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Well, here I go again...
Jo Clayton
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OryCon 19 Regress Report

Well, here I go again...

John Lorentz, OryCon 20 Chair

[Question: what effect could a worldcon in Baltimore have on OryCon, here in Portland?. Answer: This regress report got delayed about a month because Ruth and I were busy counting the Hugo nominating ballots.]

Quickly on the heels of a very enjoyable OryCon 19 (Steve, Patrick Teresa and Frank were all great guests, and we enjoyed having them visit us), we've started planning for OryCon 20. This is going to be a celebration of two decades of Portland fandom, and we hope to make it something special. The Guests of Honor include multiple-Hugo-winning author Lois McMaster Bujold, artist extraodinaire Alan M. Clark and long-time editor of the Science Fiction Book Club, Ellen Asher. Also, to help celebrate the anniversary, we're bringing back former guests of honor David Langford and Howard Waldrop. The ever-popular Robert Lionel Fanthorpe will be joining us, and the Susan Petrey Fund is bringing in former Petrey scholarship winner, Kathe Koja. It should be a lot of fun.

OryCon 20 will also be the fifth time I've chaired the convention, giving me something to celebrate also. (I'm retiring from chairing OryCons after this year.)

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Jo Clayton 1939-1998

We regret to announce that Portland author Jo Clayton lost her long struggle against cancer on February 13, in Good Samaritan, two days short of her 59th birthday. Clayton was hospitalized in July, 1996, because of the multiple myeloma that eventually killed her. Her fight against the cancer of the bone marrow (plasma cells), mobilized the science fiction community and led to a national fund raising campaign to help her deal with the financial burden of her illness.

The fund will continue and be renamed in Jos honor.

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OryCon 19 Finances (as of 1/25/98)

Art Show 2,030.03
Chair/Miscellaneous 536.03
Dealers 735.41
Hotel 2,403.69
Treasury 0.00
Reg./Mail Room 2,364.86
Total 8,070.02
Dance/Events/Tech 1,739.20
Opening Ceremonies 78.44
Masquerade 0.00
Total 1,817.64
Member Services
Child Care 1,206.86
Fannish Stuff 0.00
Hospitality 5,301.76
Internet Cafe 1,450.00
Total 7,958.62
Logistics 601.51
Office 143.24
Publicity 37.30
Rangers 461.00
Volunteers 0.00
Total 1,243.05
Gaming 100.00
Guests of Honor 4,933.12
Program 1,308.15
Writer's Workshops 15.12
Video 190.99
Total 6,547.38
Publications 6,529.05
Contingency Fund 831.16
Through 12/31/96 4,580.50
Through 4/15/97 2,372.00
Through 7/15/97 2,255.00
Through 10/15/97 10,810.00
At the door 15,165.76
Total 35,183.26
Dealers 2,840.00
Art Show 923.79
Ad Sales 1,425.00
Other Income 280.00
TOTAL INCOME $40,652.05
NET AMOUNT $7,655.13
(Note: Does not include about $1,500 in expenses not yet paid by January 25th.)

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OryCon 19 Geographic Breakdown

*Unknown* 5
England 2
Alberta 1
Arizona 2
Vancouver 15
Other BC 12
Total British Columbia 27
California 73
Colorado 3
Hawaii 2
Idaho 2
Louisiana 2
Maine 1
Massachusetts 1
Minnesota 4
New Hampshire 1
New Jersey 1
New Mexico 3
New York 5
Aloha 27
Beaverton 59
Corvallis 23
Eugene 56
Forest Grove 10
Hillsboro 28
Milwaukie 14
Portland 418
Salem 25
Tigard 35
Tualatin 11
Other Oregon 192
Total Oregon 873
Pennsylvania 2
Saskatchewan 1
Texas 1
Utah 8
Virginia 1
Battle Ground 18
Bellevue 17
Bremerton 12
Everett 17
Kent 14
Kirkland 13
Olympia 15
Renton 13
Seattle 141
Tacoma 20
Vancouver 85
Other Washington 209
Total Washington 531

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Susan Petrey Auction Raises Record Amount

The Susan C. Petrey Auction at OryCon 19 was a rousing success. Together with the table sales in the dealers' room it raised $2,700-more than any previous auction. The money will be used to continue the annual scholarships to Clarion Writers' Workshop and Clarion West.

