OryCon 22 - John Barnes and Kara Dalkey, Writer GoHs

John Barnes is no stranger to OryCon, having come to several in the late '80s/early 90s while he lived in 'nearby' Missoula, Montana. A move to Pittsburgh took OryCon off his local con circuit but brought John and Kara together. And while scenic Gunnison, Colorado, (their present abode) places them somewhat closer to Portland again, OryCon is usually in conflict with one of John's professional commitments so this year's date change made it possible for them to accept our invitation.

Gunnison is home to Western State College where Barnes is an Associate Professor teaching theater and communications. Fortunately for us, John still finds time to write: his most recent novel was Candle, set in Colorado, a 'sequel' to Kaleidoscope Century. His second collaboration with Buzz Aldrin, The Return, is just hitting the shelves.

Other recent works include: Orbital Resonance, Mother of Storms, A Million Open Doors, Earth Made of Glass, and Encounter with Tiber with Buzz Aldrin.

Kara Dalkey made her way from Los Angeles to Minneapolis where she was one of the founders in 1980 of the Scribblies writers group (OryCon 13 GOHs Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, Pamela Dean, Steven Brust, et al). Her first published genre work was "The Hands of the Artist" in the delightful Liavek shared-world anthology series in 1985 (strangely enough the same year John's first story "Finalities Beside the Grave" was published in Amazing).

Kara's focus has been fantasy including the YA pair set in 11th century Japan, Little Sister and The Heavenward Path; the Blood of the Goddess trilogy in 16th century India; The Nightingale, one of Terri Windling's Fairy Tale series; and the recent contemporary fantasies Steel Rose and Crystal Sage, set respectively in Pittsburgh and Colorado.

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