OryCon 22 Committee Meeting Information

No more committee meetings are scheduled at this time. The rest of this page contains the minutes of our meetings so far:

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #1 - January 23rd, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland,

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward

*  Welcome to the 1st of 11 OryCon 22 committee meetings,
and Thank You so much for coming.  We were very pleased to
see such an incredible turn-out on Sunday, January 23rd.
Obviously, we will not be able to continue meeting at the
McMennimen's on Broadway as we have already out-grown the
meeting room.
*  Starting with Kristy Bates as Chair, James Wilsonsage &
David Lohkamp as Vice Chairs, introductions were made all
*  OryCon 22 is very interested in welcoming first time
volunteers to committee positions and encourages everyone to
pursue their interests, not just "Well, that's what I did
last year..."
*  Just a reminder, although ConCom is voluntary, a certain
amount of professionalism is expected.  Please continue to
be nothing less than civil toward fellow committee members
throughout the year, regardless of stressful situations.
Big Thanks!
*  This year's OryCon will re-introduce the use of wrist
bracelets on children under 6 to help moderate straying from
parents and ease in the identification of responsible
caretakers.  Operations & Security will also take a more
active role in spot-checking minors and their 'ever present'
guardian units.
*  January 23rd was the Deadline for Regress Report
information.  Taking point on this project was James
Wilsonsage jrws@uswest.net
Now, however, if you have a last minute item to add, please
send it to our new Publications PR & Regress Reports
person - Kip Kraus  kkrauss@norwesters.net
*  Attached is a copy of the OryCon 22 Committee List (thus
far) and Timeline.  Please note that, due to popular
request, meetings will return to 3:00.  The next Committee
Meeting will be Sunday, February 20th, 3:00, Round Table
Pizza on SE 63rd & Foster.
*  Shameless plugs:
Westercon Meeting - see Robert Verde rv@1v.net
PORSFIs Meets - 2nd Sat of every month.  Contact Debra
Stansbury debstans@canada.com

Thanks! See you February 20th
Kristy Bates
Chair, OryCon 22

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #2 - February 20, 2000

OryCon 22  - PO Box 5703, Portland, OR 97228-5703
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel
Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon
(503) 283-2111

Next Meeting - is Sunday, March 12th, 3:00pm - Round Table
on SE 64th & Foster (same as last time, but probably not
again as we've out-grown that facility)

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Writer GoH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GoH -	John Barnes
Editor GoH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GoH -	Dr Robert Forward

* So, there was a little mix-up with the Chair out of town
for the past two weeks, and the meeting minutes of the first
meeting, Jan 23rd, were not distributed.  (see attached

* Introductions were made. Two new positions filled on
ConCom:  Mary Olsen - Gaming, and Arthur Aldridge - Fan
Room, Lea Rush - Program Book Ad Sales.

* Membership rate increase- Much to our dismay, increased
costs are forcing an increase in Membership Rates.  Starting
April 15th, OryCon 22 membership rates will be $5 more than
last years membership rates.

* Homework assignment - Department Procedures:  Create a
list structuring the "How To's" of running the department
you volunteered for. Number the general steps (include
deadlines), and then fill in the pertinent details.  If you
are new to your department, take good notes and reference
previous year's department heads for pointers.  This is a
project that was begun years ago, so, some departments
already have notebooks that just need to be updated.  I
still have notebooks for the following departments:
   Treasure Hunt
   Trivia Quiz (do we still do this one?  Maybe "Who's line
is it anyway?" has replaced it.)
   Daily Zine
   Cereal & 'Toons
   Child Care
   Transportation: The Truck
   Opening Ceremonies
Please plan on collecting your notebooks at the March 12th
meeting.  All completed notebooks must be turned in by the
December Wrap-Up meeting.

* More Homework - Each department head is receiving a copy
of last years budget, and this years tentative proposed
budget.  Please review your department's financial needs as
outlined.  The next meeting, March 12th, is the deadline for
The Executive committee will be reviewing requests and
setting the final budget by April 8th.

