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Portrait of the Con Chair as a Rapidly-Aging Fan
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OryCon 20

November 13-15, 1997
Doubletree Hotel Portland - Columbia River

How to Contact Us

OryCon 20
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703

(503) 283-0802

Portrait of the Con Chair as a Rapidly-Aging Fan

John Lorentz, OryCon 20 Chair

I had the standard patter all written out to give to Dean for this progress report. You know the usual "We have great people as Guests this year, we're working hard to get it all ready for you and we're sure you'll have a good time." Well, that's all true -- but real life has a tendency to get in the way.

By now, everyone in the States (and most of the rest of the world, based on the TV trucks that have shown up) know about the high school shooting at Thurston High, in Springfield (about 115 miles from Portland). A 15-year-old killed his parents and then went to the school and shot another two dozen kids, killing two of them. It was an isolated incident, caused by a crazed teenager's perverted view of the world around him, and has no direct effect on OryCon nor on the safety of the OryCon attendees.

Of course, "direct effect" is a relative phrase. As they show the pictures of the school and describe the path the boy took as he snuck on to the campus, I have no problem in visualizing the route. That's because I was part of the 1970 graduating class of Thurston High. My sisters graduated from there in 1973 and 1975, and my nephew and niece in 1995 and 1996. My sister lives a mile from the school, my parents three. Unlike similar recent shootings in other unfamiliar cities, this one literally hits home.

But as the news came out, it got even worse. I took Spanish for 5+ years in junior & senior high school. For all but one of those years, I had the same instructor (he was also the tennis coach when I played for the high school team), Bill Kinkel. Bill Kinkel, and his wife Faith, died a couple of days ago at the hands of his son Kip, before Kip drove to his high school and started shooting at his classmates.

My sister knew Kip's older sister (who was luckily at college in Hawaii when this was happening) from when she went to high school with my niece & nephew. Another of my nephews was born within a day of Kip, at the same hospital. And I'm sure that many of the OryCon attendees from the Springfield area had either Bill or Faith as teachers -- they were both very popular. This has been a shock for many of us, and reminder that we all, ultimately, live in the "real world."

So anyway -- yes, we do have some great guests lined up for this, the 20th OryCon. (When I started thinking about my ideal GOH line-up a few years ago, little did I know that we'd be able to get every one of them.) We'll see you in November!

Special Susan C. Petrey Guest -- Kathe Koja

Debbie Cross

Kathe Koja lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband, artist Rick Leider, and her son. She was the third recipient of the Susan C. Petrey Scholarship in 1984.

Since 1991, she has published five novels. Her first novel, The Cipher (Dell Abyss - 1991), was co-winner of the Bram Stoker Award for First Novel, This was followed by four more novels, Bad Brains (Dell Abyss - 1992), her first hardcover Skin (Delacorte - 1993), Strange Angels (Delacorte - 1994), and Kink (Holt - 1996). Bad Brains was also published in Great Britain.

Since 1987, she has published over fifty pieces of shorter fiction which has been published in numerous anthologies and magazines, and have been reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror and The Year's Best Science Fiction.

Special Pre-Convention Susan Petrey Auction

Debbie Cross and Paul M. Wrigley

The Susan C. Petrey Clarion Fund has received a donation of a complete run of Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazines from the very first issue in 1949 through 1982 and additional issues through 1986. Think of the tremendous pool of original science fiction contained in these volumes -- the original publications of Stephen King's Dark Tower stories, McCaffrey's The Ship Who Sang, Heinlein's Door Into Summer, and Walter Miller's original Canticle stories. There hundreds of stories by Clarke, Ellison, P.K. Dick, Asimov, Sturgeon, Lafferty, Koontz, Zelazny, Vance, Howard, Brunner, Bradbury, and more. The Gahan Wilson covers and cartoons alone are collecting. This is a total of 385 issues. Most of the magazines are in very good or better condition.

