at the Columbia River; we keep asking the hotel to expand but no luck so far.

You have this in hand so you must have already found Registration in the lobby along with Volunteers, Artifacts, Information, and Fan Tables. Here's a basic guide to the rest: you'll find the Dealers Room, Autograph table, and most Programming upstairs; the Art Show and Gaming downstairs; the Riverview Ballroom (events, dances & small group programming) on the lobby level past the Coffee Garden; the Quiet Bar off the lobby near the elevator; and all the rest in the Interstate Wing: Green Room (Eisenhower Suite), Writers Workshop (Room 408), Hospitality (Kennedy Suite), Fan Lounge (Mount Hood Suite), Con Office (Tualatin), Video (Umpqua), Internet Café (Wallowa), and Readings (Nestucca). See the map on page ? (there'll be a quiz at the end...).

During the day, the Riverview Ballroom is used for multiple small group discussions, demos, etc. Since space for each is limited, we request that you sign up in advance in the Green Room starting Friday. (When the Green Room is closed, the Office will have the lists.)

The Office is also the place for after-hours Registration, Child Care registration and scrip, Lost & Found, Open Party Registration, Masquerade Registration, submissions for the Daily Zine, and everything else not otherwise accounted for.


12:00 PM Friday

Santiam The Future of Books

James Bryant, Chris Bunch, Elton T. Elliott, Dave Howell, Bruce Taylor

1:00 PM Friday

Klamath Turkey Readings "It Came from the Slush Pile"

Clifton Amsbury, Janice Gelb, Bruce Taylor

Santiam Favorite Non-Superhero Comics

Judy Lazar, David Lohkamp, Edd Vick

Wilson Using Horses in Fiction

Ellen Asher, John De Camp, ElizaBeth Gilligan, Loren Joseph MacGregor

2:00 PM Friday

Klamath Good Space Opera: Is There Such a Thing?

John De Camp, Loren Joseph MacGregor, Lois McMaster Bujold, Todd J. McCaffrey

Santiam I'm an Actor, Not a Seamstress: Masquerade Presentation

Betty Bigelow, Joy Day, jan howard finder

Wilson Millennium Fever: Apocalypse Now?

James Fiscus, Kathy Ice, Michael Rice, Michael Scanlon, Glenn Slate

Nehalem Introduction to Filk

John Bunnell, Jordin T. Kare

Nestucca Reading: Adrienne Martine-Barnes

Fan Lounge Disastercons: Legends & Lessons

Clifton Amsbury, Patty Wells, Theo Williams, Ben Yalow

3:00 PM Friday

Klamath The Ethics of Euthanasia

Betty Bigelow, Andrew Nisbet III, Chuq Von Rospach, Glenn Slate

Santiam A Paintbrush in the Door: The Artist/Editor Relationship

Rob Alexander, Alan M. Clark, Heather Hudson, Janna Silverstein

Wilson What's New at Del Ray

Steve Saffel

Nehalem Don't Just Dodge the Slush Pile: Getting Past the First Reader

Chris Bunch, Denise Lopes Heald, Peter Morwood, John Pelan, Honna Swenson, Patrick J. Swenson

Autographs Nina Kiriki Hoffman-3 pm

Bruce Taylor-3:30 pm

4:00 PM Friday

Klamath Reconciling Religion & Science

Clifton Amsbury, Margaret Forsythe, Richard A. Lovett, Andrew Nisbet III

Santiam Is Privacy Possible in the Internet Age?

John Bunnell, James Fiscus, Dave Howell, Laura A. Majerus, Michael Walsh

Wilson What's New at Tor

Claire Eddy, James Minz

Nehalem American Splatter: What's So Entertaining About Violence?

Kij Johnson, Stephani Danelle Perry

Nestucca Readings:Honna Swenson-4 pm

Louise Marley-4:30 pm

Autographs Patrick J. Swenson-4:30 pm

5:00 PM Friday

Klamath Does Fantasy Need to Be Historically Accurate?

Ellen Asher, ElizaBeth Gilligan, Lois McMaster Bujold, Irene Radford

Santiam Kathe Koje: Interview

Ed Bryant interviews Kathe Koja

Wilson Adding Religion to the Story

P.C. Hodgell, Kathy Ice, Leslie What

Nehalem The Future of Money (The World of One Card, When There Is No Cash)

Dave Howell, Loren Joseph MacGregor, Donna McMahon, Michael Rice

Nestucca Readings: Kij Johnson-5 pm

Bruce Taylor-5:30 pm

Fan Lounge Twenty Years of Uproar-Fanzines of the Seventies by Dave Langford

Autographs Chris Bunch-5 pm, Steven Barnes

6:00 PM Friday

Klamath Toy Wind-up (SF and Comic Toys) [until to 8 pm]

J. Steven York

Santiam Filking: Programming

Wilson Filking: Programming

Nehalem Aging Populations in First World Countries (When Everyone Is Old)

Pauline Cramer, Norm Hartman, Sonia Orin Lyris, Todd J. McCaffrey

Nestucca Readings: Irene Radford-6 pm

Honna Swenson-6:30 pm

7:00 PM Friday

Santiam Filking

Wilson Filking

Nehalem Ethics, Copyrights, and Contracts: How Not to Get Sued

Rob Alexander, Gail Butler, Philip R. Obermarck, Margaret Organ-Kean, Elayne Pelz

Nestucca Readings: Ru Emerson-7 pm

Chris York-7:30 pm

7:30 PM Friday

Riverview Opening Ceremonies: The Not-Ready-for-Sidereal- Time Players present: Ellen Asher, Alan M. Clark, Kathe Koja, Dave Langford, Michael Longcor, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Howard Waldrop

8:00 PM Friday

Klamath Babylon 5 in Retrospect: Triumph, Flawed Masterpiece, or Nonsense?

Elton T. Elliott, Hugh S. Gregory, J. Steven York


Wilson Filking [continues until 4 am]

Nehalem Cardinal Richelieu Revisited-The Priest in Literature

Ru Emerson, ElizaBeth Gilligan, Irene Radford

8:30 PM Friday

Riverview Concert: Crooked Mile

Barbara Denz, David Denz

9:00 PM Friday

Klamath Filking: Concerts [filking continues to 4 am]

Nehalem Readings from the Works of Lionel Fanthorpe

Debbie Cross

9:30 PM Friday

Riverview Dance [continues to 3:30 am]

10:00 PM Friday

Nehalem Introduction to Live Action Role Playing

Kwei Cee Chu, Patrick S. Lasswell

11:00 PM Friday

Nehalem Character Development in Gothic Fiction

Kwei Cee Chu, Patrick S. Lasswell

12:00 AM Friday

Nehalem Pagan Circle

Theo Williams

Nestucca Midnight Horror Reading

James C. Glass, Kij Johnson, Stephani Danelle Perry, Anthony Pryor-Brown

1:00 AM Friday

Nehalem Changeling (faerie) Court


9:00 AM Saturday

Riverview Tai Chi with Steve Barnes

9:30 AM Saturday

Klamath Christian Fandom [until 11 am]

Margaret Forsythe

Nestucca Reading: Robert Sheckley

10:00 AM Saturday

Santiam Converting the Military-Industrial Complex to Space

Hugh S. Gregory, Marilyn Holt, Jordin T. Kare, Bart Kemper, Brian Noller, Shane Sauby

Wilson The Transformative Power of Art

Kathe Koja, Rick Lieder, Roberta Rice, Leonardo D. Rufo

Nehalem Gems & Minerals (Kids Programming Demo)

Geri Jeter

Nestucca Readings: Mark Bourne-10 am, Steve Perry-10:30

Autographs John G. Cramer-10 am, Michael Scanlon-10:30

11:00 AM Saturday

Klamath How to Kill Off Characters

Tara Harper, Louise Marley, Lois McMaster Bujold, Ray Vukcevich, Sara Wrench

Santiam Cold Fusion & Other Free Energy Futures

John G. Cramer, Elton T. Elliott, Norm Hartman, Bart Kemper

Wilson Historical Costuming

Bridget Landry, Lauryn Cone MacGregor, Pippin Sardo, Susan Taubeneck, Julie Zetterberg

Nehalem "Imagination Fully Dilated"-Artist Guest of Honor Alan M. Clark

Riverview Small group discussions, demos, workshops, etc.- limited capacity-advance sign-up in Green Room.

