About the Date Change

For the past week or so Melanie Schaber, Linda Pilcher and I have been involved in behind the scenes hotel negotiation. After Orycon 24 our long-time convention services manager saw our flyer and noted that the dates were the same as a convention - the Masons and the Eastern Stars - they'd booked in both Doubletrees in 2000, before our contract was signed.

They contacted Mel with this information and we suggested our great shock as we had a contract, an addendum, and a confirmation with the November 7-9 dates. Their book, but not their contract, showed us in for the following weekend, November 14-16th. They indeed had a group who had contracted in before us.

First of all, I have been assured by our new account rep at the hotel that this won't happen again.

We have decided to take the dates. The convention will be held one week later than previously announced - November 14-16th, 2003. We will contact dealers and people who've bought memberships, and of course, anyone who wants a refund will receive one.

I was unwilling to post this until we had certain contractual assurances from the hotel, and I apologize for this taking a few days. However, it was very important to us that we see that the hotel was willing to make good on this mistake in a way that let us know that they appreciate our business.

I explained to them that it was most important to us that our members understand that their spending money at the hotel is valued, as it is the attendees for whom we do this, and I wanted to come back to you as Orycon 25 chair and be able to say I truthfully thought they'd taken us seriously.

Susan Ungrodt, Sales Manager for the Doubletree Hotels Jantzen Beach & Columbia River has asked me to pass along this message: "Please express our apology to all Orycon attendees for the date mix up and express our appreciation for their continued business."

As it stands, the hotel has waived some fees (which Vice-chair Linda Pilcher and I envision as going into some special mementos for the con attendees) and they have offered to throw us a very special food function. We will celebrate the Orycon 25 anniversary in style with a very healthy reception and party.

But, this in no way gets around the fact that I want to apologize to everyone associated with Orycon for this situation. We hate the change after dates had already been announced. I am personally satisfied with the hotel's show of good faith and willingness to correct an error in order to maintain a professional business relationship. It's not a thing I say lightly.

One final, and very good note, on which to end this announcement. Both of our confirmed GOHs are still confirmed for the new dates. As well, we have the great pleasure to be hosting editor Martin H. Greenberg, who had to cancel for Orycon 24.

Thanks to everybody for their long and loyal support to Orycon. I particularly want to thank Melanie Schaber and Ben Yalow for their consultation on working with this situation.

Patty Wells
Chair, Orycon 25

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