Party planning

last updated 9/10/2007

Parties now have two great locations to choose from.

Parties can be held at either in our Function space in main floor Salons, or in a private room on the third floor of the Portland Marriott on the Waterfront. 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland OR 97201.

Booking a Party room or suite

First consider which type of party will work best for you: a large, very public, party in our main function party space with possibly a cash bar with a duration of no more than 4 hours, or a smaller party in a reserved private room which can be open to the general membership for as little or as long as you want (all day or all weekend).

When you have an idea which works better for you, contact the party coordinator by email for further details. There are some advantages and trade-offs depending on which type of location you choose for your party. But regardless, you must reserve a general time for your party with me and if it will be in a private room, you need to make a hotel room reservation for that party.

Basic prices (set by the hotel)

Also note these concessions from the hotel

Party guidelines

QuestionsPlease do not approach the hotel with any party hosting questions. Contact the party coordinator by email or call 971-409-9013.
Conduct Party hosts are responsible for the behavior of any party attendees who are not members of the convention. Party guests who are non-members of the convention are not allowed to use convention facilities.

Please be considerate of others when it comes to noise. Obey all directives coming from the hotel. Noise outside of the party floor is prohibited. No music or service areas can be in outside areas.

Do not move beds in party rooms. Should you need a bed moved, please contact the hotel.

If you decorate the hotel rooms, do not do anything that will damage the furniture, walls or ceilings of the room.

OryCon is not responsible for any damage you do to rooms. The hotel will bill the party host for any damages.

Checkout times are the same for party rooms as any other room. If you need a late checkout, then please check with the hotel; but consider that the party occupying the room after you may be affected by your late checkout. Late checkout can be arranged for free, if done in advance.

TippingPlease tip generously any staff that helps you bring supplies to your party room.
AppliancesPersonal rooms will have mini-refrigerators, on request subject to limited availability. The hotel prohibits the use of larger refrigerators or any other appliances not supplied by them.
Publicizing Your Party at ConParty fliers may be posted only in designated areas. Nothing may be affixed permanently to the hotel walls. Please do not violate this rule or your party and room reservation is subject to cancellation.

At the con, you can submit your party information to the convention newsletter called the Daily-Zine, which will be distributed throughout the convention.

Food and DrinkOur arrangement with the hotel is fairly standard. We do not have a corkage waiver but the hotel will be somewhat tolerant. You can bring in your own supplies and food for parties held in party rooms but please be discrete.

If you are planning to serve food or alcohol at your party, please be discreet. Do not:

  • Ask a store or supermarket to deliver alcohol to the hotel.
  • Have any liquor bottles visible when checking in to the hotel or passing through the lobby. (In other words, use closed non-liquor cardboard cartons for any alcohol when taking it through the lobby.)
  • Remember that the legal drinking age is 21. Do not serve alcohol to anyone under this age. You will be responsible for checking the IDs of anyone at your party.
  • Officially, no cooking or heating of food is permitted in hotel rooms.
  • A limited supply of mini-refrigerators may be available from the hotel. Please notify them early if you need one. The hotel prohibits the use of larger refrigerators.
  • Please remember to bring supplies for clean-up (trash bags, etc.) along with your food, drinks, and other supplies.
  • Additional Ice is available from the hotel for $10 per delivery.

When you check in, the Hotel will know that you are throwing a party. You will get an information sheet, and you will be billed accordingly.

If you have a question which is not covered here, please contact us by email.

Party coordinator is John Williamson, who can also answer any additional detailed or offbeat questions you may have.

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