Jonas Saunders has had an interesting start on life, born deaf and growing up in a Deaf community. At a very early age, he was introduced to computers, the first one that he can vividly recall being an Apple I. Throughout his life, he has always been connected with the computer industry in one way or other. It was this interest in computers that led him into gaming in all its varieties: board gaming, card games, role playing, computer games, etc. It was inevitable that working with technology would lead to a deep-rooted love with futuristic technology, especially big robots.

He has helped design and develop many Bulletin Board Games, some of the better known being: Land of Devastation and Galactic Warzone. He used to play Battletech and its many variants; board game, RPG & computer games.

When WizKids announced their version of a Battletech game: MechWarrior, he immediately fell in love with it and became an avid player. Not too long after that, he became a BattleMaster Envoy at his local gaming venue. A friend of his, Tony Rivera, worked at WizKids, and when the opportunity presented itself, Jonas went for it, and the rest is "Mechwarrior" history.

He currently works at WizKids Games as the Senior Consumer Experience Representative, and is very involved with the MechWarrior game line & fictional universe.

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