Progress Report #1 - Index

From the Chair....

David Schaber

Good Day! Once again I find myself chairing an Orycon in the same year as a Westercon, and I begin to worry about my sanity. Then I look at all the people who are working on this convention, and I realize that there is nothing to worry about. I feel privileged to be working the group of people that are working hard to make OryCon 23 happen.

Our Guests of Honors are Melanie Rawn (Writer), Laura Anne Gilman (Editor), Real Musgrave (Artist), and Steve Macdonald (Friends of Filk Guest).

Note: Remember, this convention is run on volunteer power, and we can use all the help we can get.

From the Editor....

John C. Bunnell

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We hope you enjoy this bouncing baby Progress Report (even if it is about ten pounds and fifteen ounces lighter than my bouncing baby nephew was when he arrived this past January).

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