Department Reports-

* Hotel - It's been a few years, but be on the look-out for
BEO's.  Hotel will be distributing BEO's to department heads
and verifying Hotel requests.  Doubletree is much easier to
work with if we let them know ahead of time what it is we
really want.  Please make sure you submit your requests to
Melanie Schaber &/or Patty Wells in writing.

* Treasurer & Registration - we've sold approximately 300
memberships, and have about $5600 in our account.

* Fan Tables - 4 confirmations so far.

* Publications
– The Regress Report is going out on schedule.  In the mail
by March 1st.  Regretfully, the Westercon Flyer did not make
it in a compatible format before the report went to press,
and thus, will not be included in it.
– Lea Rush will be working with Jay Becker on Program Book
Ad Sales

* Writer Workshop - will be setting up deadlines and making
contacts shortly.

* Internet Café
– OryCon 21 had a 90% utilization of resources.
– Mitch Galleger is preparing a letter to go to Oregon
Employers for any cast-off computer donations they might
send our way.
– We've also been in contact with Hughes Direct PC, MSN, and
WantWeb.  Not all are promising, but we'll probably be able
to work something out.

* Programming - Megaera Jarvis is heading the Programming
department for the first time this year.  If you have any
special requests, don't assume she knows what they are just
because they've been done in the past.  Please send her a
nice note (in writing) detailing your favorite programming

* Ops - David Schaber has his Security Shift Leads selected,
and a few of the Office Shift Leads.  Dan Beige, who usually
drives the truck will be working Office this year.

* Transportation - we need a Truck Driver as Dan is

* Gaming - Mary Olsen is looking for Gaming assistants to
help her during the convention.  A member of ConCom Gaming
Dept must be present in the gaming room at all times while
the game room is open.

* Video - Alan Olsen has volunteered to run video this year.
Yeah Alan!

* Shameless plugs
– Mike Moscoe will be speaking at PSU's Smith Center, Rm 225
, Saturday, March 11th.

Not so Shameless plug
  - Call for volunteers!  We still have committee positions
available!  Events is always looks for the
technically/audio/visually inclined.  Operations can always
use more help running Office, Volunteer, Rangers, Child
Care, Night Reg, etc...  Programming/Greenroom anyone?
Better still, Children's Programming...?  And we still need
a Guest of Honor Liaison for our Science GOH (keep in mind,
GOHLs need to have vehicles for shuttling).

Thanks! See you March 12th
Kristy Bates
Chair, OryCon 22

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #3 - March 12, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland,

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward

At the last meeting, it was requested that all departments
review their budgets and submit proposals by the March
meeting. (particularly if your department needs increased
funds this year).  Thank you to everyone who has turned in a
budget.  The rest of you can still e-mail your budget
requests to kristyb@eloft.net

Gaming- Mary has been very busy talking to such folks as G.
Grabowski, R. Dansky, Richard Garfield, Steve Jackson and
reps.  Confirmations aren't in yet, but we'll keep you

Fan Tables - 4 confirmed (this does not yet include our very
own Westercon 2001.  soon though).

Opening Ceremonies - will be holding a get-together to
brainstorm on script possibilities. May 10th - Lucky Lab
	Working Title:  Henry the VIII Musical
	Working Plot:  Mutual of Omaha "Wild Kingdom"
FYI - John Barnes is a prof of theatrical art (a likely
victim to be sure)
Note to Programming - please leave time for rehearsals

Registration - John Lorentz is sending out registration
receipts. (yeah!)

Video - Ready to go.  More later.
	Question to Hotel- how much does the video feed cost us?
	Note to video-  get ad in PR#1

Web - David Levine needs Bios for GOHs to be posted to the

The next OryCon Committee meeting will be Sunday, April 9th
at the Lucky Lab on SE 10th & Hawthorne.  The meeting will
be at 3:00, but we have the room starting at 2:00 if you'd
like to come early and "network".

