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I, ___________________________ (the Creator),
hereby submit the accompanying creative work entitled __________________________________________ (the Work) for possible publication in the OryCon 23 Souvenir Book (the Book) to be published in connection with OryCon 23, November 9-11, 2001.

I warrant and attest that:

  1. the Work is my original creation and/or I have the legal right to submit the Work for publication;
  2. to the best of my knowledge, the Work does not violate any existing laws;
  3. in the event of any legal dispute involving the Work, I will indemnify OryCon 23 against any sustained claim arising from a violation of the above warranties.

I understand that:

  1. by submitting the Work, I authorize the editor(s) of the Book to exercise the one-time right to publish the Work in the Book. However, submission of the Work does not obligate the editor(s) to exercise this right;
  2. if the Work is chosen for publication, the editor(s) of the Book will not substantively alter or modify the Work without my express permission, except insofar as necessary to conform to the Book’s production requirements (for example, artwork may be reproduced either in black & white or in color; text may be converted to an appropriate file format);
  3. if publication of the Work requires unusual format or production considerations, I must advise the editor(s) of the Book of these considerations in writing in a letter accompanying this release;
  4. no payment or other consideration is offered in connection with publication of the Work in the Book;
  5. if the Work is chosen for publication, a byline or credit line identifying me or the person I designate as the Creator and/or copyright holder will accompany the published Work;
  6. the Book will be copyrighted by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI) as a collective work. However, neither OSFCI, OryCon 23 nor their authorized representatives assert any copyright interest in the Work, or acquire any rights in the Work not specifically enumerated above.

Name (print) ______________________________
Signature _________________________________
Date _____________________________________

For OryCon 23 (print) _______________________
Signature _________________________________
Date _____________________________________

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