OryCon 26 Child Care

Take a break, visit the bar or dance the night away guilt-free! You deserve it and your kids will thank you for it!

Hours of operation:

Friday 5pm to 11pm
Saturday 9am to 11pm
Sunday 9am to 3pm
Child care will be provided by a professional adult nanny. A medical waiver must be signed by the parent or legal guardian so that the nanny can release the child for emergency medical care in the event of an emergency and the parents can't be located in a timely fashion. We also require a liability waiver. Both forms will be available at check in. Scrip will be available at the office, at the rate of $5 per hour. For security purposes the room number will only be given to scrip purchasing convention members at the office.

This service is provided on a first come, first served basis. A $10 surcharge will be applied for late pickup.

Low allergy healthy snacks, safe toys, G-rated videos, games and arts and crafts are profusely available. We have plenty of beds and a playpen for naps in a separate room from the play area in case your child needs quiet time. The kids always have a lot of fun. We don't have any spare diapers so please leave all the necessary supplies for infants and toddlers in training pants. Pajamas might be a good idea if the child is staying late. Hot meals, medication and special nutritional needs are the responsibility of the parents. Please alert the nanny of any allergies.

For more information, to volunteer or to donate child-appropriate items (we're desperate for more current G-rated VHS movies!) please contact kamila@easystreet.com. Also, it would be really great (though it is not required) if parents intending to use child care could contact me so I can get a preliminary head count. If you know the times you will use child care, that's even better so we can arrange for more than one nanny during peak hours. This will keep us from having to turn anyone away, as the nannies are legally allowed to take only a certain number of kids (total number is age dependent) at a time.

See you at the Con!

Kami Miller, Child Care Coordinator

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