News! (For Prospective Dealers)

Hello All!
Well there's only one way to put this... OryCon 27's Dealers' Room is now full and the waiting list is now open.

Placement on the waiting list is on a first come first served basis.
All you need to do is send in your application, waiver and fees as normal. Just keep in mind that placement from the waiting list is purely dependent on which type of space (if any) becomes vacant. Also, remember that placement can only occur in the event of a vacancy. If you are on the Waiting List but not in attendance at the time a vacancy occurs the offer will go to the Dealer in line following you.

If a vacancy occurs of a type other than what waiting list members have prepaid for; the first in line shall have the option to pay the difference ($50 to upgrade from Table to Booth) or opt for a refund of the difference (from Booth to Table) to be paid following the convention at a time determined by OryCon's Treasurer. If for some reason the first in line cannot take the space available then the offer goes to the next in line.

Should any person on the Waiting List not be placed during the course of the convention they shall be reimbursed their Dealer's fee (not membership fees) following the convention.

Mary Olsen
Dealers' Liaison

We now have confirmed space for the vendor's room. Dealer information and guidelines are presented on the following webpages. All other required forms are presented in three different formats to ease user difficulties. Please feel free to print out as many copies as needed!

The Dealer's Registration Form: PDF, WORD, TXT

The Dealer's Release and Waiver: PDF, WORD, TXT

To request forms for a booth or table, conact Mary Olsen.


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