Of course the success reflects the terrific support received from donors and buyers alike. Over the years, the scholarship fund and auction have been loyally supported by many people. Unfortunately, they are just too numerous to mention individually, but we want you all to know how much it is appreciated. One such supporter, John Bunnell, has donated so many proofs over the years that his name is virtually a household word to auction attendees. A heartfelt thanks to all of you.

We would also to like to thank the folks who gave generously of their time to make the auction run smoothly. This year our thanks go to Jane Hawkins, Anne Hoffert, Brian Hunt, Jerry Kaufman, Malinda McFadden, Luke McGuff, Nancy Smith, Tom Whitmore, and Joyce Zimmerschied. We know we've forgotten someone. Please forgive us, conventions do this to the brain.

Such a successful sale means that all of our stock of "stuff" is gone. It is not too early to consider a donation for next year's auction. Almost anything is appropriate. If you have something you think a fellow fan might want, please consider sending it to us c/o Wrigley-Cross Books, 1809 NE 39th Ave., Portland, OR 97212. If you have question, please call (503) 281-9449.

Thanks again to all of our loyal donors, bidders, and staff

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OryCon 19 Dealers

I want to thank all of the dealers from the last three years for their participation in OryCon and for making the job of Dealer's Room Liaison an enjoyable experience. I'm sure you'll do the same for whoever gets to do this for OryCon 20.

OryCon 19's dealers were:
Angelwear Creations
Anna the Lost
Art by Yvan
The Black Oak
Book Vault
Czar's Shields & Standards
Dragon Tales Books
Dragonfly Design
Dragonspawn Crafthall Ltd.
Edie Reichard
Escape Books
Everett Comics & Cards
Express Yourself
Fantasy Creations
Friends of Filk
The Fur Connection
Hippogriff Armoury
Knave of Hearts Masqueraderie
Lady Jayne's Books
Ludicrous Games
Magical Caravan
The Magickal Aardvark, Ltd.
Magika West
Mon Droit Studio
Otherworld Unltd
Polymorph Digital Photography
Quicksilver Fantasies
Rhonda Gheen Sculptures
Shipman's Star Props
Springtime Creations
Uncomyn Gifts
Wrigley-Cross Books

Pat Steed, Dealer's Liaison OryCon 17, 18, & 19

It is with great sorrow that I add this: On December 24, 1997 Jim Oliver of Hippogriff Armoury died of complications from long-term diabetes. Jim was one of the people who had attended every OryCon. He loved OryCon (and loved to gripe about it) and did not let his ill health keep him away. He was one of the people who helped make my first OryCon a great experience, and was a friend when I needed one. He will be missed.

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OryCon 19 Masquerade Awards

Best of Show
Baby Cthulhu

Best Journeyman
Seaside Promenade

Best Novice
Lord Shadow Knight

Best Presentation
Queen Borg

Most Elegant
Maid Marian


Best in Show
Seaside Promenade

Best Design & Engineering
Baby Cthulhu

Bravest Use of Barbed Wire

Most Promising Novice
Maid Marian

Most Creative Use of Recycled Materials
A Klingon Wedding

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OryCon 19 Volunteers

It's often been said that OryCon is run by blood, sweat and volunteers. OryCon 19 was no exception. Many people contributed many hours to help make the convention happen. Here's an honor roll of the badge names of some of the hardest workers:

Lady Equus
Una Legend
Timeless Bill
Lt. Howitzer
Lynn Luerding
Sean Matheis
Whaki Miracle Trips
Grant Von Gruwer
Miranda Dreux
Luke Skywalker
Terry Fish

Add your name to this list next year! Volunteer at OryCon 20!