Shameless Plugs:

1.)  Please keep Ruth employed: visit www.emerchandise.com
(John stood and displayed "Pinky & the Brain" T-shirt he was
wearing)  "ooh! aahh!"

2.)  PORSFIS is the second Saturday of every month.  Many
cool guests to be had.

3.)  And, of course, we still have committee positions open,
such as Children's Programming, Office Assistants, Child
Care, etc....


OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #4 - April 9, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland,

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward

The next Committee meeting will be Sunday, May 7th, at Legin
Restraint on 82nd and Division.  The dining room opens at
2:00, our meeting will begin at 3:00pm.

* May 7th is the deadline for submissions to PR #1
* The best way to ensure you get a PR #1, is to purchase
your membership.
* The executive committee met and final budgets were

Department reports:

Hotel – the July meeting will be “function sheet” training.
If you have not had to fill out a function sheet in the
past, this is the meeting not to miss!
- We’re also researching possibilities to removing the DJ
from the Sports Bar at the hotel.

Treasurer – we have money.  If you need a check, see Page.

Registration – we’re dead even with last year, but we still
need to add the dealers.
- Some of the postcard receipts have the wrong dates.  Just
so you know, OryCon 22 will be held November 17th-19th, just
in case somebody asks.

Guests of Honor – FYI for budgeting purposes – John Barnes
and Kara Dalkey live 100 mile from Denver.  Gordon Van
Gelder is coming in from New York.  Dr Forward will be
driving down from Seattle, but Ann has not yet heard from

Artshow is in good shape.

Fan Tables – we have 5 confirmed thus far.

Dealers Room – is full.  There is a waiting list.  A
suggestion was made that perhaps next year, 5 spaces of the
lottery be set aside just for new dealers.

Volunteers – We have 10 confirmed thus far.  Expect to have
40 confirmed by the end of May.  Josh is soliciting
donations from book stores for volunteer drawing and prizes.
John Lorentz also suggested inquiring with the dealers.

Tech & Events – if you need anything unusual, the sooner you
submit your request, the better.

Web page – will be updated with the new committee and
registration lists.

Music Programming – announces Larry Warner will be the Guest
of honor.

Internet Café – Will be using our 501(c)(3) status to
request donations from local companies.
- WantWeb has not yet confirmed services for the convention
this year, as they were purchased by Sprit at the beginning
of the year.  Could be sticky.

Publications – the Island Guide needs to be up-dated.  The
Arco station is now a restaurant and office space.

Ops – Rangers and Volunteers are looking good, but we still
need at least 2 more people to cover Office.

Signage – Ruth has volunteered to fill this department.
Please let her know before the convention if you need signs
at the convention.

Programming – Megaera has moved to Vancouver.  Please make
sure you’re dialing the correct number when you try
contacting her.
	- The guest list has been reviewed.  Invitations to go out

Positions are still available.  If you know of someone who
is reliable and competent and attends conventions, but has
not volunteered for a committee position, real ‘em in!
We still need folks for:
	Internet Café
	And, of course volunteers

Shameless Plugs:
SFWA is having an authors reading & Signing as part of the
Nebula awards week.  May 20th, 7:30pm, Powell's.  There will
be 4 authors, one of which, our very own John Bunnell.

Congratulations to David Levine for being accepted in BOTH
Clarion East & Clarion West this summer.  Way to go David!


OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #5 - May 7, 2000

Committee Meeting #5	OryCon 22
May 7, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland,

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk

Membership rates are $35 until July 15th.

The next Committee meeting will be Sunday, June 4th, at 3:00
at the Columbia River Doubletree hotel, Yakima room.
We will be going over the BEOs (Banquet and Events Orders).
Last year's BEOs will be available for referencing, and
Patty & Melanie will discuss how to fill them out and what
kind of information you want to include.

The box of Committee T-shirts for OryCon 21 was recovered.
If you were a committee member for OryCon 21 and did not
receive the T-shirts you had signed up for, please contact
Scott Sanford.