Stage History of Japanese Kimonos

Debbie Strub

R1 Anime: Is It a Geographic or a Thematic Definition?

Fred Patten

R2 Theory of Color Mechanics-Draw a Dragon

Gail Butler

R3 Neo-Paganism: Ancient Wisdom or Wishful Thinking

David Lohkamp, Louise Nelson

R4 Art workshop with Rob Alexander-Watercolours

Rob Alexander

Nestucca Readings: Jim Fiscus-11 am

Nina Kiriki Hoffman-11:30 am

Fan Lounge Amateur Press Associations (APA's)

David Bratman, Elinor Busby, Janice Gelb

Autographs P.C. Hodgell-11 am/Bruce Holland Rogers-11:30

12:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Combat Scenes for Couch Potatoes or How to Fake Your Characters' Fights

Steve Barnes, Chris Bunch, Dan Duval, Stephani Danelle Perry, Steve Saffel

Santiam Full-Time Freelancing: Dangers & Rewards

Barbara Denz, Tara Harper, Kij Johnson, Kathe Koja, Howard Waldrop

Wilson Ask Dr. Genius: Ad-Lib Answers to Audience Questions

Howard Davidson, Norm Hartman, Guy Letourneau, David Levine, Cyn Mason, Mike Moscoe

Nehalem Historical Fiction

Margaret Forsythe, K.W. Jeter, Louise Marley, Roberta Rice, Elisabeth Waters, Sara Wrench

Riverview [Remember to sign-up in Green Room]

Stage Movement in Costume-Why Does My Cape Just Hang There?

jan howard finder, Louise Nelson, Pippin Sardo, Julie Zetterberg

R1 Alkyd Painting Demo: Synthetic Oil

Adrian Bourne

R2 Costuming: Making Simple Buckram Hats

Lauryn Cone MacGregor

R3 Writing for Fun and Profit with Robert Hale

R4 Art: Window on the Soul (Your Emotional Investment in Your Art)

Joy Day

Quiet Bar ASFA Meeting

Margaret Organ-Kean

Nestucca Reading: Denise Lopes Heald

Autographs Chris York-Noon, Robert Sheckley-Noon, Steven R. Boyett-12:30 pm

1:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Send in the Clones: The Ethics of Biotech

Ellen Asher, Marcia Goldoff, Sonia Orin Lyris, Lois McMaster Bujold, Jerry Oltion, Shane Sauby

Santiam Linguistics a la Dolittle: Talking to the Aliens (or Animals)

Jean Lamb

Wilson Constructing a Consistent Ethnography

Margaret Forsythe, Kij Johnson, Anthony Pryor-Brown, Amy Thomson

Nehalem Electronic Fanac: Usenet and Other Time-sinks

Dan Duval, Janice Gelb, Ben Yalow

Riverview [Remember to sign-up in the Green Room]

Stage Costuming: Troubleshooting Problem Costumes

Louise Nelson, Pippin Sardo

R1 Origami For Kids

Susan Walsh

R2 Computing with Rocks

Guy Letourneau

R3 Writing Short stories with Bruce Holland Rogers

Bruce Holland Rogers

R4 Comics: How to start an Independent Comic Company

Edd Vick, Donna Barr

Nestucca Reading: Alan M. Clark

Fan Lounge Fannish History: Archive & Anecdotes

Clifton Amsbury, Jerry Kaufman, Fred Patten, Suzle Tompkins

Autographs Deborah Wheeler-1 pm, Patty Briggs-1 pm

Ru Emerson-1:30 pm

2:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Chicks in Chainmail: Comedy vs. Accuracy

Ellen Asher, Steve Barnes, Mark Bourne, Tara Harper, Cyn Mason

Santiam Reading: Lois McMaster Bujold

Wilson Loss of Literary Diversity in the Marketplace

John Bunnell, Molly Gloss, James Minz, Steve Saffel, Ray Vukcevich

Nehalem Flesh Eating Microbes, Etc.: Plagues to Watch For

Dan Duval, Marcia Goldoff, Judy Lazar, Peter Morwood

Riverview [Remember to sign-up in the Green Room]

R1 Meet Bobby Bandura-hands on demo for kids of all ages

Roy Torley

R2 How to create a Fabric Boa with Betty Bigelow

R3 Pagan Zine Publishing-Perils & Pleasures

Jerry Kaufman

R4 The Art of Massage with Tom Whitmore

Tom Whitmore

Quiet Bar SF & Fantasy Poetry: Whys & Wherefores

Blythe Ayne, John De Camp, Judy L. Tucker

Nestucca Readings: James C. Glass-2 pm, K.W. Jeter-2:30

Autographs Kathe Koja-2 pm, Steve Perry-2:30 pm

3:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Dave Langford: GOH Interview

Geri Sullivan reveals the true Dave Langford

Santiam Xena and Hercules: What's the Attraction?

Ru Emerson, David Lohkamp, Steve Saffel, Michael Walsh

Wilson Science of Architecture

Bart Kemper, Donna McMahon, Michael Rice

Nehalem Screenwriting: Beating the Odds

Steve Barnes, Steven R. Boyett, Chris Bunch, Diane Duane, Steve Perry

Riverview [Remember to sign-up in the Green Room]

R1 Demo Tips & Techniques of Modeling & Miniature Work

Leonardo D. Rufo

R2 Using Feminist Themes

Lisa Swallow

R3 First Novels: The Road to the Editor's Desk

Bridget McKenna, Shelly Shapiro

R4 Birth of a Magic Card-Overview of Design Process

Heather Hudson

Quiet Bar HWA Meeting

Brian Noller

Nestucca Readings: P.C. Hodgell-3 pm, Jerry Oltion-3:30

Green Rm. Sketch a Novel in an Hour with Chris York [90 min. total; advance sign-up in the Green Room]

Fan Lounge Writing for Free: The Zine-Writer's Mindset

Jerry Kaufman, Jean Lamb, David Levine

Autographs Howard Waldrop

Willamette Alan Clark Autograph Session in the Art Show

4:00 PM Saturday

Santiam Jam in the Key of C

Heather Alexander, David Denz, Meryle Korn, Michael Longcor

Wilson How to Steal Tech Support From Your Friends

Janice Gelb, Sonia Orin Lyris, James Minz, Steven Oliver

Nehalem Inclusive Language: Thoughtful Writing or PC Nonsense?