Similar runs are advertised in the $600 and up range. We want to get the best price to the benefit of the scholarship fund so we are having a special mail-in auction. Anyone interested should send us their name, address, phone number and the MAXIMUM they are willing to bid. The minimum bid is $125. No one will pay more than $5 over the next highest bidder. Once bids have been received we will place this item in an online auction allowing the general public to bid as well. Remember, if you are the winning bidder you will be responsible for picking up the magazines at Wrigley-Cross Books, at OryCon, or paying for shipping. There are 3 large boxes of magazines.

Send your bids to the Susan Petrey Auction, c/o Wrigley-Cross Books, 1809 N.E. 39th Ave. Portland, OR 97212 or e-mail us at wrigcros@teleport.com by June 30th. If you have additional questions contact us at the above address or call (503) 281-9449.

Special Guest Lionel Fanthorpe

Debbie Cross

Lionel Fanthorpe already had several short stories published, and was only 19 when his first book, Menace From Mercury, appeared in 1954 under the John Spencer & Co. house name of Victor LaSalle. Over the next 12 years he wrote 168 books for the notoriously penny-pinching publisher's Badger Books imprint. They are notorious for the accidental (and sometimes deliberate) humor that resulted from the short deadlines, padding for word count and abrupt ending when word counts had been reached.

Since writing the infamous Badgers, Fanthorpe has gone on to be a head master, a private tutor, a management consultant, a broadcaster, and a priest in the Church of Wales. He has written numerous religious books, children's books, scholarly books on unsolved mysteries, and prize-winning poetry. He currently hosts the third season of the Fortean TV series on unsolved mysteries.

He is a dynamic speaker, filker, and all around good guy. Attend any program item with Lionel and it's guaranteed not to be boring.

Fan Tables

Vicki Harrison

If your group is interested in getting a fan table at OryCon 20, please give me a call at (503) 230-9325 or e-mail me at veharrison@mindspring.com

Don't wait until the last minute. Now is the time.

Opening Ceremonies

Debra Stansbury

Do you have talent? Would you like to be a member of a well-organized troupe? Would like to be envied and admired by your peers? Then we don't want you! (Sorry.) We're the Not Quite Ready For Sidereal Time Playersour only requirement is enthusiasm! Join us, please (Pretty please? With sugar on top?) If you have a silver lamé jumpsuit, we especially want you! Contact us at shade_obeyon@hotmail.com or via the OryCon 20 address. Information on the upcoming "Cattle Call" (no mooing please) will be in Progress Report #2 and on the website. Thank You.


Membership Rates

Through July 15 $30
Through Oct. 15 $35
At the door TBA

Children 5 and under no charge, children 6 to 12 half-price. All children must be accompanied by an adult attending member at the convention.

The mailing label on this Progress Report contains:

If any information is incorrect, or has changed, please let us know. The best way is by mail (either electronic or regular), but if you must call, please spell out the changes.

If the name on the label starts with "T/" or "G/", this means that this membership came with a dealer's table or was purchased as a guest of someone else, and no other name has yet been given to us. We suggest you let us know the name of the person using this badge before the con, so that we can have a correct badge ready (instead of you waiting in the lines at Registration).

Remember, let us know before the convention, and you'll save time waiting in lines at the convention.

Remember, OryCon has an absolute membership limit of 1600 people. Based on last year, we will probably sell out late Friday night. There will be no one-day memberships sold!

In order to register for OryCon 20, you must do so under your real name. If you wish to use a badge name, your "real world" name will also appear on the badge, in very small type.

Attention: We are experimenting with something new this year. Since OryCon has sold out each of the last two years (and we expect to again this year), membership refunds will be available on a limited basis. If you contact us before Oct. 15, we will refund your membership fee, minus $5 for "handling" (to cover the cost of expenses such as progress reports that were already mailed to you). We hope that this will allow more people to attend the convention.

As always, memberships and dealer's tables are transferable. If we are notified before the con, we'll have the new badge ready. Otherwise, we require a signed note from the original purchaser of the membership before we can accept the transfer

Child Care

Again OryCon will have professional (bonded) child care available. The rates will be announced in the next progress report.