Department Reports:
(if the department is not listed, there was nothing new to

Artshow- Lacey is gathering the information to be sent to
artshow contestants at the end of June.  Everything is on
target and going smoothly.  She is, however, moving soon,
and will get her new phone number out when she knows what it

Dances - e-mailed a report:  In the near future, a list of
potential dance songs will be sent to be posted on the web
page, with an e-mail address to send suggestions to.

Fan Tables - We have 5 confirmed tables.  This number has
not changed since the last meeting.

Gaming - A Gaming Guest of Honor will be selected soon
(probably by Wed).  Potential guests are:  Richard Dansky -
line developer for Red Storm Games, Geoffrey Grabowski -
White Wolf, Bruce Baugh - freelance writer for White Wolf.

GOH liaisons- Write-ups for PR#1 have been submitted for
writers and editor.

Registration - Memberships keep flushing in.  We currently
have 478, plus a handful that were handed off at the
meeting.  That puts us ahead of any other OryCon (expect the
20th anniversary).
The new registration database is almost complete.  We'll be
testing it shortly.

Mail Room - John & Ruth have offered to assume Mail Room, as
Robert's work keeps him out of town 5 days a week.  Thank
you Ruth & John !

Hotel - The June meeting will cover BEO's.  Keep in mind
things like shared space that will need to have time blocked
out for change-overs.
Hotel tax this year has gone up to 11.5%

Internet Café - WantWeb was sold to Sprint, which in turn
sold to MCI.  We do have a new contact with Sprint/MCI.  We
also have 2 alternatives to internet access besides WantWeb.
Kurt Rothinger is going to be assisting with the Internet
Café, and acting as back-up to John Bartley.
And, solicitation letters are going out to companies for
their retired computers that we might find use out of them.
If your department is in need of an Internet feed, see John
Bartley sooner, rather than later. (please consult with the
Chair to determine "need")

Vice Chair - James Wilsonsage spent all day Saturday on the
Max line, investigating every stop for possible meeting
spaces, all for not.

Music Guest - There has been considerable traffic regarding
a "Harmony workshop".  This is probably mostly a logistics
problem for programming.  And, we'll need to see BEOs to get
that worked out.

Writers Workshop - PR #1 text was sent to Kip and cc'd to

Opening Ceremonies - There will be a meeting May 10th at the
Lucky Lab 6/6:30 to write the script.  There is the intent
to actually rehearse prior to the convention.

Pocket Program - Lea and Jay are working on creating a
version to be downloaded onto Palm Pilot.  (and maybe for
Daily Zine, too?)

Programming - Megaera has a new phone number (and now it
works!).  She can still be reached at mj@imagemarket.com
The programming participant invitations will be sent out
this week.  If at all possible, the labeling party will be
held at Megaera's house (at a time later to be determined).

Treasurer - The budget hasn't changed since last month.  If
you need money, Page has the checks.

Video - Alan is looking into getting the Directors cut, wide
screen version of Buckaroo Banzia.
Cereal & Toons - Monica would like suggestions for cereal or
toons.  So far, she has most of the sugar based cereals
covered; Coco Puffs, Fruit Loops, Raisin Bran.

Shameless Plugs

PSU Book sale is going on Tuesday, May 9th - Thursday May
11th, 8:00am in the Smith Center Ballroom

PORSFIS meets the second Saturday of every month.  This
Saturday, May 13th, 2:00 pm at PSU Room 225,
This months guest speakers will include Lee Morris, and
Space Camp attendees.

Saturday, May 20th 7:30, at Powells, there will be a Special
Event Author signing to celebrate the Nebula Awards Weekend.
This will also include live telephone updates from New York.

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #6 - June 7, 2000

Committee Meeting #6	OryCon 22
June 7, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Doubletree Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland,

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Membership rates are $40 until October 31st.

This month's meeting was dedicated to the education of the
BEO form.

The BEO is "Banquet & Events Order".  This is the form that
is submitted from our convention Hotel committee (Melanie
Schaber & Patty Wells), to the Red Lion\Doubletree.  It is
an hour by hour (or day by day) itemization of what is
needed for each and every room/function space (anything from
fruit & coffee, to more chairs, and less beds).

