Page last updated Nov 12 2009.

If you'd like to "apprentice" to a department, this is a fine opportunity to team up with an old-timer and learn the trade.

If there is a department here that you wish to contact but no email is yet provided, please contact the Chair.

Judith Anne Bunteman
Chair Debra Stansbury
Treasurer Aaron Curtis
Secretary Tammy Lindsley
GoH Liaisons
Fan Tables Vincent P. Vaughn
Hall Costumes
Child Care Ilia Whitney
Hospitality Monica Olsen
Gaming Beverly Block (Phoenix)
Internet Café Christopher Cullins
Artifacts Tammy Lindsley
Video programming Alan Olsen
Webmaster Rick Lindsley
Operations Dave Schaber
Logistics Tim Troupe
Rangers (Security) Shyrl Hester
Info Desk
Signage Brenna Sharp
Volunteers Anna Wilsonsage
Jason "Eli" Vaughn
Programming Kami Miller
Green Room Amanda Kundert
Event Tech Martin McClure
Small Tech Iris Nilsson
Opening Ceremonies Sue Renhard
Masked Ball Kathryn Brant
Filk/Music Dan Reitman
Writer's Workshop Carole Cole
Open Read & Critique Curtis Chen
Art Show Melvin Krehbiel
Dealer's Room Mary Olsen
Hotel John Lorentz
Party Liaison Tracy Penner
Publications Sam Klein
Progress Reports Ruth Sachter
Public Relations Tracy Penner
Registration Davis Beeman

OryCon 31 is a production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (OSFCI), a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.
Artwork is copyrighted and graciously provided by the Artist Guest of Honor, Lubov.

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