The OryCon 27 writers' workshop is closed. See for information on the OryCon 28 writers' workshop.

OryCon 27 Writers' Workshop Guidelines
Deadline for submission of hard copy manuscripts is September 15, 2005. Deadline for submission of electronic manuscripts is Oct. 1, 2005. These deadlines are arrival times, in my hands by midnight.

Limit manuscripts to 7500 words in length for a short story, or 7500 words plus a 500-750 word outline/synopsis for a novel. One submission per person. Include a cover letter with a short (300 words or less) writer's bio. Have you published before? Have you been to other writer's workshops? Are you part of a writer's group? Are you new to writing? What are your hopes and expectations for writing in the future?

Please include whether you can accept electronic copies in .doc and/or .rtf format in your cover letter.

The submission must be in the following format:

Electronic submissions:
1. Word (.doc) or Rich Text file (.rtf) only.
2. If submitting in .rtf format, remember to replace your underlining with email style underlining (_like so_), or it may be lost in translation. Otherwise follow hard copy submission format.

Hard copy submissions:
1. Print on one side of 8.5x11 white paper with black ink only, 12 pt. Courier or Times font.
2. Your name, address, phone number and email in the left upper corner of the first page, single-spaced. The upper right hand corner should have your (rounded off) word count. The title of your story should be centered on the line half way down the first page followed by the by-lines. If you are using a pen name, use it only on the by-lines.
3. Your name, title of story (abbreviated if necessary) and page number should be at the top of each page of the manuscript (other than the first page, see #2).
4. Double space the body of the manuscript. The document must have 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right. Italics and/or bold words should be underlined only. Center "The End" at the end of a short story or "End of Sample Chapters" at the end of a novel submission.
5. An outline/synopsis of a novel may be single-spaced. Use good writing skills rather than an itemized list of what happens. Research writer's resources for style suggestions.

There is a $10 fee for copying and postage for hard copy manuscripts. There is a $5 fee for electronic manuscripts (to cover copying and mailing fees for those who are not able to accept electronic copies).

Please send a check or money order for the appropriate amount, payable to OryCon 27 along with your hard copy manuscripts to:

Kamila Miller
(address deleted, workshop is over)

Send your electronic submissions to: Kamila Miller

If you don't receive a confirmation I have not received your submission!

If you have further questions you can contact me at Kamila Miller

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