Adrienne Martine-Barnes, Steve Perry, Robert Sheckley, Lisa Swallow, Amy Thomson, Elisabeth Waters

Quiet Bar Clarion Meeting

Kathe Koja

Nestucca Riddles in the Dark from The Hobbit (members age 6 and up!)

jan howard finder

Autographs Dave Langford

4:30 PM Saturday

Klamath Susan C. Petrey Fund Auction [until 6:30 pm]

5:00 PM Saturday

Santiam How to Give Good Critique

Blythe Ayne, Jerry Oltion, Mary Rosenblum, Shelly Shapiro, Cynthia Ward

Wilson Liar's Panel: The Real Secrets of Getting Published

Diane Duane, Bruce Holland Rogers, John Pelan, Janna Silverstein, Tom Whitmore, J. Steven York

Nehalem Microsoft Conspiracy Theories: What Bill Gates is Really Up To

Frank Catalano, Howard Davidson, Janice Gelb, Todd J. McCaffrey, Brian Noller

Nestucca Filking: The History of the Ukrainian Bandura

Joan Gaustad, Roy Torley

Fan Lounge Does Fandom Need Affirmative Action

Steve Forty, Mary Kay Kare, Theo Williams, Ben Yalow

Autographs Lois McMaster Bujold-First Autograph Session

6:00 PM Saturday

Santiam Living with Editors: Rewrite Requests & Other Hazards

Robert Hale, John Pelan, Stephani Danelle Perry, Patrick J. Swenson, Leslie What

Wilson Teach Me, Obi-Wan: Where to Learn to Write

James C. Glass, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Bridget McKenna, Steve Perry, Mary Rosenblum

Nehalem Flame-Free Newsgroups: Fantasy or Achievable Ideal

Chris Ambler, Anthony Pryor-Brown, Chuq Von Rospach, Judy L. Tucker, Ben Yalow

Nestucca Readings: Steven R. Boyett-6 pm

Molly Gloss-6:30 pm

Autographs Denise Lopes Heald-6 pm, Mike Moscoe-6:30 pm

7:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Lois McMaster Bujold: GOH Interview

Mark Bourne interviews Lois McMaster Bujold

Santiam Filking

Wilson Filking

Nehalem Games Women Will Play, What Women Want

Kwei Cee Chu, Kij Johnson

Nestucca Readings: Patty Briggs-7 pm

Bruce Holland Rogers-7:30 pm

8:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Boffers with Sonia Orin Lyris and Glenn Slate

Sonia Orin Lyris, Glenn Slate


Wilson Filking [continues to 4 am]

Nehalem Erotic Horror or Soft-Core Blood Sucking

Patty Briggs, Ed Bryant, Tananarive Due, Lisa Swallow, Leslie What

Riverview Masquerade

9:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Boffers Part Two-Now You Have Experience

Sonia Orin Lyris, Glenn Slate

Nehalem Favorite Vampire Stories Not Written by Anne Rice

David Bratman, Ed Bryant, Patty Briggs, Tananarive Due, Sara Wrench

Riverview Concert: Michael Longcor [after Masq. finishes]

Willamette Explaining My Art by Alan Clark

(in the Art Show)

10:00 PM Saturday

Klamath Whose Line is It Anyway? [continues to Midnight]

Mark Bourne, David Levine, Edward Martin III, Peter Morwood, Marc Wells

Riverview Dance [continues to 3:30 am]

Nestucca Reading: Jean Lamb

11:00 PM Saturday

Nehalem Filking [continues to 4 am]

12:00 AM Saturday

Klamath Camarilla Conclave [continues to 2 am]

Nestucca Midnight Horror Reading

Adrian Bourne, Alan M. Clark, John Pelan, Honna Swenson

2:00 AM Saturday

Klamath Filking: Concerts [until 4 am]

Sunday November 15, 1998

9:00 AM Sunday

Nehalem Masquerade Wrap-up Meeting

9:30 AM Sunday

Riverview Tai Chi with Steven Barnes [until 10:30 am]

10:00 AM Sunday

Klamath B5 Fan Group Meeting

Santiam Dance Class: Regency, English country...

Pippin Sardo

Wilson Polyamory Discussion

Nancy Wirsig McClure, Theresa Reed

Nehalem Tapping the Creative Well: Strange & Unexpected Inspirations

Alan M. Clark, Heather Hudson, Margaret Organ-Kean

Nestucca Readings: Michael Scanlon-10 am

Edd Vick-10:30 am

11:00 AM Sunday

Klamath Mars Pathfinder Video and Slide Show with Bridget Landry

Santiam Hidden Gems: Unsung Books and Authors

John Bunnell, K.W. Jeter, Jerry Kaufman, Louise Nelson, Amy Thomson, Cynthia Ward, Tom Whitmore

Wilson Taxes for Authors and Artists: See the IRS Outside An Audit

Cyn Mason

Nehalem Maintaining Scientific Literacy

David Levine, Mike Moscoe, Shane Sauby, Laurie Sefton

Riverview Concert: Heather Alexander

Nestucca Lecture-Building the Russian Space Shuttle with Hugh Gregory

Fan Lounge Encyclopedia of Fantasy Quiz

Dave Langford and selected volunteers

Autographs Lois McMaster Bujold: Second Autograph Session

12:00 PM Sunday

Klamath Plagues, Pathogens, Killer Viruses: A Lecture Not for the Faint of Heart

Marcia Goldoff

Santiam Not with a Bang (Or: Choose Your Own Doomsday Scenario)

John G. Cramer, Norm Hartman, Patrick S. Lasswell, Peter Morwood

Wilson E-rights, When and When Not to Sell

James Fiscus, Bruce Holland Rogers, Dave Howell, Laura A. Majerus, Steve Saffel

Nehalem Bad SF Movies You Love to Watch

Denise Lopes Heald, Suzle Tompkins, Howard Waldrop, Michael Walsh

Nestucca Storytelling Session:Tara Harper-Noon,

Reading: Mike Moscoe-12:30 pm

Fan Lounge When I was Your Age

Clifton Amsbury, David Clark, Anthony Pryor-Brown, Amy Thomson

Autographs Irene Radford-Noon, Louise Marley-12:30 pm

12:30 PM Sunday

Riverview Art Show Auction [until 2 pm]

Auctioneers: Betty Bigelow & jan howard finder

1:00 PM Sunday

Klamath Live Thog's Masterclass (as featured in Ansible): GOH Presentation by Dave Langford)

Santiam Keeping up with Trends: Is Alternate History Passé Yet in this Dimension?

Jean Lamb, Bruce Taylor, Howard Waldrop, Sara Wrench

Wilson We Don't Use Scalpels Anymore: Tomorrow's Medicine

Marcia Goldoff, Tara Harper, Steven Oliver, Shane Sauby

Nehalem Is There a Book Doctor in the House?

Kathy Ice, James Minz, Steve Saffel, Leslie What

Riverview Art Auction [continues]

Auctioneers: Betty Bigelow & jan howard finder

Nestucca Readings: John G. Cramer-1 pm

ElizaBeth Gilligan-1:30 pm

Autographs Mary Rosenblum-1:30 pm

2:00 PM Sunday

Klamath Ellen Asher: GOH Interview

Janna Silverstein compels Ellen Asher to reveal all

Santiam The Ring of Fire: When Will it Wake Up?

Margaret Forsythe, Roy Torley

Wilson Onions & Orchids: Improvements for Next Year

Nehalem Funding Hard Science--What Will it Cost Us If We Don't?

John G. Cramer, Howard Davidson, Bridget Landry, Judy Lazar

Nestucca Readings: Steven Barnes-2 pm

Elizabeth Waters-2:30 pm

Fan Lounge Worldcons for the New Millenium

Dave Howell, Kevin Standlee, Ben Yalow

Autographs Amy Thomson-2 pm, Sara Wrench-2:30 pm

3:00 PM Sunday

Klamath Howard Waldrop Reading: Not to Be Missed!!!

