Progress Report #2 - Index

From the Chair....

David Schaber

Westercon has come and gone...and we all survived, so I guess Orycon 23 will happen after all. In fact, due to the hard work of many, this looks to be a very good con. We have added a couple Guests of Honor since the last progress report, So I will list them:

Writer Guest - Melanie Rawn
Editor Guest - Laura Ann Gilman
Artist Guest - Real Musgrave
Gaming Guest - Mike Stackpole
Friends of Filk Guest - Steve McDonald

One more thing before I go: this con runs on Blood, Sweat, and Volunteers. I invite you to join us in making OryCon 23 your convention. See you in November!

From the Editor....

John C. Bunnell

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We’re baack!

Assuming all has gone well on our end, you should receive this Progress Report in reasonable time to meet any deadlines mentioned in the following pages (particularly the Writers’ Workshop deadline, against which we always push around this time).

Meanwhile, many and profuse thanks to the usual suspects, and particularly to Artist GoH Real Musgrave, whose inimitable pocket dragons are scattered hither and yon throughout this report for purposes both decorative and practical.

If you don’t see something here for your favorite department, check the Web page; it’s probably there. Till then, as Dave says, see you in November!

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