BEO's are useful in trying to keep fruit plates from being
whole boxes of fruit.  While paper doesn't make any
guarantees, if the Hotel staff turns over between now and
the day that we actually need things done, it's to our
advantage to have a written documentation of or requests.
And, since the Hotel thinks we ask for some "odd" things, it
helps to have our BEO's in early.
Please submit your completed BEO at the July meeting.  If
you need assistance in filling it out, or deciphering the
example you have of previous year's requests, Melanie and
Patty are here to help you.

Be warned, however; Melanie is a nice person.  Patty is not.
"Mom" (Patty) will tell you that if you signed off on it,
and then didn't correct it until November, you better have a
"good reason" or that's just too Bad!!  ("good reason" is
subject to the whims of hotel.  Bribes will be accepted.  Or

One more word of advice:  Yelling at the hotel staff for
following the BEO that you never reviewed costs you and
everyone else more Karma points than you think!

PS - BEO "format" may change with Hilton change-over.

Samples of last years BEO's were personally distributed to:
InterNet Caf‚
Writer Workshop
Riverview Events/Tech

BEO's were mailed out to:
Fan Lounge

Communication is **KEY** between programming & Events

Events:  Please check with Masquerade & Programming
regarding change-over time and rehearsal time.
1.5 hrs is needed to change over from Rounds to Theater
style seating (please specify seating Type "Chevron") - for
Tai Chi, Artshow Auction, & Concerts Sunday morning.
Dept Reports:

Internet Caf‚ - WantWeb will be available for one more
Gaming - announcing our Gaming GOH:  Richard Danskey, line
development for Red
Video	- The hotel is switching service providers to NTSE or
Svideo or someone.
At any rate, we won't know until August who to schedule with
for the hook-up meeting.  The plan is to set-up Thursday &
be ready to go @8:00am Friday morning.
Any suggestions for Video should be directed toward Alan

Daily Zine	- a convention Zine is scheduled to be published
Daily at/during the convention.  Submission information that
is available prior to the convention, but intended for
at-con distribution, should go to Michael Pierce.  At-con
submissions can be dropped off in the Office/Ops.

Cereal & Toons - if you have any requests for your early AM
viewing pleasure, please notify Monica Olsen.

Programming - invites went out.  The deadline on returning
those is June 30th.  The questionnaire will be mailed after

FYI & Gossip:
	Hotel - the Doubletree has been bough out by Hilton.  The
Redlion name will be re-introduced as the middle/business
level of the chain (Doubletree being the low-end, and Hilton
being the high-end)
	There will be no change in management.
	OryCon contracts will be subject to Hilton Legal.  We'll
see what flies and what dies....

	Room-Turn-Overs and shared space:  Please be considerate of
fellow panelists.  Housekeeping can not be everywhere at
once, make sure you leave your space cleaner than you found

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #7 - July 30, 2000

Committee Meeting #7	OryCon 22
July 30, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000
Columbia River Hilton Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon.

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Membership rates are $40 until October 31st.

The next Committee meeting will be Sunday, September 10th,
at 3:00 at the Lucky Lab Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd,
Portland OR 97202-2428, (503) 236-3555.

- The garage clean up was on Saturday, July 29th.  We now
have a very clean garage.  We still need to inventory &
clean the office & registration carts stored in Robert's

Dept reports:

- Hotel BEO's are due.  Please turn them in to Patty or
- The room reservations desk is still whacked. "we don't
have rates & haven't heard from your convention".  Patty &
Mel have since been in touch with the hotel, so please let
them know if you start getting mis-information like this
from the hotel.

- Hospitality is  right on schedule

- Programming has the invites out and the response cards
already came back.  The questionnaire went out this weekend
and we'll be getting responses on that shortly.

- Artshow mailing going out NOW.  The Artshow website is
being updated regularly and is linked from the OryCon
website.  Forms are available on the artshow website.
Also, there were many buckets of binder clips in the NE
garage.  Those should probably stay with the rest of the
bolts & steel that go with the Artshow panels.
Artshow panels are $10 per panel or table (4'x4' area).
There are 20 tables and 140 panels available.

