Artwork from the Artist Guest of Honor ORYCON 30       DAYS OF FUTURES PAST
A Science Fiction/Fantasy Retrospective
November 21-23, 2008
Convention Committee Members
Last updated November 04 2008

No, this list is not fixed in stone. As the chairs reveal to me the sacred tomes identifying additional volunteers or department heads, this page will be updated.

Minutes from Jun 21
Minutes from Sep 13

Chairs Melvin Krehbiel
Michael Pinnick
Secretary Tracy Penner
Treasurer John Lorentz
Art Show Tammy Lindsley
Kamila Miller
Child Care Tracy Penner
Dealer's Room Mary Olsen
Fan Tables Steve Criss
Gaming Dave Schaber
Guest of Honor Liaisons
Mr. TurtledoveStephanie Austin
Ms. BuchananPatty Wells
Mr. FennelBrigid Nelson
Ms. EngAndrew Nisbet
Tricky PixieDan Reitman
Hall Costumes Judith Anne Bunteman
Hospitality Monica Olsen
Christopher Cullins (Internet Cafe)
Hotel Arthur Aldridge
Logistics David Anderson
Masquerade Ball Vincent Vaughn
Music Daniel Reitman
Office Pamela Wilsonsage
Jenn Contreras-Perez
Pamela Wilsonsage (signage)
Tammy Lindsley (T-Shirts)
Ruth Sachter (information desk)
Opening Ceremonies Dave Moreland and Sue Renhard
Programming David Lohkamp
Kamila Miller
Jerry Gieseke
Rick Lindsley
Theresa Reed (night programming)
Amanda Kundert (Green Room)
Barbara Hoffert
Andrew Nisbet
Publications Sam Klein
Amanda Kundert (pocket program)
Public Relations Chris Mullicane
Registration John Lorentz
Debra Stansbury (goody bags)
Security John Finn
Volunteers Gabriel Lord
Nikki Wilson
Courtney Whitney (gofers)
Webmaster Rick Lindsley
Writer's Workshop Carissa Reid
Carole Cole (Open Reading Critiques)

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