Santiam SF/F as Social Commentary: Books with Agendas

Pauline Cramer, John Dalmas, Dan Duval

Wilson Game Design 101

Greg Gorden, Heather Hudson, Anthony Pryor-Brown

Nehalem Herbs are Chemicals Too: The Science Behind Folk Medicine

Richard A. Lovett, Louise Marley, Mari-el Mor, Laurie Sefton, Amy Thomson

Nestucca Art Slide Show-Margaret Organ-Kean

Autographs James C. Glass-3 pm, Jerry Oltion-3:30 pm

4:00 PM Sunday

The end. Thanks for coming. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

Friday Schedule Grid

FRIDAY Riverview Klamath Santiam Wilson Nehalem Nestucca
NOON Future of Books
1PM Turkey
Hero Comics
Horses in
2PM Good Space
Intro to Filk Martine-Barnes
3PM Ethics of
What's new
at Del Rey
Don't Just
4PM Religion &
Internet age
What's new
at Tor
5PM Hist Accur
Kathe Koja
The Future
of Money
Kij Johnson
B. Taylor
6PM SF&Comic
H. Swenson




4 am
C. York
8PM Babylon 5







4 am

starts at

9:30 pm




3:30 am
10PM Intro to
11PM Char. Dev.
in Gothic
Midnight Pagan
1AM+ Changeling

FRIDAY Autograph Quiet Bar Fan
Dealers Art Show

Dealer Setup

Artist Check-In

2PM Disastercons

3PM N. Hoffman
P Swenson
5PM C.Bunch 20 Years of Uproar

Saturday Schedule Grid

SATURDAY Riverview Klamath Santiam Wilson Nehalem Nestucca
9AM Tai Chi
Christian Fandom Sheckley
10AM Mil.-Ind.
to Space
Power Art
Gems &
M. Bourne
Steve Perry
11AM Discussion

see text
for details
How to Kill
Off Charact
Cold Fusion
Other Energy
Imagin. Fully Fiscus
NOON Combat
Dr Genius
D.L. Heald
1PM Send in
2PM Chicks in
Bujold GOH
Flesh Eat
K.W. Jeter
3PM Langford
Xena &
Science of
J. Oltion
4PM Jam in the
Key of C
Tech Supp
Riddles in
the Dark…


5PM How to Give
Good Crit.
Liar's Panel Microsoft
6PM Living with
Where to
7PM Bujold




4 am
8PM Masquerade Boffers Erotic
9PM Longcor
Boffers Pt II Vampire

Whose Line
is it Anyway?
Filking J.Lamb
11PM Midnight
Midnight Camarilla


Filk After

SATURDAY Autograph Quiet Bar Fan Lounge Dealers Art Show
10AM Cramer


11AM Hodgell APAs
B. Rogers
NOON C. York, Sheckley ASFA Meeting
1PM Wheeler, Patty Briggs Fan History
1:30PM Emerson
2PM Kathe Koja SF Poetry
Steve Perry
3PM Howard Waldrop HWA
for Free
Alan Clark autograph
4PM David Langford Clarion

5PM Bujold Fandom Affirm Act
6PM Heald
9PM Alan Clark Present.

Sunday Schedule Grid

SUNDAY Riverview Klamath Santiam Wilson Nehalem Nestucca
9AM Masq. Wrap-up

Tai Chi
B5 Fan Meeting Dance
Tapping the
Edd Vick
11AM Heather
Taxes for
Scien Lit
Russian Space
NOON Plagues
Not with
a bang
E-rights Bad SF
Art Show
1PM Art Show
Live Thog's
2PM Art Show
Ellen Asher
The Ring
of Fire
Onions &
Fund. Hard
3PM Waldrop
SF/F as
Herbs are
Organ-Kean Slideshow

SUNDAY Autograph Quiet Bar Fan Lounge Dealers Art Show

11AM Bujold Encyclopedia

NOON Radford
2PM Thomson
3PM J. Glass Checkout & Sales
J. Oltion

OryCon 20 Program Participant Index

('A' = Autographing, 'AS' = Art Show, 'FL' = Fan Lounge, 'GR" = Green Room, 'K' = Klamath, 'Ne' = Nehalem, 'Nu' = Nestucca, 'QB' = Quiet Bar, 'R' = Riverside Room, 'S' = Santiam, 'W' = Wilson)


Asher, Ellen

Fri 1pm (W), Fri 5pm (K), Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 1pm (K), Sat 2pm (K), Sun 2pm (K)

Bujold, Lois McMaster

Fri 2pm (K), Fri 5pm (K), Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 11am (K), Sat 1pm (K), Sat 2pm (S), Sat 5pm (A), Sat 7pm (K), Sun 11am (A)

Clark, Alan M.

Fri 3pm (S), Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 11am (Ne), Sat 1pm (Nu), Sat 3pm (AS), Sat 9pm (AS), Sat 12am (Nu), Sun 10am (Ne)

Koja, Kathe

Fri 5pm (S), Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 10am (W), Sat 12pm (S), Sat 2pm (A), Sat 4pm (QB)

Langford, Dave

Fri 5pm (FL), Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 3pm (K), Sat 4pm (A), Sun 11am (FL), Sun 1pm (K)

Longcor, Michael

Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 4pm (S), Sat 9pm (R)

Waldrop, Howard

Fri 7:30pm (R), Sat 12pm (S), Sat 3pm (A), Sun 12pm (Ne), Sun 1pm (S), Sun 3pm (K)

Alexander, Heather Sat 4pm (S), Sun 11am (R)

Alexander,Rob Fri 3pm (S), Fri 7pm (Ne), Sat 11am (R4)

Ambler, Chris Sat 6pm (Ne)

Amsbury, Clifton Fri 1pm (K), Fri 2pm (FL), Fri 4pm (K), Sat 1pm (FL), Sun 12pm (FL)

Ayne, Blythe Sat 2pm (QB), Sat 5pm (S)

Barnes, Steve Fri 5pm (A), Sat 9am (R), Sat 12pm (K), Sat 2pm (K), Sat 3pm (Ne), Sun 9:30 am (R), Sun 2pm (Nu)

Barr, Donna Sat 1pm (R4)

Bigelow, Betty Fri 2pm (S), Fri 3pm (K), Sat 2pm (R2), Sun 12pm (R)

Bourne, Adrian Sat Midnight(Nu), Sat Noon(R1)

Bourne, Mark Sat 10am (Nu), Sat 2pm (K), Sat 7pm (K), Sat 10pm (K)

Boyett, Steven R. Sat 12:30pm (A), Sat 3pm (Ne), Sat 6pm (Nu)

Bratman, David Sat 11am (FL), Sat 9pm (Ne)

Briggs, Patty Sat 1pm (A), Sat 7pm (Nu), Sat 8pm (Ne), Sat 9pm (Ne)

Bryant, Ed Fri 5pm (S), Sat 8pm (Ne), Sat 9pm (Ne)

Bryant, James Fri 12pm (S)

Bunch, Chris Fri 12pm (S), Fri 3pm (Ne), Fri 5pm (A), Sat 12pm (K), Sat 3pm (Ne)

Bunnell, John Fri 2pm (Ne), Fri 4pm (S), Sat 2pm (W), Sun 11am (S)

Busby, Elinor Sat 11am (FL)

Butler, Gail Fri 7pm (Ne), Sat 11am (R2)

Catalano, Frank Sat 5pm (Ne)

Chu, Kwei Cee Fri 10pm (Ne), Fri 11pm (Ne), Sat 7pm (Ne)

Clark, David Sun 12pm (FL)

Cramer, John G. Sat 10am (A), Sat 11am (S), Sun 12pm (S), Sun 1pm (Nu), Sun 2pm (Ne)

Cramer, Pauline Fri 6pm (Ne), Sun 3pm (S)

Cross, Debbie Fri 9pm (Ne)

Dalmas, John Sun 3pm (S)

Davidson, Howard Sat 12pm (W), Sat 5pm (Ne), Sun 2pm (Ne)

Day, Joy Fri 2pm (S), Sat 12pm (R4)

De Camp, John Fri 1pm (W), Fri 2pm (K), Sat 2pm (QB)

Denz, Barbara Fri 8:30pm (R), Sat 12pm (S)

Denz, David Fri 8:30pm (R), Sat 4pm (S)

Duane, Diane Sat 3pm (Ne), Sat 5pm (W)

Due, Tananarive Sat 8pm (Ne), Sat 9pm (Ne)

Duval, Dan Sat 12pm (K), Sat 1pm (Ne), Sat 2pm (Ne), Sun 3pm (S)

Eddy, Claire Fri 4pm (W)

Elliott, Elton T. Fri 12pm (S), Fri 8pm (K), Sat 11am (S)

Emerson, Ru Fri 7pm (Nu), Fri 8pm (Ne), Sat 1:30pm (A), Sat 3pm (S)

finder, jan howard Fri 2pm (S), Sat 12pm (R/Stage), Sat 4pm (Nu)

