Dealers' Room (Salon E)

Mary Olsen & Lea Rush

Hours: Friday (See the daily newsletter and posted signs.)*
Saturday 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Our Dealers this year:

Artist Guest of Honor - Paul Guinan

Angelwear Creations e-mail
Asia Moonlighting
Black Cat Jewelry & Gifts e-mail
Book Universe
Caryl's NW Art's and Crafts
Cordochorea Creations e-mail
Cretin Art e-mail
Dancing Muse
Dragon's Head Books
Dragon's Lair
Everett Comics e-mail
Express Yourself e-mail
Fantasy Creations
Firebird Arts & Music e-mail
Friends of Filk
Game Geex
In Other Words
Kelly Freas Estate
Lady Jayne’s Books
Maile of the Dreamseeker e-mail
Mark Ferrari
Mon Droit Studio
Mohr Realities / Bacchus’ Moon
Moonlighting e-mail
Pegasus Publishing
Raven's Folly e-mail
Realm of Regalia e-mail
Redwolf Ltd.
Seams Like Magik e-mail
Shadow's Treasure Chest e-mail
Steelcraft / Legends of Camelot
Tammy Tripp e-mail
Thistle Down Threads e-mail
The Fur Connection
The Magickal Aardvark e-mail
Wrigley-Cross Books
Look for Games Plus in Gaming (Salon H)

* Please refer to the daily newsletter for updates regarding special hours for Friday. They will be published there if possible. Signs will be posted on the doors of Salon E as well.

If you are a dealer on the list above and you have not heard from Mary... Please, contact her via e-mail ( and make sure she has correct contact information for you.