Orycon meeting for June 21

Publications: first progress report is folded collated and printed. 12 sheets. 232 dollars total cost. John will take them to the post office Wednesday. Website wants a PDF of the progress report for the website.

Hotel: no one showed. We want to schedule another hotel meeting in September.

Registration: as of yesterday 383 members, paying. Doing fairly well though slightly lower than last year. If anyone has a Orycon 25 book please contact john so that we can get the 'lifers' names. Registration software, is trying to be organized by Phoenix, and hoping to be covered by OSFCI. The current program will be loaded on Ilia's computer for reg.

Programming: there will be programming. No specific list, invitations have gone out, and replies received. Gene Armstrong has dropped out of night programming, Theresa Reed will be handling all night program and will guarantee that there will be 18 and over strictly enforced. New programming software was not received from Seattle yet so we are using older software.

Opening ceremony: needs tee sizes, and Harry Turtledove also has a cousin named Harry Turtledove. She is working into both of them into programming and opening ceremonies.

Tee shirt: we have a design but no one to currently run it and need someone to find a person to find a press and set that up. Design is full color. Possibly have online presale shirts. We need opening ceremony shirt, regular shirt, and 30yr survivor shirt. Must be organized and competent.

Fan tables: Steve is doing fan-tables. Can make little tents of cardboard to label tables.

Childcare: needs a body

Masquerade: nothing new to report. Starting to finalize crew. Work party next Saturday and will be working on outfits for the court. It has been announced on various lists, that it is open participation. No one has contacted liaison yet regarding volunteering.

Website: upcoming deadline link. We still don't have seattle software. Has sent several notes but no one responds. Needs con-com update. Do we have a department update that needs to be posted. Orycon wiki needs to be updated but cant be used as a promotion. Look into the Orycon live journal and my space.

Hospitality: there will be food; things are going according to her diabolical plan. A trip to storage is necessary to determine what is needed to purchase.

Internet Café: 14 to 16 stations, plus places for laptops. Attempting to extend wireless coverage as far as possible. Green room needs to be connected to the internet. Hall costumes: is looking for watch faces for the awards. Is looking Treasury: budget suggests we're doing ok. Many departments have not gotten back to treasury regarding how much they are using budget wise. John will be cutting back your budget if you do not contact him soon. Dealers: sold 28 booths, and 12 tables, 5 booths and 5 tables remain. Goodie bags: need to get in contact with fan groups in the area and see what they want to contribute. See if anyone wants to contribute bags period.