Fiscus, James Fri 2pm (W), Fri 4pm (S), Sat 11am (Nu), Sun 12pm (W)

Forsythe, Margaret Fri 4pm (K), Sat 9:30 am (K), Sat 12pm (Ne), Sat 1pm (W), Sun 2pm (S)

Forty, Steve Sat 5pm (FL)

Gaustad, Joan Sat 5pm (Nu)

Gelb, Janice Fri 1pm (K), Sat 11am (FL), Sat 1pm (Ne), Sat 4pm (W), Sat 5pm (Ne)

Gilligan, ElizaBeth Fri 1pm (W), Fri 5pm (K), Fri 8pm (Ne), Sun 1pm (Nu)

Glass, James C. Fri 12am (Nu), Sat 2pm (Nu), Sat 6pm (W), Sun 3pm (A)

Gloss, Molly Sat 2pm (W), Sat 6pm (Nu)

Goldoff, Marcia Sat 1pm (K), Sat 2pm (Ne), Sun 12pm (K), Sun 1pm (W)

Gorden, Greg Sun 3pm (W)

Gregory, Hugh S. Fri 8pm (K), Sat 10am (S), Sun 11am (Nu)

Hale, Robert Sat 12pm (R3), Sat 6pm (S)

Harper, Tara Sat 11am (K), Sat 12pm (S), Sat 2pm (K), Sun 12pm (Nu), Sun 1pm (W)

Hartman, Norm Fri 6pm (Ne), Sat 11am (S), Sat 12pm (W), Sun 12pm (S)

Heald, Denise Lopes

Fri 3pm (Ne), Sat 12pm (Nu), Sat 6pm (A), Sun 12pm (Ne)

Hodgell, P.C. Fri 5pm (W), Sat 11am (A), Sat 3pm (Nu)

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki

Fri 3pm (A), Sat 11am (Nu), Sat 6pm (W)

Holland Rogers, Bruce

Sat 11:30am (A), Sat 1pm (R3), Sat 5pm (W), Sat 7pm (Nu), Sun 12pm (W)

Holt, Marilyn Sat 10am (S)

Howell, Dave Fri 12pm (S), Fri 4pm (S), Fri 5pm (Ne), Sun 12pm (W), Sun 2pm (FL)

Hudson, Heather Fri 3pm (S), Sat 3pm (R4), Sun 10am (Ne), Sun 3pm (W)

Ice, Kathy Fri 2pm (W), Fri 5pm (W), Sun 1pm (Ne)

Jeter, Geri Sat 10am (Ne)

Jeter, K.W. Sat 12pm (Ne), Sat 2pm (Nu), Sun 11am (S)

Johnson, Kij Fri 12am (Nu), Fri 4pm (Ne), Fri 5pm (Nu), Sat 12pm (S), Sat 1pm (W), Sat 7pm (Ne)

Kare, Jordin T. Fri 2pm (Ne), Sat 10am (S)

Kare, Mary Kay Sat 5pm (FL)

Kaufman, Jerry Sat 1pm (FL), Sat 2pm (R3), Sat 3pm (FL), Sun 11am (S)

Kemper, Bart Sat 10am (S), Sat 11am (S), Sat 3pm (W)

Korn, Meryle Sat 4pm (S)

Lamb, Jean Sat 1pm (S), Sat 3pm (FL), Sat 10pm (Nu), Sun 1pm (S)

Landry, Bridget Sat 11am (W), Sun 11am (K), Sun 2pm (Ne)

Lasswell, Patrick S. Fri 10pm (Ne), Fri 11pm (Ne), Sun 12pm (S)

Lazar, Judy Fri 1pm (S), Sat 2pm (Ne), Sun 2pm (Ne)

Letourneau, Guy Sat 12pm (W), Sat 1pm (R2)

Levine, David Sat 12pm (W), Sat 3pm (FL), Sat 10pm (K), Sun 11am (Ne)

Lieder, Rick Sat 10am (W)

Lohkamp, David Fri 1pm (S), Sat 11am (R3), Sat 3pm (S)

Lovett, Richard A. Fri 4pm (K), Sun 3pm (Ne)

Lyris, Sonia Orin Fri 6pm (Ne), Sat 1pm (K), Sat 4pm (W), Sat 8pm (K),Sat 9pm (K)

MacGregor, Lauryn Cone

Sat 11am (W), Sat 12pm (R2)

MacGregor, Loren Joseph

Fri 1pm (W), Fri 2pm (K), Fri 5pm (Ne)

Majerus, Laura A. Fri 4pm (S), Sun 12pm (W)

Marley, Louise Fri 4pm (Nu), Sat 11am (K), Sat 12pm (Ne), Sun 12:30pm (A), Sun 3pm (Ne)

Martin III, Edward Sat 10pm (K)

Martine-Barnes, Adrienne

Fri 2pm (Nu), Sat 4pm (Ne)

Mason, Cyn Sat 12pm (W), Sat 2pm (K), Sun 11am (W)

McCaffrey, Todd J. Fri 2pm (K), Fri 6pm (Ne), Sat 5pm (Ne)

McClure, Nancy Sun 10am (W)

McKenna, Bridget Sat 3pm (R3), Sat 6pm (W)

McMahon, Donna Fri 5pm (Ne), Sat 3pm (W)

Minz, James Fri 4pm (W), Sat 2pm (W), Sat 4pm (W), Sun 1pm (Ne)

Mor, Mari-el Sun 3pm (Ne)

Morwood, Peter Fri 3pm (Ne), Sat 2pm (Ne), Sat 10pm (K), Sun 12pm (S)

Moscoe, Mike Sat 12pm (W), Sat 6:30pm (A), Sun 11am (Ne)

Nelson, Louise Sat 11am (R3), Sat 12pm (R/Stage), Sat 1pm (R/Stage), Sun 11am (S)

Nisbet III, Andrew Fri 3pm (K), Fri 4pm (K)

Noller Brian Sat 10am (S), Sat 3pm (QB), Sat 5pm (Ne)

Obermarck, Philip Fri 7pm (Ne)

Oliver, Steven Sat 4pm (W), Sun 1pm (W)

Oltion, Jerry Sat 1pm (K), Sat 3pm (Nu), Sat 5pm (S), Sun 3:30pm (A)

Organ-Kean, Margaret

Fri 7pm (Ne), Sat 12pm (QB), Sun 10am (Ne), Sun 3pm (Nu)

Patten, Fred Sat 11am (R1), Sat 1pm (FL)

Pelan, John Fri 3pm (Ne), Sat 12am (Nu), Sat 5pm (W), Sat 6pm (S)

Pelz, Elayne Fri 7pm (Ne)

Perry, Danelle Stepheni

Fri 12am (Nu), Fri 4pm (Ne), Sat 12pm (K), Sat 6pm (S)

Perry, Steve Sat 10am (Nu), Sat 2:30pm (A), Sat 3pm (Ne), Sat 4pm (Ne), Sat 6pm (W)

Pryor-Brown, Anthony

Fri 12am (Nu), Sat 1pm (W), Sat 6pm (Ne), Sun 12pm (FL), Sun 3pm (W)

Radford, Irene Fri 5pm (K), Fri 6pm (Nu), Fri 8pm (Ne), Sun 12pm (A)

Rice, Michael Fri 2pm (W), Fri 5pm (Ne), Sat 3pm (W)

Rice, Roberta Sat 10am (W), Sat 12pm (Ne)

Rosenblum, Mary Sat 5pm (S), Sat 6pm (W), Sun 1pm (A),

Rospach, Chuq Von

Fri 3pm (K), Sat 6pm (Ne)

Rufo, Leonardo D. Sat 10am (W), Sat 3pm (R-1)

Saffel, Steve Fri 3pm (W), Sat 12pm (K), Sat 2pm (W), Sat 3pm (S), Sun 12pm (W), Sun 1pm (Ne)

