OryCon 21 Masquerade Rules


Please read the following rules before proceeding to the masquerade registration (link below)

OryCon 21 Masquerade Rules and Information

Welcome to the OryCon Masquerade. Once again the Masquerade will be directed by Don Glover, the younger, now in his third year of insanity. Here is some info to help you get started in preparing your presentation for OryCon. Don will be happy to help with any problems, and to do what ever we need to do (within reason of course) to help you present your costume on stage. Please review the following information.

If you need to reach Don prior to the convention his address is;

650 NW 76th St Seattle WA 98117-4044

His phone number is (206) 297-0954 and email address is corwyn@kolvir.com.
(His web page, if you really care is www.kolvir.com)

Rules of the Masquerade

Young Fan-
Anyone 13 and under.

Anyone who has not previously won at a world class competition (i.e. Worldcon or Costume Con) and has won no more than two times as a Novice.

Anyone who is an amateur and has had up to three wins at the world class Journeyman level.


This division is open to anyone, but the following must compete at this level: Anyone who has more than three wins at the Journeyman level. Professional Costumers. Winners of best of show at a world class competition.

Please Review the following rules:

  1. No purchased, rented, or commercial costumes; credit must be given for all make-up and costume construction.
  2. No pyrotechnics, fog machines, wind machines, Jacob's ladders, or oscillation overthrusters, whatever those are.
  3. No real firearms. Handle realistic-looking firearms with care. In fact, no dangerous or potentially dangerous props will be allowed without the close inspection of the weapons master. No weapons will be pointed at the judges and any other weapon play must be approved by the director.
  4. This Masquerade is rated PG-13. As much as I might enjoy it personally. I will have to insist on no nudity or partial nudity. Lack of costume is not a costume.
  5. No flash photography of contestants onstage. Offstage, please get permission from the costumer before you flash. And remember, there may be people around you who are sensitive to your flash.
  6. Presentation time limits: one minute for a group of 1-4 people, two minutes for a group of 5-8, and three minutes for a group of 9 or more. Additional time may be given by the Masquerade Director on a case by case basis.
  7. No live mikes! If your presentation includes dialog, please add it to your soundtrack tape.
  8. The Masquerade Director has the final say.
  9. And finally, the obligatory no peanut butter rule. No messy substances--that is, nothing that will ruin another costume or make the floor sticky, gritty, slippery, slimy, bumpy, lumpy, scorched, toxic, or non-existent.

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