Internet Cafe Plans for Orycon 23

John Bartley (tel. 503-BAR-TLEY) is preparing to operate the Internet Cafe once more.  We provide a room with multiple computers, connected to the Internet, so members may check and send e-mail and have general Internet access.  You are welcome to bring your own laptop (as long as you can configure it for fixed IP addressing), or to use our equipment we provide.


Equipment donated or loaned to Orycon can result in a tax credit, as Orycon is operated by OSFCI, a 501)(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  If you or someone you know might be interested in donating or loaning equipment or services, please contact John Bartley (see above) for details. The convention regrets that it cannot provide insurance coverage or any guarantees on equipment provided, but we will make sure to provide a letter for IRS verification on donations.


We expect to have six Windows PCs, two Linux PCs and two stations for member laptops, as well as a color printer. Given the underutilization of the Mac at the past two cons, a Mac does not now appear justified, especially since we can get two PCs for the price of one Mac. However, should an OS9-capable Mac be donated in working order, we'd be happy to attach and support it.

Support to other departments

We will support other Orycon departments (e.g., Office, as we have done for the past two cons) if they request a feed and we can practically provide one.


Please email John (see above) if you would like to volunteer. The mininum requirement for volunteers is the ability to create and use a web-based email account, plus convention membership. We also need
 a) One person on the day before the con to prepare cables & to help with connecting and testing hardware,
 b) two people on the day before the convention to assist with software installations,
 c) one or more persons to assist with installing Linux on donated PCs
 d) one or more volunteer for every hour of operation to assist users, and
 e) two volunteers for one hour after closing to assist with breakdown.

Hours of Operation

    Fri:    Noon - 9 PM
    Sat:   9AM - 9PM
    Sun:  9AM - 5PM


We expect that a 1.544 mbps downlink and a 31.2 kbps uplink will be provided by WantWeb. For more information on the theory behind the 'MMDS' transmission scheme used we have used for the past three Orycons, see  WIRED 7.12. However, Sprint (which now owns WantWeb) has yet to announce when they will convert to their new Broadband Direct system. When they do, WantWeb will likely be discontinued by Sprint.  Unfortunately, cable modems are not supported by the hotel, and the hotel is too far from the nearest central office for DSL, so our options for cost-effective high-speed service are limited. We will actively investigate alternative options for cost-effective bandwidth (e.g., StarBand) and post further developments here as they become known. Your suggestions and experience are welcomed.

Acceptable Use Policy

0. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
1. The Internet Cafe is open only to members of this convention in good standing.
2. Use of the facilities is at your own risk.
3. Members must be courteous to others, both volunteers and other patrons.
4. Members will limit use to 20 minutes per session when others are waiting.
5. Adults will not access material restricted to adults with sensitive or controversial content when minors are present.
6. The convention and its sponsoring organizations are in no way liable for what happens with your account if you do not delete your username, password, cookies or any other personal data from the system you use.
7. We require you to delete your username, password, cookies and all other personal data each and every time you use our system.
8. The Internet Cafe is governed by the same rules as the rest of the convention, and you will adhere to them at all times.
9. Food and drink may be limited to safety zones within the Internet Cafe in order to protect sensitive and expensive equipment.
10. If problems occur, speak to a volunteer on duty, and gently, politely ask for help.
11. The laws of the state and the nation will be observed and, if need be, enforced, as will convention rules and hotel requirements.
12. Volunteers on duty do have the responsibility to ask persons to remove themselves from the Internet Cafe if problems arise, and will make referrals to the convention committee as appropriate.
13. Violations of the above will be referred to the convention committee for action, including, but not limited to, revocation of membership.
14. If you have any questions in the Internet Cafe, please donít be shy about asking for help from the I-Cafe volunteers.

Thank you for your interest in the Internet Cafe.
John Bartley

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