Sardo, Pippin Sat 11am (W), Sat 12pm (R/Stage), Sat 1pm (R/Stage), Sun 10am (S)

Sauby, Shane Sat 10am (S), Sat 1pm (K), Sun 11am (Ne), Sun 1pm (W)

Scanlon, Michael Fri 2pm (W), Sat 10:30am (A), Sun 10am (Nu)

Sefton, Laurie Sun 11am (Ne), Sun 3pm (Ne)

Shapiro, Shelly Sat 3pm (R3), Sat 5pm (S)

Sheckley, Robert Sat 9:30 am (Nu), Sat 12pm (A), Sat 4pm (Ne)

Silverstein, Janna Fri 3pm (S), Sat 5pm (W)

Slate, Glenn Fri 2pm (W), Fri 3pm (K), Sat 8pm (K), Sat 9pm (K)

Standlee, Kevin Sun 2pm (FL)

Strub, Debbie Sat 11am (R/Stage)

Swallow, Lisa Sat 3pm (R2), Sat 4pm (Ne), Sat 8pm (Ne)

Swenson, Honna Fri 3pm (Ne), Fri 4pm (Nu), Fri 6pm (Nu), Sat 12am (Nu)

Swenson, Patrick J. Fri 3pm (Ne), Fri 4:30pm (A), Sat 6pm (S)

Taubeneck, Susan Sat 11am (W)

Taylor, Bruce Fri 12pm (S), Fri 1pm (K), Fri 3:30pm (A), Fri 5pm (Nu), Sun 1pm (S)

Thomson, Amy Sat 1pm (W), Sat 4pm (Ne), Sun 11am (S), Sun 12pm (FL), Sun 2pm (A), Sun 3pm (Ne)Tompkins, Suzle Sat 1pm (FL), Sun 12pm (Ne)

Torley, Roy Sat 2pm (R1), Sat 5pm (Nu), Sun 2pm (S)

Tucker, Judy L Sat 2pm (QB), Sat 6pm (Ne)

Vick, Edd Fri 1pm (S), Sat 1pm (R4), Sun 10am (Nu)

Vukcevich, Ray Sat 11am (K), Sat 2pm (W)

Walsh, Michael Fri 4pm (S), Sat 3pm (S), Sun 12pm (Ne)

Walsh, Susan Sat 1pm (R1)

Ward, Cynthia Sat 5pm (S), Sun 11am (S)

Waters, Elisabeth Sat 12pm (Ne), Sat 4pm (Ne), Sun 2pm (Nu)

Wells, Marc Sat 10pm (K)

Wells, Patty Fri 2pm (FL)

What, Leslie Fri 5pm (W), Sat 6pm (S), Sat 8pm (Ne), Sun 1pm (Ne)

Wheeler, Deborah Sat 1pm (A)

Whitmore, Tom Sat 2pm (R4), Sat 5pm (W), Sun 11am (S)

Williams, Theo Fri 12am (Ne), Fri 2pm (FL), Sat 5pm (FL)

Wrench, Sara Sat 11am (K), Sat 12pm (Ne), Sat 9pm (Ne), Sun 1pm (S), Sun 2:30pm (A)

Yalow, Ben Fri 2pm (FL), Sat 1pm (Ne), Sat 5pm (FL), Sat 6pm (Ne), Sun 2pm (FL)

York, Chris Fri 7pm (Nu), Sat 12pm (A), Sat 3pm (G R)

York, J. Steven Fri 6pm (K), Fri 8pm (K), Sat 5pm (W)

Zetterberg, Julie Sat 11am (W), Sat 12pm (R/Stage)


Karl Krehbiel

Welcome back to OryCon gaming. You'll see there's a variety of scheduled tournaments and demos, along with some "to be decided" spots for you to schedule at con. Please note that OryCon gaming rooms may not be used to run games for a fee, as this activity could jeopardize our non-profit status.


Board Room (aka Closed Gaming)

Noon - 6 pm TBD

6 pm - Midnight Robo Rally™ Tournament


Noon - 4 am Open Gaming


Noon - 4 am Open Gaming


Board Room (aka Closed Gaming)

Noon - 7 pm Babylon 5 Demo

7 pm - 1 am Call of Cthulu

1 am - 4 am Chill



7 am - Noon Open Gaming

Noon - 7 pm Legend of the 5 Rings Tournament

7 pm - 1 am Magic Tournament

1 am - 4 am Open Gaming


7am - Noon Open Gaming

Noon -5 pm Aliens vs Predator Demo

5 pm -8 pm Robo Rally™

8 pm - 4 am Open Gaming


Board Room (aka Closed Gaming)

7 am - 4 pm TBD


7 am - 11 am Open Gaming

11 am - 4 pm Netrunner Tournament


7 am - 11 am Open Gaming

11 am- 4 pm Doomtown Tournament

Video Schedule

Chuck Leon

Video officially starts at 2 pm on Friday, but we will start programming as early as possible. We will only have one channel this year (the hotel changed its set-up). Times and program are subject to change; updates will be posted in the viewing room (Umpqua in the Interstate Wing), Office (Tualatin), and in the Daily Zine. *indicates Japanese Animation


2:00 PM Star Gate

4:00 PM Alien Nation (the movie)

5:30 PM Andromeda Strain

8:00 PM Metropolis

9:30 PM Jumanji

11:00 PM Outer Limits: The Soldier


12 MID. Mystery Science Theater (TBA)

2:00 AM Solaris

4:30 AM On the Coment

6:00 AM Mask of the Phantasm


8:00 AM Cereal & Cartoons

10:00 AM Kiki's Delivery Service*

12 NOON Beautiful Dreamer (Lum Movie #3)*

1:30 PM The Secret of Blue Water*

3:15 PM The Vision of Escaflowne (first 4 episodes)*

5:00 PM Macross Plus*

7:00 PM The Mysterians

8:30 PM Master of the World

10:30 PM The Lost World (1925)


12 MID. Mystery Science Theater (TBA)

2:00 AM Curse of the Demon

3:30 AM Quatermass and the Pit (serial)

6:30 AM The Fabulous Baron Munchhausen

8:00 AM Cereal & Cartoons

10:00 AM Laputa*

12 NOON Labryinth

2:00 PM The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao

3:30 PM The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Restaurant and Services Guide

by David D. Levine

Welcome back to the Columbia River DoubleTree Hotel! Most of you have been here before and know the island pretty well by now, but there have been a few changes since last year, and we've found some pretty good places to eat just across the river in Vancouver. Enjoy!

Food -- In the Hotel

Coffee Garden

OryCon's best "see and be seen" dining spot, with the quality, service, and prices you'd expect from a hotel coffee shop. Hours and type of service (buffet vs. menu) are tentative at press time.

Breakfast buffet 6a-11a; lunch buffet 11:30a-1:30p; dinner buffet 5p-9p. Moderate.


Food here is quite good, with a Northwest emphasis. "Small plates" are available for lighter appetites.

Lunch 11:30a-2p M-Sa; dinner 5p-10p daily; Sunday brunch 9:30a-1:30p. Expensive.

Billiards Club

The only place to get food in the hotel at some hours. Bar menu only. Service is variable.

11:30a-11p daily. Moderate.

Quiet Bar

A nice place to hang out. No food. Can be smoky.

5p-12p daily. Moderate.

Lobby Coffee Cart

It's right here, but much better coffee is available elsewhere on the island.

5a-1p daily. Moderate.

Food -- On the Island

Numbers in the left margin refer to the map at the end of this section.

4 Subway

Halfway decent sandwiches, with some low-fat options.

Inside Plaid Pantry. 24 hours. 285-6022. Cheap.

6 Starbucks

The granddaddy of high-end caffeine. If you like your lattes, it's worth the walk.

Next to Barnes & Noble. 6a-11p M-Sa, 7a-11p Su. 978-1865. Moderate.

