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A Science Fiction/Fantasy Retrospective
November 21-23, 2008
About Cecilia Eng
Last updated September 05 2008

This year's Fan Guest of Honor, Cecilia Eng, has been writing and performing science fiction/fantasy music since 1985. Her first album, Of Shoes and Ships, was first published in 1988 by Off Centaur Inc. and was re-mastered for release on CD by Firebird Arts & Music, which also produced her second CD, Harmony in Practice. Cecilia has also contributed to a number of albums based on the writings of fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey as well as doing behind-the-scenes midi arrangements for some of Michael Longcor's CD's.

For almost two decades, she has been helping to bring music performers to OryCon and other conventions in the Pacific Northwest, including Westercons in Portland, Seattle and Spokane, through the non-profit association, Friends of Filk, and can often be found raising money behind their dealers tables at conventions in the area. She has also been a featured music guest at Dreamcon (Everett WA), Congenial(Racine WI), Tropicon (Palm Beach FL), Boskone (Boston MA), OVFF (Columbus OH), Consonance (San Jose CA), and Coppercon (Phoenix AZ).

Published Works
Of Shoes and Ships Cecilia Eng - LIVE! Harmony in Practice
Oathbound Oathbreakers Freedom Flight & Fantasy
Lovers Lore & Loss Shadowstalker Songsmith
Field of Fire Owlflight Storm, Wind & Flame

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