Yes, OryCon 20 will have a masquerade. The same people that brought you the OryCon 19 masquerade will be producing this years show. If you want more information, or you would like to help 'Don and company' put on the show; you can e-mail Don Glover at corwyn@ricochet.net

Filk & Music Programming

John C. Bunnell (JCBunnell@sff.net)

I'm still awaiting confirmation of a Friends of Filk musical guest for this year's OryCon; as soon as I have a name, I'll pass it along.

Meanwhile, we'll continue to make the most of our ever more popular filk circles, panels, and events. We expect to have two evening circles again this year as well as a full slate of mini-concerts. And I hope to bring a bit of variety and freshness to this year's daytime filk and music panels.

The Programming Department continues to examine creative ways to address the space issues that are our most constant challenge, and possibly by the next Progress Report I'll have some news on that front.

I'll also continue to solicit suggestions, input, and potential concerteers via cyberspace; I can be reached via e-mail at the contact address above and through the Northwest regional filk e-mail list. Do let me know as far ahead as possible once you've confirmed your OryCon attendance (and if you're interested in concert slots, do NOT wait to e-mail me till the last minute -- the farther ahead I have names, the better I can design schedules and events to accommodate everyone).

Art Show

Our art show is on track to sell out by the end of summer. If you want more information contact us through our email address or post office box.

Dealers Room

The dealers' room is sold out. Check our web site
for a list of this year's vendors.


OryCon's programming schedule will start Friday at
noon and will run until 4 pm Sunday. Major events will include Opening Ceremonies on Friday, and our Masquerade on Saturday. Following both events on Friday and Saturday will be OryCon's famous dances.

Writers' Workshop

John C. Bunnell (JCBunnell@sff.net)

OryCon 20 finds the annual Writers' Workshop programs evolving in a couple of ways. We hope to make this year's workshops more popular than ever, and to add a couple of new wrinkles to the program. At the same time, we'll continue to offer participants the chance to have their work critiqued by our professional guests in small, highly focused groups akin to what you'd find in the famed Clarion summer workshops.

Participation is limited to registered members of OryCon 20, and as usual, we need your stories well ahead of the convention so that we can match and distribute manuscripts. We need to receive submissions to this year's workshops by Sept. 14.

This year there will be three divisions. Submissions in all divisions should follow basic professional manuscript format (double spacing, non-proportional type, 1 inch margins, etc.). Participants may submit only one (1) manuscript and participate in only one (1) division. The number of workshop sessions in each division will depend on availability of space and critiquing professionals.

To submit, complete the following form and send it along with one (1) copy of your manuscript, and the applicable fee ($10 for Short Story and Novel divisions, $5 for Young Writers division) to cover costs of photocopying and mailing; to

John C. Bunnell
OryCon 20 Writers Workshop
6663 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. #326
Portland, OR 97225-1403

(Make checks payable to OryCon 20.)

Writers Workshop application

Answering the questions for each division will help us place you in a workshop section and help our pro critiquers to give you the most appropriate possible advice.
Name ______________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________

City ____________________  State ____  Zip ________ 

Phone ___________________  Badge # ________________

E-mail address ____________________________________

Division applying for:

Short Story Division [ ] Maximum length 30 manuscript pages (about 7500 words).
Have you attended a convention writers' workshop before?
If yes, about how many such workshops have you attended?
Have you had one or more short stories professionally published?
If yes, about how many stories have you sold?

Novel Division [ ] Maximum length 60 manuscript pages, consisting of 2-3 chapters and an outline/synopsis.
Have you completed a draft of the novel of which your submission is a part?
Have you completed any other novel-length manuscripts?
Have you submitted a novel manuscript to a professional publisher?

Young Writers Division [ ] Maximum length 12 manuscript pages (about 3000 words). Open to writers who will be 10-15 years old during OryCon 20.
How old will you be during OryCon 20 (this November)?
Have you participated in creative writing activities at school?
Do you write for a school newspaper or other school publication?
Has any of your writing ever been published in a non-school publication?

Have Your Business Card Printed in the Souvenir Program Book

This year we are trying some new ideas. Advertise your business, or just show off your personal card, printed in B&W for the low, low price of $15. Program participants are encouraged to send us the name and addresses of your publishers' advertising department.