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OryCon 19 Art Show Awards

Monika Livingstone
Jeff Harland
Margaret Richardson
Katie Goebel
Angela Jones
Frank Lurz
Janet Borkowski

Jennie Roller
Lisa Hellie
Marcus Willis
Windy Lewis
Lee Seed
Ellissa Mitchell
Kelly Johnson

Best of Show: Betsy Mott
Frank Lurz
Margaret Richardson
Jeff Sturgeon
Angela Jones
Roberta Rice
Gail Butler

Grand Prize: Elysium, Alan Clark

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OryCon 20-Year Club

Here's the list of everyone who lasted the years, and has been a member of every OryCon:

John Andrews
Mark Beasley
Sam Butler
Sonny Crockett
Debbie Cross
James Fiscus
Nicole Hanks
Susan Hanks
Rick Hawes
Jamie Hunger
Ken Johnson
Chuck Leon
Keith Lofstrom
David Lohkamp
John Lorentz
Bill Madera
Rosalind Malin
Donna McMahon
Greg Mettler
Michael George Nelson
Barbara Oldham
Michael Pearce
Jeff Peck
Jim Pilcher
Anthony Pryor-Brown
Sue Renhard
Michael Scanlon
Katherine Stewart
Martha Todd-Prather
Fred Torck
Dick Trtek
Eric Vandervort
Bryce Walden
Shawn Wall
Thom Walls
Marc Wells
Patty Wells
Pamela Wilsonsage
Joyce Zimmerschied

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November 13-15, 1998
Doubletree Portland/Columbia River Hotel

Guests of Honor
Lois McMaster Bujold (Writer)
Ellen Asher (Editor)
Alan M. Clark (Artist)

Returning Guests of Honor
David Langford
Howard Waldrop

Special Guest
Robert Lionel Fanthorpe

Susan Petrey Special Guest
Kathe Koja

$25 until 4/15/98
$30 until 7/15/98
$35 until 10/15/98

Children: 6-12-half-price; 5 and under-free

OryCon 20
PO Box 5703
Portland, Oregon 97228-5703 USA
(503) 283-0802

E-Mail: jlorentz@spiritone.com

Web Site: http://www.orycon.org/

For those of you with e-mail access, there will soon be an electronic mailing list for people interest in OryCon and other OSFCI events: orycon-l. To subscribe, send a message to


with the following command in the body of the message: subscribe orycon-l

You will receive a return confirmation message.

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OryCon 20 Guests

LOIS MCMASTER BUJOLD is well-known for her books about Miles Vorkosigan, three of which-The Vor Game. Barrayar and Mirror Dance-have garnered her Best Novel Hugos. (She also won Hugo and Nebula awards for her novella "The Mountains of Mourning".) Many of her stories feature military characters who are real people-not the caricatures found elsewhere. (She's also a very nice person.)

ELLEN ASHER has been editor of the Science Fiction Book Club since "almost before there was a book club." She's been a behind-the-scenes mainstay of the entity that, for many of us, was the way many of us started buying science fiction books.

ALAN M. CLARK was born in Nashville and has lived in New York, Arlington, San Francisco and now Eugene. He obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (1979) from the San Francisco Art Institute and since 1985, Alan has worked full-time as a professional illustrator. Alan's artwork is often striking, sometimes disturbing, and has appeared on the covers of dozens of magazines and books, and in his recent The Pain Doctors of Suture Self General.

DAVID LANGFORD, last seen here as an OryCon Special Guest in 1989, has a large collection of Hugos for his fan writing, and for his fanzine, Ansible. His collection, Silence of the Langford, was a Hugo nominee in 1996. (He's also been known to write serious science fiction-and he likes the beer in Oregon.)

HOWARD WALDROP was an OryCon GOH in 1990. (He liked it so much that he's now a Northwest resident.) He's very well-known for his quirky stories, and his hilarious readings of them. His collections include Howard Who?, All About Strange Monsters, Strange Things in Close-Up, Night of the Cooters and Going Home Again.

KATHE KOJA was a Susan Petrey scholarship winner in 1984 (and was nice enough to credit the fund several years later in a Locus interview for getting her writing career started. Since then, she's written several well-received horror novels, and several dozen shorter pieces.

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OryCon 20 Policies


In line with the Standard Practice at most major conventions, including recent World conventions, the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Variety Show contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Variety Show must be approved by the Variety Show Directors prior to the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

The convention committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped before they are removed from the room.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.

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