- Ops will be at the convention.  We're still looking for
people to work in the Office and some Security both in
general, and as Shift Leads.

- Green Room will be there.  Nothing new to report.

- Program Book has begun and we will be working on it now
through the convention.  October 1st is the deadline for

- Internet Caf‚ will have the same provider as last year.
Kurt Rothinger, Eric Scott, & Lorren McGreggor will all be
assisting with the IC.  Please advise now if your department
needs internet access.  It's possible that we can provide
internet access to places like Office and Green Room.
Please advice ASAP.

- Program Book Ad Sales has had a couple of contacts for
advertisements.  Would other guests besides the GOH's be
interested in placing ads in the program book?

- Pocket Program has graphics! Yeah!

- Writers Workshop has sent e-mails and replies.
Submissions will be close to the deadline.

- Music programming will get e-mail specs to Events.

- Events has placed the basic orders.  If any additional
changes need to be made, please let us know soon.  Jerry
will check with Don on stage size.

- Volunteers has 25 people pre-signed up for a minimum of 20
hours each.  Please stay in touch with Josh Moore and keep
him appraised of your volunteer needs.  As of the garage
inventory, there are 3 boxes of t-shirts and 8 hats
available for volunteer prizes.

- Vice Chair James Wilsonsage has gone back to school full
time, and to afford this, is now also working full time.  We
'll miss you James.  Hope to see you at the con!

- Signage request deadline is October 1st, meeting #9

- Registration is right around 750.  Linda is officially
back and will be taking over the Reg database after
WorldCon.  The reg list is also here and available for

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #8 - September 10, 2000

Committee Meeting #8	OryCon 22
September 10, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000			The OTHER weekend!
Columbia River Hilton Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon.

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Membership rates are $40 until October 31st.

Dept Updates:

ArtShow - 50% sold out.  Anticipating sell out soon due to a
small Westercon this year and difficult WorldCon.  Frank
Lurtz's artwork will also be in the show.  And, the website
is updated regularly.

Daily Zine - Nothing New - looking for Clip Art

Events - the equipment has been ordered.  Need to get # of

Fan Lounge - Arthur does exist.  Patty ran into him at
WorldCon and he will get BEOs to Hotel.

Fan Tables -	Sharon Sbarsky is now heading Fan tables with
Julie Fisher still assisting.  Sharon can be reached at 213
Webster St, Needha, MA 02494  (781) 444-7245

Gaming - filled with the exception of 1 slot
- Gaming GOH is all taken care of

Artist GOH -	Gail's hotel is all lined up.  Still ironing
out the details of getting her from her place to the

Hall Costumes - Contact Mary Sage

Hotel - 	the Yakima Room is the location of the Oct 22nd
Still need some BEOs - your lives are in danger if you don't
turn them into Patty or Melanie ASAP
- All the GOH rooms are lined up.

Larp Liaison -	3 different groups are happening - including
Cam and AmpGaurd

Logistic -	We still need a truck driver.  No special license
is required.

Mail Room - has mail to deliver

Registration -	has not gone to Linda yet.  The registration
list is available to check if you want to confirm your
membership.  Our membership sales are exactly in line with
last year.

Masquerade - needs to meet with Programming and to order
ribbons (Hi Don!  Nice to see you all the way down here.)

Music Programming - 	we have more artists than time
available.  There will be a Friday night concert as well as
Larry Warner's concert on Saturday.

Writer's Workshop -	Getting submissions.  The deadline for
turning in manuscripts is October 2nd.

Security Shift Leads are in attendance.  Come to the meeting
and recognize the faces!

Opening Ceremonies has a script, and is scheduling rehearsal
(something about old t-shirts??)

Publications - 	October 10th is the deadline for Program
book submissions.  Photos can go to Jay in any format.

Programming -	will be everywhere!  We have received 110
complete questionnaires and bios.  More to come.

