Game Designer Kelly Bonilla is the current developer for the MechWarrior game line at WizKids, Inc. An employee since 2002, Kelly started out as testing coordinator before inheriting the MechWarrior: Dark Age game, starting with the Falcons Prey expansion. From there she went on to develop Age of Destruction, Firepower, Annihilation, and Domination game releases (so far). Her dream is to one day create an expansion called Full Frontal. When she is not thinking about 40-foot-tall walking tanks and rummaging through technical readouts, she is shooting zombies, shaking her groove thing, or making various worlds better places to live, all courtesy of her PlayStation 2 (soon to be 3).

As a Mechwarrior player, Kelly has her own custom 'Mech, the JLP-BD-L Harvey Jackalope. Her special ability is Quick like a bunny! She routinely uses this special attack ability to trounce her opponents in local gaming venues. Kelly also spemds a great deal of time on the Wizkids forums, answering questions and making game rulings.

Her husband, Victor, has designed many of the most sought after units in the game, to include several of the rare and super rare pieces. As a unit sculptor, Vic has turned out some of the most impressive units used, to include the Wolf Hunter Vulture Seka's Pride and the Republic Atlas Solitude. Mechwarrior players routinely look for his signature units, knowing that these items will hold their value, both as gaming units as well as collectable items.

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