7 Damon's Clubhouse

Family sports bar & rib joint, dominated by 4 huge-screen TV's and electronic trivia games. Pretty good BBQ, but it's noisy and the service is spotty. They have local microbrews.

11a-11p M-Th, 11a-12a F-Sa, 10a-10p Su. 283-3800. Moderate.

8 Jantzen Beach Mall

Plenty of fast-food options, some quite good, right across the street.

All are open M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 11a-6p and all are Cheap.

Restaurants in the Food Court next to the carousel include:

Baskin Robbins

Old family favorite for ice cream and related treats.

Brooklyn's Boardwalk Treats

Popcorn, cotton candy, and "Venetian Ice" (gelato).


Cheese steaks and subs.

Cajun & Grill

Don't expect true Cajun flavor, but it's not bad for mall food.

Chinese Café

Fast-food Chinese with a moderately adventurous menu.

Gyros Gyros

The traditional Greek fast food, with more options (rice bowls, wraps, and salads) added recently. One of your editor's favorite spots for a quick lunch during the con.


Soft pretzels, with a variety of optional toppings.

Trapani Pasta

Pasta with your choice of sauces; pizza by the slice.

Orange Julius

Burgers and sandwiches. Famous for their unique orange drink.

Elsewhere in the mall:

Capt. Bean's

Lattes, mochas, etc.

Just across the hall from the Food Court.

Little Caesar's Pizza

Whole pies and slices for the truly desperate pizza hound.

Inside K-Mart at the far end of the mall.

9 Stanford's Restaurant

One of the best restaurants on the island, with an emphasis on beef and grilled things. It has some large tables for crowds; if you have just 2-3 people, try the great deals on bar meals from 3-6pm and 10pm-closing. Food served until midnight.

11a-11p Su-Th, 11a-12a F-Sa. 285-2005. Expensive.

11 Denny's

Generic family food.

24 hours. 285-0735. Moderate.

12 BJ's Pizza & Brewpub

Upscale pizza joint trying to be a brewpub. Pizza, chicken, ribs, sandwiches, salads. They do have microbrews on tap, but only their house brand. Some large booths available. Friendly staff.

11a-10p M-Th, 11a-11p F-Su. 289-5566. Moderate.

13 McDonald's

You know what to expect here.

6a-11p daily. 289-2127. Cheap.

14 Chang's Mongolian Grill

All-you-can-eat Asian. You pick out your own meats and vegetables and they fry them up for you on a giant inverted wok. [Usually filled with OryCon attendees on Sat. night.]

Lunch 11:30a-2:30p M-F, 12p-3p Sa-Su; dinner 5p-10p daily. 240-0205. Moderate.

16 Newport Bay

Darn good seafood, pleasant atmosphere. Recommended.

10a-10p Su-Th, 10a-11p F-Sa. 283-3474. Moderate.

17 Waddle's

A family-run restaurant that's been here since Jantzen Beach was an amusement park. Sometimes quite a wait for a table.

7a-9p Su-Th, 7a-10p F-Sa. 289-5538. Moderate.

18 Safeway Food Court

Sandwiches, fried chicken, Chinese food, salad bar, and surprisingly good sushi! The sushi is your editor's favorite lunch on the island. You can call ahead for special orders or party trays.

Approximately 11a-6p daily (selection may be limited earlier and later). 285-5669. Cheap.

19 Ruthie's Bayou Side Coffé

Coffee and a few sandwiches.

7a-3p M-F, 8a-12:30p Sa, closed Su. 240-1991. Cheap.

22 Burger King

It's a Burger King. They're all alike.

6:30a-10p M-Sa, 7:30a-10p Su. 285-5883. Cheap.

23 Taco Bell

Sometimes they have really cool toys in the kids' meals.

24 hours. 285-9893. Cheap.

26 Coffee Garden in Jantzen Beach DoubleTree

If you want hotel food and the Columbia River DoubleTree's coffee shop is closed, too crowded, or you don't want their buffet, the "Other Hotel" is just a short walk away and has menu service whenever it's open.

Open 6a-9p daily; breakfast buffet 6:30a-10a M-F, 6:30a-11a Sa-Su; soup/salad bar 11a-2p M-F, 12p-2p Sa-Su. Moderate.

26 Maxi's Seafood Restaurant in Jantzen Beach DoubleTree

Actually a very nice restaurant, with a superb river view. Not bad for large parties.

5:30p-9:30p Su-Th; 5:30p-10p F-Sa; Sunday brunch 9a-1:30p. Expensive.

Food -- Vancouver

Yes, there is life beyond the Columbia River!

Thai Orchid

Vancouver outpost of a very good Thai place in Portland. Phla Goong, Larb, Pad Prik Khing, Evil Jungle Noodles, you name it. Seats many. Vegetarian-friendly.

1004 Washington St. 9a-9p M-Th, 9a-10p F-Sa, closed Su. (360) 695-7786. Moderate.

Jerusalem Cafe

Pleasant, inexpensive (especially dinner), with some unusual options amongst the falafel and lamb kabobs. Delicious. Seats about 40, could handle a couple of largish groups. Vegetarian-friendly.

106 E. Evergreen. 9a-9p M-Th, 9a-10p F-Sa, closed Su. (360) 906-0306. Cheap.

McMenamins on the Columbia

You can trust the McMenamin brothers for innovative beers, decent (sometimes greasy) food, yummy cider, and striking interior murals. The grilled ahi sandwich with wasabi mayo stands out.

Take the I-5 bridge North and immediately take exit 1A, then Exit 1 off of that, and turn Right under the train tracks. The copper roof straight ahead is Beaches; McMenamins is next to it. 11a-1a M-Sa, 12p-12a Su. (360) 699-1521. Moderate.


A big, airy, VH1-does-spring-break kind of place. Pretty good food, too. They get busy--call ahead.

Next to McMenamins--see above for directions. 11a-9p M-F, 12p-10p Sa-Su. 222-9947 from Oregon. Moderate.

Who Song & Larry's

Frenetic Mexican. Whatever you do, don't let them seat you in the bar until a table is ready.

Take the I-5 bridge North and immediately take exit 1A, then Exit 1 off of that. Turn Right under the train tracks, then turn Right on Columbia Way and go West about 1 mile until you almost reach the I-5 bridge again. Who Song & Larry's is on the left, across the street from a little park. 11a-10p M-Th, 11a-11p F-Sa, 10a-10p Su. (360) 695-1198. Moderate.

Chart House

Steaks, seafood, prime rib.

Next to Who Song & Larry's--see above for directions. 11:30a-2:30p M-F, 5p-9:30p M-Th, 5p-10p F-Sa, 5p-9p Su. (360) 693-9211. Expensive.

Food -- Portland

These are some of your editor's favorite restaurants in town. All are worth the trip.


Good hearty Greek food; usually good for groups (do call ahead). Large portions, good prices, crummy neighborhood.

215 W Burnside. Lunch 11a-2p M-F; dinner 5p-10p M-F, 5p-11p F-Sa, 4p-9p Su. 224-8577. Moderate.

Esparza's Tex-Mex Cafe

You could go conservative with lamb or house-smoked chicken, but Esparza's also has cactus, buffalo tongue in garlic-red pepper sauce, ostrich, alligator... They also get very crowded--go early or late.

One block S of Burnside at SE 28th & Ankeny. 11:30a-10p daily. 234-7909. Expensive.


Probably the best Chinese food downtown.

Morgan's Alley, 515 SW Broadway. 11a-9:30p M-F; 12p-8:30p Sa; 5p-8:30p Su. 224-8063. Expensive.

Il Fornaio

Top-of-the-line Italian cuisine in a fashionable, bustling space.

115 NW 22nd. 7a-10:30p M-Th, 7a-12a F, 8a-12a Sa, 8a-10p Su. 248-9400. Expensive.

Koji Osakaya

Service is slow but the menu is extensive--much more than just the standard tempura and sukiyaki--and consistently good, except the curry. Recommended: spicy tuna donburi, eel/avocado rolls, and edamame appetizer. The okonomiyaki is clearly Klingon.