Treasurer -	has check book available.  Please have receipts

Video -	video editing is in progress.  There will not be any
way to insert "special finds" during the convention.  Those
should go to Alan now.

Cereal & Toones -	looking for suggestions on cartoons and

Volunteers -	we have a small # of absolutely YES, and will
collect more at the con.  Suggest contacting Dealers for

Web Page -	If you sent stuff and don't see it up, send it

Signage -	If you have any needs for signs (like directionals
to the con office or art show, etc...), let Ruth know ASAP.

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #9 - October 1, 2000

Committee Meeting #9	OryCon 22
October 1st, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000			The OTHER weekend!
Columbia River Hilton Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon.

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Membership rates are $40 until October 31st.

New meeting format -  With only a couple of weeks left until
the convention, I feel our time spent together at the
committee meetings will be best spent is small group
discussions.  If you have anything to present to the entire
committee as a whole, please let me know.  I aim to
streamline the large group announcements as much as

Dept Updates:

Registration - has been handed over to Linda Pilcher.

Volunteers and Larp was represented by Andrew Montgomery.

Hotel - After 25 years with Doubletree, Sonja Waddell has
resigned.  Linda McCaffry will be working with us now.  She
worked with Patty on Westercon some years ago.
We would like to make every effort to "break her in gently",
so please, put on your best and stay patient and pleasant if
you should have cause to interact with Hotel.
This also means that it is an absolute MUST to have
Everything in writing.  Get your BEOs in Now!
If you have any questions regarding Hotel, please e-mail
them to Mel &/or Patty .
Our room block is Full.  There are no Double double room

Programming is programmed, as of 6:30 this morning.  Thanks
to Megaera, Jay, Jim, Patty, Andrew.  (keep in mind this is
the first draft.  There will be many changes between now and
the convention)

Opening Ceremonies - Still need 8 more volunteers.  The 2nd
draft of the script is complete.

Hospitality - Good to see you Randy!  :) Beer truck is
rented.  Still waiting until a little closer to the
convention to purchase the beer.  He tends to get better
deals that way.  Still need to pick up the Liqueur License.
As always, home baked goods are greatly appreciated.  You
will be reimbursed for any that you contribute.  Please
include the ingredients list.

Program Book - Departments need to get their submissions in
by October 10th.  Bios are en route.

Gaming will be host to the Pre-pre-preview of the new game
World before Darkness.

Volunteers - please submit staffing requests for Volunteers
to Josh Moore as soon as possible.

Ribbons - if you have need of ribbons for your department,
or for prizes / awards, please notify Ruth Sachter today,
orders are taking longer to process.
The price of ribbons has gone up, so please, only order what
you need.

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #10 - October 22, 2000

Committee Meeting #10	OryCon 22
October 22nd, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000			The OTHER weekend!
Columbia River Hilton Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon.

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Membership rates are $40 until October 31st.

The Next And FINAL meeting prior to the convention will be
November 12th, at 3:00.
Lucky Lab Brew Pub, 915 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland OR
97202-2428, (503) 236-3555.

Bring your checkbook, T-shirts will be available on October

The other big news this week is:  Gordon Van Gelder Buys
Our Editor GoH is also now a Publisher!

Please use the Check-Request form for requesting checks &/or
cash for at-con use (T-shirts, Child Care, Reg, Art Show,

Art Show - Sold Out!  Many big names will be displayed.
Daniel Dodson has very special lighting requirements for his
art, thus he has the entire DARK wall  (just in case you
were wondering why someone got more than the maximum number
of 3 panels)
The Friday night reception is invitation only, and you must
bring your invitation with you (or your committee ribbon).

Registration - We estimate about 1100 pre-registered to date
(+/-25).   With the pre-reg deadline coming up, Oct 31st, we
're seeing a large volume of incoming memberships.  (not to
fret, there'll still be at least a couple hundred available
at the door on Friday night)

Programming is still coming along and slowly firming up.
Most of the participants have received their schedules (and
thus the juggling continues).

