OryCon 22 - Richard Dansky, Gaming GoH

Richard Dansky is to blame for part or all of over a hundred roleplaying books over the past five years. He spent four years at White Wolf Game Studios, where he alternately developed Wraith: The Oblivion, Mind's Eye Theater, Vampire: The Dark Ages and Kindred of the East. His writing credits include Clan Novel: Lasombra, Corax, Sluagh, much of Guide to the Camarilla, and numerous other White Wolf titles, but more importantly, he helped originate the "Don't Tell Me About Your Character" t-shirt. He has also written for everything from Green Man Reviews to Lovecraft Studies, and is genuinely surprised when someone tells him to stop typing.

Currently Richard resides in Morrisville, North Carolina, where he works as a game designer for Red Storm Entertainment. His current project is Freedom: First Resistance, an adaptation of Anne McCaffrey's Catteni novels, and he is very much looking forward to wrapping that up so he can get some sleep. Richard is theoretically responsible for a large black cat named Ember, and really, really hates talking about himself.

Richard lists his hobbies as "Baseball, collecting old books I can't really afford, traipsing through the North Carolina woods while attempting to avoid cottonmouths, and being told by friends that I work too hard," his pets as "One adorably homicidal black cat named Ember, who is currently residing elsewhere and who lets me know how disappointed he is in me every time I visit (Cats should not know how to adjust a thermostat. They just plain shouldn't, I tell you)," and his favorite Scotch as "Macallan 18, preferably in a tumbler in front of me."

You can see a photo of Rich and his diary of work on Freedom: First Resistance at http://www.redstorm.com/freedom/rich.html.

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