OryCon 21 Lost and Found

Here is a list of the items remaining in the OryCon 21 Lost and Found box. If you can claim any of these items, please send e-mail with identifying information to Kristy Bates at kristyb@eloft.net.
Pocket Knife
Alien Drinking bottle
Gecko stuffed animal
2 cameras
4 pair sunglasses
2 dice bags (1 with dice)
Pente glass markers (what color?)
3 socks (1 pair)
5 books (they will be donated to Volunteers for OryCon 23 if not claimed by end of OryCon 22)
1 large mug

	2 rings
	1 earring
	3 brooch / pins
	1 buckle
	1 money clip
	4 necklaces
	3 bracelets

	1 t-shirt
	2 hats
	2 sweatshirts
	1 child's cape

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