B&W Advertising Rates:

Size        Fan   Pro 
Full Page  $100  $250 
1/2 Page   $ 50  $175 
1/4 Page   $ 25  $ 90 
1/8 Page   $ 15  $ 45 

We also publish ads the Progress and Regress Reports at $30 per Full Page and $15 per Half Page.

Deadline Dates:

Contact me if you are interested in placing an ad in any of these or if you wish special ads in the program book such as fold outs, colors, or glossy paper. I will send you the complete details on mechanical requirements and materials requested for any ad.

Include your check with your order, made out to Orycon 20.

OryCon 20 Advertisements
c/o Page Fuller
P.O. Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703
Phone: 503-254-0552
E-mail: page@prodigy.net

Call for Nominations -- The Endeavour Award

Page Fuller

(for the year's best science fiction or fantasy novel by a Pacific Northwest writer)

To be eligible for the award, a work must be an original novel published -- either as a hardcover or paperback -- for the first time in the United States or Canada during the calendar year preceding the giving of the award. The author(s) must have been living in the Pacific Northwest -- Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia -- when they signed the contract for the book, and must affirm that they wrote the majority of the book while living in the Pacific Northwest.

The Endeavour Award will be announced and presented annually at OryCon, each November. The award will first be presented in 1999 for a book published in 1998.

The award will include a statue or plaque and a cash grant of at least $500 to the winner -- we hope to make the grant $1,000.

The Endeavour Award represents a collaborative effort by writers and fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy to recognize works of excellence. It is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., [OSFCI], and is named for H.M.S. Endeavour, the ship in which Capt. James Cook explored the Pacific. Send nominations to:

Endeavor Award
P.O. Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228

OryCon 20 Policies

Weapons Policy

The carrying and wearing of weapons (or anything that looks like a weapon) will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to comply is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

"Weapons" includes (but is not limited to): guns, blasters, swords, knives, spitwads, flame throwers, nuclear or non-nuclear devices, squirt guns, whips, slingshots, peashooters, rubber bands, or unpleasant-looking devices. (The committee reserves the right to define what is a weapon.) Keep them in your room. Period.

Child Policy

Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the day care. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to the day care and the parents billed. Children 5 and under will still be admitted free to the convention.

Children 6 to 12 are admitted at half the adult price, and may operate independently as long as they cause no problems. However if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision or in the day care. In any case, all children under the age of 12 must be under direct adult supervision after 8 pm

Additionally, no one under the age of 12 may work as a volunteer for more than 4 hours a day. (Six hours a day for ages 12 through 16.)

Smoking Policy

Remember, no smoking is allowed in any public areas at OryCon, except for a smoking room in Hospitality and smoking areas set aside in the hotel restaurants and bars. (The hallways at OryCon can become very cramped, and this will allow everyone to use them in comfort.)

OryCon 20 Hotel Reservation Form

Mail to:
Doubletree Hotel Portland-Columbia River
1401 North Hayden Island Drive
Portland, Oregon 97217

or call

NAME __________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _______________________________________________________

CITY/STATE ____________________________________________________

ZIP/POSTAL CODE ____________   COUNTRY ________________________

ARRIVAL DATE _______________   DEPARTURE DATE _________________

ARRIVAL TIME _______________  (Arrivals after 6 pm must be guaranteed.)

[Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club]

CARD # _____________________________________  EXP. DATE _______

SIGNATURE _____________________________________________________

OryCon 20 room rate is $88 (plus 9% tax) for up to four people 
($15 per additional person after those four).


BEDS: [ ] ONE [ ] TWO [ ] ROLLAWAY ($15) [ ] HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE [ ] NON-SMOKING [ ] SMOKING [ ] QUIET WING [ ] PARTY WING (INTERSTATE ONLY) Check in time is 3 pm. Rooms must be guaranteed to be held past 6 pm on arrival date. All unreserved rooms will be released on October 22, 1998. After that, rooms are subject to availability but remain at the $88 rate.


OryCon is fueled by BLOOD, SWEAT AND VOLUNTEERS. Please help out.

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