Artwork from the Artist Guest of Honor ORYCON 30       DAYS OF FUTURES PAST
A Science Fiction/Fantasy Retrospective
November 21-23, 2008
Dealer's Room Information
Last updated November 04 2008

Whoa -- the Dealer's Room for Orycon 30 is FULL! and the Waiting List is open. To get your name on the waiting list, contact Mary Olsen. Here's a list of expected vendors.

Filk Guest of Honor
Tricky Pixie

Eraserhead Press
Feral Sky Studios
Gavin Claypool
Massoglia Books
Tai Pan Literary and Arts Project
Virtual Tales
Wheatland Press

Angelwear Creations
Black Cat Jewelry
Book Universe
Cordochorea Creations
Cosmic Monkey Comics
Everett Comics
Family Pride
Firefox Leather and Furs
Friends of Filk
Lady Jayne's Books
Mon Droit Studio
Pegasus Publishing
Seams Like Magik
Sexy Geeky Studios
Shadow's Treasure Chest
The Dancing Muse
The Faerie Circle
The Gilded Quill
The Magickal Aardvark
Tormented Artifacts
Triplelle Designs
W. R. Slater Books
Wrigley Cross Books

The Gaming Block
Games Plus Knightfall Games Quick and Easy Games

Artwork for this page provided by artist Guest of Honor Jeff Fennel.
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