SW Macadam Blvd. 11:30a-11p daily. 293-1066. Expensive.


One of the best places in town for dim sum, and reportedly isn't too shabby at dinnertime either. Huge place, amazing variety of dim sum items & carts, clientele strongly Chinese.

8001 SE Division Street (at 82nd Avenue). Open 10a-12a Su-Th, 10a-2a F-Sa; dim sum 10a-3p daily. 777-2828. Moderate.

Red Star Tavern & Roast House

Homey, stick-to-your-ribs food with a gourmet twist.

503 SW Alder. Breakfast 6:30a-10:30a M-F; lunch 11:30a-2:30p M-F; brunch 8a-3p Sa-Su; dinner 5p-11p F-Sa, 5p-10p Su-Th. 222-0005. Expensive.


Superlative Thai food; they have items you will not find anywhere else outside Thailand, and it's all good. The tea list has 60+ entries. Don't go if you're in a hurry. [Now see also Typhoon on Broadway at the Imperial Hotel-call for information.]

2310 NW Everett. 5p-9:30p M-Th; 5p-10p F-Sa; 4:30p-9:30p Su. 243-7557. Expensive.

Wild Abandon

Small, dark, intimate, dessert to die for. Be aware, they consider garlic a vegetable.

2411 SE Belmont. 5:30p-10p Su-Th, 5:30p-11p F-Sa; Sunday brunch 9a-2p. 232-4458. Expensive.

Yoko's Sushi

Yoko's gets creative with sushi--such as a Thai hand roll with broccoli and peanut sauce--without losing track of their roots (gobo, daikon...). Small. Larger parties should consider Koji Osakaya.

2878 SE Gladstone. 5p-9:30p daily. 736-9228. Expensive.


Most everything you might want is available at the Jantzen Beach SuperCenter across the street. Mall hours are M-Sa 10a-9p, Su 11a-6p. Numbers in the left margin refer to the map at the end of this section. The Oregon Visitors Info Center that used to be next to the freeway closed last month.


Cooperatively-owned sporting goods and outdoor gear store. Check it out for rain hats, energy bars, other Oregon necessities.

10a-9p M-Sa, 11a-6p Su. 283-1300.

2 Toys 'R' Us

Nirvana for kids and kids-at-heart.

9:30a-9:30p M-Sa, 10a-7p Su. 289-4691, 695-1548.

3 Staples Office Supplies

All kinds of office and computer supplies. If you get the sudden urge to put out a fanzine at the convention, you'll probably need something from here.

7a-9p M-F; 9a-9p Sa; 10a-6p Su. 283-8686.

4 Plaid Pantry

Beer, cigarettes, munchies… you know the drill.

24 hours.

6 Barnes & Noble

A really nice bookstore, if you ignore what the giant corporations are doing to the publishing industry. Buy your books in the dealer's room instead.

9a-11p daily. 283-2800.

8 Carousel

Last remnant of the amusement park that used to be here. $1 per ride; token machine takes $1 bills only.

15 Liquor Store

Your only source for hard liquor. Beer and wine are available at Safeway.

9:30a-7:30p M-Sa, closed Sun.

18 Safeway

Giant food store for all your edible needs, plus the usual assortment of drugs, toiletries, etc. Beer and wine.

6a-12a daily.

20 Rite-Aid Drugs

For prescriptions and all the other drugstore-type things you won't find at Safeway.

8a-9p M-Sa, 10a-6p Su.

Bank Machines

All charge a $1.50 fee for foreign cards. (The no-fee ATM that used to be in the Jantzen Beach DoubleTree lobby isn't there any more. Bummer!)

5 US Bank ATM

Just West of the hotel, next to the Plaid Pantry.

8 Bank of America ATM

Inside the mall near the food court.

25 Wells Fargo ATM

Across the street from the Jantzen Beach DoubleTree.

Gas Stations

10 Union 76

21 Chevron

24 hours.


Bold numbers are restaurants; non-bold numbers are shops and services.

CR Columbia River DoubleTree Hotel


2 Toys 'R' Us

3 Staples

4 Plaid Pantry/Subway

5 US Bank ATM

6 Barnes & Noble/Starbucks

7 Damon's Clubhouse

8 Food Court/Carousel

9 Stanford's

10 Union 76 gas

11 Denny's

12 BJ's Pizza & Brewpub

13 McDonald's

14 Chang's Mongolian Grill

15 Liquor Store

16 Newport Bay

17 Waddle's

18 Safeway

19 Ruthie's Bayou Side Coffé

20 Rite-Aid Drugs

21 Chevron gas

22 Burger King

23 Taco Bell

24 Oxford Suites Hotel

25 Wells Fargo ATM

26 Jantzen Beach DoubleTree Hotel

OryCon Policies

Weapons Policy

The wearing and carrying of weapons (or anything that looks like a weapon) will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealers' Room must be securely wrapped.

"Weapons" includes (but is not limited to): guns, blasters, swords, knives, spitwads, flame throwers, nuclear or non-nuclear explosives, squirt guns, whips, slingshots, peashooters, or unpleasant-looking devices. (The committee reserves the right to define what constitutes a weapon.) Keep them in your room. Period.

Smoking Policy

Except for the smoking section of the Hospitality suite and any designated smoking areas in the hotel restaurants and bars, smoking is not permitted in any indoor public area at OryCon.

Child Policy

All children must be registered with the convention, and all children purchasing memberships must be accompanied by an adult.

Children ages 5 and under are admitted to the convention without charge and will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. They must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the official child care area, at all times. If a young child is found unattended, he or she will be delivered to the child care area and the responsible adult(s) will be billed.

Children ages 6 through 12 are admitted at half the adult price and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. Those not capable of operating responsibly on their own must be kept under adult supervision or taken to the official child care area.

All children of ages 12 or under must be under direct adult supervision after 8:00 pm. Children may work as convention volunteers, but those under age 12 may workdo so for no more than 4 hours per day. Those of ages 12 through 16 may work for no more than 6 hours per day.

OryCon 20 At A Glance

What Where Friday Saturday Sunday
Art Auction Riverview 12:30 - 2 PM
Art Show Willamette/



9 AM-1 PM

Open: 2-6 PM
10 AM-8 PM Open: 9-11 AM;


3-6 PM
Child Care Rooms 454/456 (Hayden Isl. W.) 12:30-5 PM;
6-11 PM
9 AM-5 PM;
6-11 PM
9 AM-3 PM
Dances Riverview 9:30 PM-3:30 AM 10 PM-3:30 AM
Dealer's Room Rogue/McKenzie Noon-7 PM 10 AM-6 PM 11 AM-4 PM
Fan Lounge Mt. Hood Suite (Interstate W.) Noon-6 PM Noon-6 PM Noon-3 PM
Filking Klamath 9 PM-4 AM
Santiam/Wilson 7 PM-4 AM 7 PM-4 AM
Nehalem 10 PM-4 AM
Yakima/Umatilla & Board Room 4 PM-4 AM 8 AM-4 AM 8 AM-4 PM
Green Room Eisenhower Suite
11 AM-8 PM 8:30 AM-9 PM 9:30 AM-3 PM
Hospitality Kennedy Suite (Interstate) 3 PM-3 AM 9 AM-3 AM 9 AM-4 PM
Internet Café Wallowa (Interstate) Noon-1 AM 9 AM-1 AM 9 AM-2 PM
Masquerade Riverside 8 PM-9 PM?
Office Tualatin (Interstate) 11 AM-8 PM 8 AM-8 PM 8 AM-4 PM
Registration Hotel Lobby 11 AM-Midnight 9 AM-2 PM 10 AM-2 PM
Video Umpqua (Interstate) 4 PM-4 AM 8 AM-4 AM 8 AM-4 PM