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Author: Melanie Rawn

Melanie Rawn is the author of the popular "Dragon Prince" and "Dragon Star" series, and more recently, of the "Exiles" series beginning with The Ruins of Ambrai. She has also co-authored The Golden Key with Kate Elliott and Jennifer Roberson.

She lives in Arizona, where the saguaros are tall and the air conditioners are rumored to outnumber the coyotes.

Editor: Laura Anne Gilman

Laura Anne Gilman oversees Roc Books, an imprint of the Penguin Putnam publishing group (meaning that itís now a corporate sibling of Ace Books, where she was an assistant editor prior to taking charge of Roc). Patrons of her SFF Net newsgroup can find her avidly dissecting the latest episodes of Buffy or X-Files, or singing the praises of the Donít Quit Your Day Job Players, a band with its roots in the SF community and its heart in blues-land. Sheís also co-authored a pair of Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels with Josepha Sherman and published short stories in several anthologies.

Artist: Real Musgrave

OryCon regulars already know how good Real Musgrave is, but when he was last here as Artist GoH (in 1994), his immensely popular Pocket Dragons characters hadnít yet become television stars. That happened in 1998, when the animated Pocket Dragon Adventures debuted. Real has twice won the Balrog Award as Best Fantasy Artist as well as a host of awards in the collectible-art community, and has been a longtime participant in Scarborough Faire, a Renaissance faire based in his native Texas.

Gaming: Mike Stackpole

Now this is good news! Mike Stackpole is among fantasy and SF gamingís best-known and most respected designers, having produced work for numerous game systems from Tunnels & Trolls to the Star Wars RPG to Shadowrun and Dark Conspiracy. Heís as well known as a novelist as he is a game designer, and also for his work in defending the gaming industry from attacks by religious conservatives and others.

Special Friends of Filk Guest:
Steve Macdonald

Steve Macdonaldís music may be unfamiliar to many of OryConís members -- and then again, maybe not. Since discovering SF cons and the filk world in 1992, heís won multiple Pegasus Awards from his fellow filkers, released three albums, and is currently traveling the globe in pursuit of the WorlDream, which involves attending every filk convention held on the planet in 2001 and recording the same song -- with the entire con singing along -- at each one, with the results to be released sometime next year.

Clearly, Steve will fit right in around here....