Jennifer Heddle, Editor GoH

We knew Jennifer Heddle was talented and popular -- but we didn't realize just how popular she was until after we invited her to OryCon. At the time, she was right-hand editor to Laura Anne Gilman at Roc Books, then stepped up to the top slot at Roc when Ms. Gilman stepped down to pursue a freelance writing and editing career. Now, though, she's moved to Pocket Books, where she works with Pocket's diverse lines of media-related fiction -- including Star Trek novels.

But that's not all. Jennifer is also co-creator and writer of the independent comic Cynical Girl (winner of a Xeric Award), co-editor of the anthology Treachery & Treason (rendezvous with her in a dark alley at your peril!), and is rumored to have serious weaknesses for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, and Barenaked Ladies. (Unfortunately, the OryCon 26 budget won't permit us to commission a life-size chocolate sculpture of Obi-Wan Kenobi....)

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