Pocket Program Book - the Island guide is mostly done, still
need the electronic copy for the programming schedule, but
have the video list.

Hospitality - There will be food.  We have a liqueur
license.  Randy is coordinating with Green room to assist
with their refreshment needs.

Volunteer - now is the time to notify Josh of ALL your
volunteer needs.

Writers' Workshop has 11 participants this year (that's down
4 from last year, probably due to PR#2 going out after the
WW deadline)

Security requests to have coffee supplied all night.  Could
someone please make arrangements for that.  (either Patty
via the hotel, or perhaps Randy could help with Hospitality

Although the Program Book deadline for submissions was Oct
10th, if you get your submission to Jay today, it can still
go to print.

Hotel- All of our hotel block is sold out in both the
Columbia River and Jantzen Beach hotels.  If you don't have
a reservation, good luck.
Also, expect delays on check-in, as reservations were made
by the mystery "queue" at the other end of the phone line,
and necessarily the front desk on location.  All year we've
had reports of either "sold out" or "never heard of OryCon"

- the rest of PR #2 need to be delivered to Linda  (done
- John Lorentz needs badge artwork to start the printing
process. (done 10/24)
- Signage and Ribbon requests need to be to Ruth this week.
- If you need an Internet feed, please contact John Bartley
at 503-BARTLEY  (perhaps Green Room?)
- A request was made for permission to have a petition for
ATT Broadband to dedicate a channel to NASA for Portland
This will probably work best if set up as a Fan Table.
Referred Brenna to Sharon Sbarsky  sbarsky@world.std.com

OryCon 22 Committee Meeting #11 - November 12, 2000

OryCon ConCom meeting 2000-11-12 at Lucky Lab.
Committee Meeting #11	OryCon 22
November 12th, 2000

OryCon 22
November 17-19, 2000			The OTHER weekend!
Columbia River Hilton Hotel, Jantzen Beach/Portland, Oregon.

Artist GOH -	Gail Butler
Gaming GOH - 	Richard Danskey
Editor GOH -	Gordon Van Gelder
Science GOH -	Dr Robert Forward
Music GOH - 	Larry Warner, sponsored by Friends of Filk
Writer GOH -	Kara Dalkey
Writer GOH -	John Barnes

Memberships are $50 and available at the Door, Thursday,
November 17th, 11:00 am.

Chair's notes:  one thing I forgot to mention- don't worry
about the things you can't change.  Make sure the
appropriate people are notified, but don't worry about the
things you can't change.

Registration:  We're at about 1250 memberships.  All the
membership forms have been entered into the system and
printed.  Registration cards are ready to cut.  They need to
be cut Prior to the con.
(Ann Hoffert has volunteered some of her students for this)

GOH:  Ruth has picked up the GoH gift certificates to Powell
's.  Kristy needs t-shirt sizes for the GOHs.

Hotel:  The hotel has lost a couple of rooms in the past
couple weeks.  Please take precautionary steps to ensure you
have a room at the con.  Contact the hotel with your
confirmation number in hand and have them verify your
reservation.  Take your confirmation number with you when
checking in.  Do not call the 1-800 number.  Use the local,
direct line to our hotel 503-283-4111 to confirm
The Jantzen Beach is full.
Our hotel representative, Linda McCaffrey, is very aware of
our dismay at loosing booth our events coordinators prior to
our convention.  She is really being nice and trying to make
everything right.

Treasurer: We're on target with the budget.

Ops:  Just a reminder that All ConCom are responsible for
security issues.  Keep your eyes open and be aware.  Rangers
will be limited during the day.

Opening Ceremonies: Still need (5) folks for Friday night.
Please contact Debra Stansbury debstans@canada.com

Dealers: The dealer Charae Crystals canceled and will be
replaced with Book Universe from Eugene.

Art Show:  Setup begins at 6:00pm Thursday. Please do not
send volunteers downstairs before then. At 2:00 will begin
setting up the panels & steel.
Invitations are required for admittance to the Art Show

See you at the Con!!

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